gnome-settings-daemon source package in Ubuntu


gnome-settings-daemon ( disco; urgency=medium

  * Merge with Debian. Remaining changes:
    + debian/
      - Build-depend on accountsservice
    + debian/patches:
       - 45_suppress-printer-may-not-be-connected-notification.patch
       - 53_sync_input_sources_to_accountsservice.patch
       - 64_restore_terminal_keyboard_shortcut_schema.patch
       - correct_logout_action.patch
          display the logout action on ctrl-alt-del
       - ubuntu-lid-close-suspend.patch
          Reimplement support for setting lid close suspend actions
       - revert-wacom-migration.patch
       - revert-gsettings-removals.patch
          Revert gsettings keys that were dropped since 3.8, for u-s-d
       - revert-mediakeys-dbus-interface-drop.patch
       - ubuntu_ibus_configs.patch
       - git_binary_encoding.patch
       - ubuntu_calculator_snap.patch
    + debian/gnome-settings-daemon.install:
      - Install apport hook

gnome-settings-daemon ( unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Iain Lane ]
  * Add a gnome-settings-daemon-common package.
    This contains the GSettings schemas and other arch-independent files.
    Packages can depend or build-depend on this if they want the schemas but
    not the actual running gnome-settings-daemon.
    In particular, we currently have a circular BD/D chain between mutter
    and g-s-d, and this can be mostly broken if mutter depends on the
    schemas (which it needs) rather than the daemon (which it doesn't).
    The references to gnome-settings-daemon-schemas are because Ubuntu
    provides this package under that name - this is to help with
    transitioning to gnome-settings-daemon-common.
  * debian/copyright:
    + Fix a broken copyright symbol
    + Add some more copyright holders, thanks grep

  [ Jeremy Bicha ]
  * debian/watch: Watch for stable releases
  * Drop obsolete dependency on nautilus-data

 -- Iain Lane <email address hidden>  Thu, 13 Dec 2018 15:41:28 +0000

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Iain Lane on 2018-12-13
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Ubuntu Desktop
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gnome-settings-daemon_3.30.1.2-2ubuntu1.debian.tar.xz 30.0 KiB e44ac8a70aab5762d25b20a7e381e20c7bb66143b2ee10b6e02d804b47e4b932
gnome-settings-daemon_3.30.1.2-2ubuntu1.dsc 3.6 KiB 19e2d21734afcfc28fd7dd5deb25daadc849b26a58452c937d4c7289a374cd5b

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Binary packages built by this source

gnome-settings-daemon: daemon handling the GNOME session settings

 This package contains the daemon which is responsible for setting the
 various parameters of a GNOME session and the applications that run
 under it. It handles the following kinds of settings:
  * Keyboard: layout, accessibility options, shortcuts, media keys
  * Clipboard management
  * Theming: background, icons, GTK+ applications
  * Cleanup of unused files
  * Mouse: cursors, speed, accessibility options
  * Startup of other daemons: screensaver, sound daemon
 It also sets various application settings through X resources and XSETTINGS.

gnome-settings-daemon-common: daemon handling the GNOME session settings - common files

 This package contains GSettings schemas and other architecture-independent
 files for GNOME Settings Daemon. It is probably not interesting on its own for
 end users, but packages may depend on this if they only need to read and write
 settings & don't themselves care if the settings daemon is actually running or

gnome-settings-daemon-dbgsym: debug symbols for gnome-settings-daemon
gnome-settings-daemon-dev: Headers for building applications communicating with gnome-settings-daemon

 This package contains header files required to build applications that
 communicate with the GNOME settings daemon over D-Bus.