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gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock (72~ubuntu1) jammy; urgency=medium

  [ Marco Trevisan (Treviño) ]
  * Revert "extension: Disable starting in the overview"
  * locations: Do not manually dispose objects (LP: #1949352, LP: #1951599)
  * po/es.po: Remove duplicated entry for Quit translation
  * docking: Delay dash animation callback at actual completion
  * utils: Fix variable in error template string
  * appIcons: In case we have no window to activate, let's just present it
  * docking: Do not try to re-add a Meta.Later if one is already queued
  * docking: Optionally disable animation to overview on startup
  * dash: Track hover on separator item so that it can contribute to scrolling
  * dash: Remove the scroll view visibility idle if triggering actor is
  * docking: Handle monitoring of discrete GPU not to leak signals
  * appIcons: Random cleanups to use more relevant variable names
  * appIcons: Compare workspaces instead of their indexes
  * appIcons: Ensure we only consider as urgent the ones respecting our rules
  * appIcons: Use new-window action only when requested, avoiding duplication
  * appIcons: Fixed logic on handling preview click actions (LP: #1947445)
  * stylesheet: Use some better naming for start marging value
  * stylesheet: Use scss generation for overview-icon background
  * stylesheet: Set the dash-separator color in both horizontal and vertical
  * windowPreview: Try generating previews clones on meta later only if have
    valid size (LP: 1949572)
  * utils: Remove handlers in reversed order
  * Dash: Update appIcon geometry on parent geometry changes
  * docking: Reduce the space used by the window picker / app grid
  * cleanup: Use cached settings values instead of doing C calls
  * locations: Use shell domain to translate reused strings
  * locations: Use native GIcon as location Apps-icons (LP: #1874578)
  * locations: Use native Gio.FileMonitor rate limit instead of a custom idle
  * locations: Fix typo on FileManager app (un)wrapping functions
  * locations: Fix handling of location apps on isolated workspaces mode
  * locations: Also destroy all removable devices on Removables manager
  * locations: Only emit changed signal if a monitored device has been removed
  * locations: Only update Trash icon on changes
  * locations: Remove unmounted locations by value
  * locations: Use native AppInfo's and Shell mount operations
  * metadata: Add support for gnome-shell 42
  * fileManager1API: Cleanup the code to get windows from location path
  * fileManager1API: Keep windows paths cached so we can monitor changes
  * utils: Add support for (un)blocking signals handlers
  * locations: Smart managing wrapped windows backed applications signal
  * locations: Use proxy properties to expose private items to public object
  * locations: Chain up to parent destroy() function if any
  * locations: Manage sources as part of DtdData
  * locations: Manage windows changes in base class
  * cleanup: Move shellAppCompare under Utils as it's a generic tool
  * locations: Keep locations windows ordered following the shell algorithm
  * locations: Use windows array directly where there's no need for method call
  * locations: Resort and notify windows changes on user-time changes
  * locations: Sort location windows apps only demand
  * fileManager1API: Only emit windows-changed signal if windows / locations
  * fileManager1API: Manage unmanaged windows early
  * locations: Include actual app ID in the string representation
  * utils: Add CancellableChild, a GCancellable that monitors a parent instance
  * locations: Get Trash icon from the folder attributes
  * locations: Add support for showing custom icon files on mounts
  * fileManager1API: Include transient windows as part of the location windows
  * locations: Monitor windows-changed from apps and not from fm1Client
    (LP: #1947476)
  * locations: Ignore native file manager windows-changed signal emissions
  * locations: Try to get trash status from metadata info before iterating
  * locations: Move handling of trash logic into TrashAppInfo
  * locations: Manage all mountable volumes, whether they're mounted or not
  * locations: Add support for optionally showing all mountable devices
  * locations: Add support for showing network volumes
  * locations: Use ChildCancellable to avoid queuing multiple trash updates
  * locations: Do not try to perform (un)mount actions concurrently
  * appIcons: Show menu item as insensitive if the app is busy
  * locations: Wait for location apps to own windows before updating
    file-manager (LP: #1947476)
  * locations: Add support for starting app state
  * locations: Support opening new location windows when using nautilus
  * 10_ubuntu-dock.gschema.override: Update settings override for ubuntu
  * debian/control: Add support to GNOME 41 and 42

  [ Timofey X ]
  * Impove Russian localisation strings and fix javascript-format bug

  [ jesusignazio ]
  * Updated Spanish translation

  [ rafal ]
  * Add and translate few missing strings in Polish translation

  [ nobodyatandnothing ]
  * change README to document actual behavier

  [ NicKoehler ]
  * Updated italian strings (#1643)

  [ Geoffrey Coulaud ]
  * Fix window listing by excluding skip-taskbar windows

  [ Laura Klünder ]
  * add preferred-monitor-by-connector as an alternative to storing the index

  [ Raghuveer Kasaraneni ]
  * dash: Fixes wrong separator position

  [ Sergio Costas ]
  * Integration of Dash to Dock and DING (LP: #1723117)
    Add API that DING can use to draw icons

 -- Marco Trevisan (Treviño) <email address hidden>  Mon, 24 Jan 2022 08:01:13 +0100

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Didier Roche-Tolomelli
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gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock: Ubuntu Dock for GNOME Shell

 A dock for the Gnome Shell, default Ubuntu experience.
 This extension is a modified version of Dash To Dock with different defaults.
 Dash To Dock can be installed to replace it and give more (but unsupported)
 configuration options.