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gnuradio_3.8.1.0~rc1-2build2.debian.tar.xz 1.4 MiB 784d99101961698cb06b1da8373001f86dd34b1973cfe0eebdaf4c4a86537cb6
gnuradio_3.8.1.0~rc1-2build2.dsc 4.5 KiB 79faaaaea33aa90d0dd8f48071a8e33ecf37002b7a9a74ed3ece67fcc2aa035d

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Binary packages built by this source

gnuradio: GNU Radio Software Radio Toolkit

 GNU Radio provides signal processing blocks to implement software
 radios. It can be used with readily-available low-cost external RF
 hardware to create software-defined radios, or without hardware in a
 simulation-like environment. It is widely used in hobbyist, academic
 and commercial environments to support both wireless communications
 research and real-world radio systems.
 GNU Radio applications are primarily written using the Python
 programming language, while the supplied performance-critical signal
 processing path is implemented in C++ using processor floating-point
 extensions, where available. Thus, the developer is able to implement
 real-time, high-throughput radio systems in a simple-to-use,
 rapid-application-development environment.
 While not primarily a simulation tool, GNU Radio does support
 development of signal processing algorithms using pre-recorded or
 generated data, avoiding the need for actual RF hardware.
 This package contains the gnuradio-companion, a graphical tool for
 creating signal flow graphs and generating flow-graph source code.
 Also included are a variety of tools and utility programs.

gnuradio-dbgsym: debug symbols for gnuradio
gnuradio-dev: GNU Software Defined Radio toolkit development

 Header files for the GNU Radio software defined radio system.
 Since GNU Radio is a framework for development of SDR
 applications, you are likely to need this installed.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

gnuradio-doc: GNU Software Defined Radio toolkit documentation

 Documentation for the GNU Radio software defined radio system
 in html and xml form.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-analog3.8.1: gnuradio analog functions

 Library for handling analog signal processing functions.
 These functions are also in gnuradio-core.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-analog3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-analog3.8.1
libgnuradio-audio3.8.1: gnuradio audio functions

 This is the gr-audio library, used to connect to audio sources
 (mic-in) and sinks (speaker-out) ports on a computer. The underlying
 hardware driver is system and OS dependent and this module should
 automatically discover the correct one to use. Part of the main
 gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-audio3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-audio3.8.1
libgnuradio-blocks3.8.1: gnuradio blocks functions

 Some non-signal processing blocks.
 These functions are also in gnuradio-core.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-blocks3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-blocks3.8.1
libgnuradio-channels3.8.1: gnuradio channels functions

 Some channel oriented processing blocks.
 These functions are also in gnuradio-core.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-channels3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-channels3.8.1
libgnuradio-digital3.8.1: gnuradio digital communications functions

 All the functions for doing digital modulation and demodulation,
 including bpsk, qpsk, gmsk and ofdm signals.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-digital3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-digital3.8.1
libgnuradio-dtv3.8.1: gnuradio digital TV signal processing blocks

 ATSC support, gr-atsc ported to a new framework, as well as
 DVB-S2, DVB-T, DVB-T2 digital video broadcast standards.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-dtv3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-dtv3.8.1
libgnuradio-fec3.8.1: gnuradio forward error correction support

 Handle forward error correction processing in gnuradio.
 Implements the GNU Radio FEC API, supporting encoders and
 decoders for no-op dummmy, repetition, and convolutional classes.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-fec3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-fec3.8.1
libgnuradio-fft3.8.1: gnuradio fast Fourier transform functions

 Library for Fourier transform techniques used in gnuradio.
 Uses single precision FFT from libfftw3-single3.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-fft3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-fft3.8.1
libgnuradio-filter3.8.1: gnuradio filter functions

 Library of filter blocks used in gnuradio. Implements
 FIR, IIR and FFT filters, as well as Polyphase filterbank and
 PFB arbitrary resampler methods.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-filter3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-filter3.8.1
libgnuradio-pmt3.8.1: gnuradio pmt container library

 Polymorphic Types are opaque data types that are designed as generic
 containers of data that can be safely passed around between blocks
 and threads in GNU Radio.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-pmt3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-pmt3.8.1
libgnuradio-qtgui3.8.1: gnuradio Qt graphical user interface functions

 QT-based graphical sinks for gnuradio applications.
 Implements opengl, raster and native plotting methods, and
 supports a QT Style Sheet (QSS) file to adjust the look.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-qtgui3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-qtgui3.8.1
libgnuradio-runtime3.8.1: gnuradio core runtime

 Top level component library. Defines core blocks. Handles
 settings for logging, performance counters, and control port.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-runtime3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-runtime3.8.1
libgnuradio-trellis3.8.1: gnuradio trellis modulation functions

 Library for trellis coding modulation, including the Viterbi
 Algorithm, Concatenated Coding and Turbo Decoding
 based upon finite state machine (FSM) class.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-trellis3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-trellis3.8.1
libgnuradio-uhd3.8.1: gnuradio universal hardware driver functions

 The gnuradio interface to the UHD library to connect to and send and
 receive data between to the Ettus Research, LLC product line -
 including the USRP family of software radio peripheral devices.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-uhd3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-uhd3.8.1
libgnuradio-video-sdl3.8.1: gnuradio video functions

 Library for handling SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) video data.
 Implements input and output blocks.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-video-sdl3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-video-sdl3.8.1
libgnuradio-vocoder3.8.1: gnuradio vocoder functions

 Library of vocoder blocks, including ulaw, alaw, gsm and codec2.
 Debian uses external libraries for gsm and codec2.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-vocoder3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-vocoder3.8.1
libgnuradio-wavelet3.8.1: gnuradio wavelet functions

 Library of Daubechies wavelet function blocks.
 wvps computes the Wavelet Power Spectrum from
 a set of wavelet coefficients.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-wavelet3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-wavelet3.8.1
libgnuradio-zeromq3.8.1: gnuradio zeromq functions

 0MQ messaging library support. Provide network socket
 endpoints for gnuradio data and message streams.
 PUB/SUB, PUSH/PULL, REP/REQ models supported.
 Part of the main gnuradio build.

libgnuradio-zeromq3.8.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libgnuradio-zeromq3.8.1