kwalletmanager do not rememeber passwords after session/system restart

Bug #67521 reported by xandhy on 2006-10-22
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kdeutils (Ubuntu)

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Binary package hint: kwalletmanager

kwalletmanager do not rememeber passwords after session/system restart (kubuntu: dapper, and edgy); do not start automatticly; starting manually store passwords/users but loose it after system/sesion restart; all files important for kwallet (/home/user/.kde) exist


I found workaround for this situation:
- go to wallets konfiguration,
- uncheck launch manager on KDE start (confirm),
- restart user session.

After login:

- check launch manager on KDE start (confirm).

Kwalletmanager should start and work.

Edu (martinez-bernal) wrote :

I can confirm this bug, I will try with a freshly account tomorrow.

xandhy (ati) on 2006-10-27
description: updated
Edu (martinez-bernal) wrote :

You are right, xandhy, your workaround resolved the isssue for me

Frode M. Døving (frode) wrote :

Marking as confirmed.

Quote from IRC - #kubuntu
< twenty2sixty> hi! the wallet on my recently upgraded dapper->edgy box doesn't safe any more passwords! each time i restart the system,
                      all entries in the wallet are gone... funily, all 'old' entries (from the dapper-times) still remain & work
< twenty2sixty> any idea what might cause this?
< fdoving> twenty2sixty: try the workaround described at:
< twenty2sixty> fdoving: I'm back & it works! Thanks so much for this!

Changed in kdeutils:
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ma2412ma (ma2412ma) wrote :

The workaround doesn't work for me - where exactly is the configuration of kwallet? I can't find it in the start menu. If I right-click on the icon in the system tray, I can configure the application, but I can't find the entry "launch manager on KDE start" - there's only "enable the KDE wallet subsystem", and I've tried to uncheck that and restart, but that doesn't work.

mata_svada (mata) wrote :

Same problem here: I can't find the option "launch manager on KDE start".

Edu (martinez-bernal) wrote :

Yes, kdewallet configuration dissapear from kubuntu settings manager in edgy (not in dapper).
You can launch standard kde control center: press alt+F12 and run kcontrol.
kdewallet manager is under security options. I don't know exactly the name because I have it in spanish.
Here is the option 'Enable kde wallet subsystem' or similar.

I confirm the fact that KWallet loses new password after session restart
(actually I believe it does not save new passwords upon session closing)
and I had already filed a bug for it at the KDE bugtracking system:

It also cites a different workaround to save passwords:
run "dcop kded kwalletd closeAllWallets" in a terminal before quitting.

I can confirm both the bug and the last workaround. Do the dcop thing or just right click on your wallet and select 'close all wallets' and all passwords gathered during the last session will be saved.

mata_svada (mata) wrote :

Is this going to be fixed?
The first workaround doesn't work for me, the second works but it is really anoying because you usually forgett to close the wallet before you end the session.

Miguel Tadeu (mtadeunet) wrote :

Same here....first workaround didn't work. The second is not handy at all. This bug quite inhibits using the wallet.

Hope it gets fixed sson :)

Miguel Tadeu (mtadeunet) wrote :

You can always use the second workaround by opening kwalletmanager application( clicking on the wallet icon in the sys tray ) and close all wallets. This will save the passwords.

By the way, saving the wallet itself wont work.

Kaldamor (newsassi) wrote :

I've same problem:

After rebooting KWallet 1.1 (3.5.5) (kubuntu dapper) has only 10 instead of 16 KMail passwords.

Closing KWallet manually seems to work

mlaverdiere (mlaverdiere) wrote :

Same problem here, but first workaround work.

I have also this problem running Kubuntu 6.10.
It is very annoying especially in combination with knetworkmanager that keeps asking for a password every time I reboot.

Is someone working on this? Do I have to post some debugging information?


I can also confirm the bug and the workaround works for me.

Bèr Kessels (berkes) (ber) wrote :

My idea is that kwallet only writes the passwords on closing.
A system crash, or hard reboot will cause all the passwords inserted in the active session, to be lost as well.

My workaround is to autoclose the wallets every 10 minutes (paswords will then be saved). This is safer too, but for some people very annoying.

Anthony Mercatante (tonio) wrote :

There is a patch to fix this. I sent it to Riddell who is going to had it to the 3.5.6 packages when it'll be out in a few days. As packages will be available for edgy, I'll be able to close the bug then.

Changed in kdeutils:
status: Confirmed → Fix Committed
Anthony Mercatante (tonio) wrote :

I commited the patch to feisty.
The patch isn't in edgy packages yet, but will soon be added.

Changed in kdeutils:
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
spunti (ronny-priv) wrote :

I updated to KDE 3.5.6 now on Kubuntu 6.10 and the problem is still there, which is very annoying. The best workaround is really to close kwalletmanager every time it saved a new password:-(


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