lighttpd 1.4.45-1ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


lighttpd (1.4.45-1ubuntu1) artful; urgency=medium

  * Merge from Debian unstable.  Remaining changes:
    - debian/patches/add-lighttpd.pc-configure.patch:
      + Add lighttpd.pc to ac_config_files to fix FTBFS: make[3]:
        *** No rule to make target `lighttpd.pc', needed by `all-am'.
    - debian/patches/build-dev-package.patch,
      debian/control, debian/lighttpd-dev.install:
      + Add lighttpd-dev package.
    - debian/index.html:
      + Corrected BTS Ubuntu link and branding on the default page.
    - debian/lighttpd.conf:
      + Comment '' by default, which causes failure
        to bind port in ipv4.
    - debian/control:
      + Build-Depends on libgamin-dev rather than libfam-dev
        to fix startup warning.
    - debian/rules:
      + Add override_dh_installinit to set "defaults 91 09" to not
        start before apache2 but in the same runlevel with
        the same priority.
    - debian/lighttpd.dirs, debian/control, debian/rules,
      + Add the UFW profile.
    + Make the application build sanely:
      - Refresh and tweak build-dev-package.patch to apply sanely
      - Remove duplicate override on dh_install
      - Remove duplicate outdated NEWS file
      - Install updated upstream NEWS file and fix
        cp: cannot stat /debian/tmp/changelog thingy to
        fix FTBFS when built twice in a row.

lighttpd (1.4.45-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream version 1.4.45.
    - Drop kfreebsd-disable-test.patch (upstream says its fixed).
  * Fix upstream spelling errors.
  * Fix cgi-bin path on start page (closes: #763618)
  * Remove automatically generated files from the upstream tarball again.
  * Suggest the service command instead of /etc/init.d for restarting services
    (closes: #762663).

 -- Bhavani Shankar <email address hidden>  Fri, 09 Jun 2017 19:50:55 +0530

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lighttpd_1.4.45-1ubuntu1.debian.tar.xz 51.1 KiB d9ec48ef02520c684a358882918b628702c5ef242e042591c3c362db19029e7f
lighttpd_1.4.45-1ubuntu1.dsc 2.9 KiB 0b36dae321cbf3c3da02777fecb2f606a5f2e89b9cb6ab2678ff0e666797e48d

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Binary packages built by this source

lighttpd: fast webserver with minimal memory footprint

 lighttpd is a small webserver and fast webserver developed with
 security in mind and a lot of features.
 It has support for
   * CGI, FastCGI and SSI
   * virtual hosts
   * URL rewriting
   * authentication (plain files, htpasswd, LDAP)
   * transparent content compression
   * conditional configuration
   * HTTP proxying
 and configuration is straight-forward and easy.

lighttpd-dbgsym: Debug symbols for lighttpd
lighttpd-dev: Development files for lighttpd

 This package contains the development header-files for lighttpd.

lighttpd-doc: documentation for lighttpd

 lighttpd is a small webserver and fast webserver developed with
 security in mind and a lot of features.
 This package contains documentation for lighttpd.

lighttpd-mod-authn-gssapi: GGSAPI authentication for lighttpd

 This package contains the authn_gssapi module for lighttpd. With
 this module, it is possible to perform GSSAPI authentication.

lighttpd-mod-authn-gssapi-dbgsym: Debug symbols for lighttpd-mod-authn-gssapi
lighttpd-mod-authn-ldap: LDAP authentication for lighttpd

 This package contains the authn_ldap module for lighttpd. With
 this module, it is possible to perform authentication against an LDAP

lighttpd-mod-authn-ldap-dbgsym: debug symbols for lighttpd-mod-authn-ldap
lighttpd-mod-authn-mysql: MySQL authentication for lighttpd

 This package contains the authn_mysql module for lighttpd. With
 this module, it is possible to perform authentication using a MySQL

lighttpd-mod-authn-mysql-dbgsym: Debug symbols for lighttpd-mod-authn-mysql
lighttpd-mod-cml: cache meta language module for lighttpd

 With the cache meta language, it is possible to describe to the
 dependencies of a cached file to its source files/scripts. For the
 cache files, the scripting language Lua is used.
 USE mod_magnet INSTEAD.

lighttpd-mod-cml-dbgsym: Debug symbols for lighttpd-mod-cml
lighttpd-mod-geoip: GeoIP restrictions for lighttpd

 This package contains the geoip module for lighttpd. With
 this module, it is possible to distinguish users based on the location
 using a GeoIP database.

lighttpd-mod-geoip-dbgsym: Debug symbols for lighttpd-mod-geoip
lighttpd-mod-magnet: control the request handling module for lighttpd

 mod_magnet can attract a request in several stages in the request-handling.
 either at the same level as mod_rewrite, before any parsing of the URL is done
 or at a later stage, when the doc-root is known and the physical-path is
 already setup

lighttpd-mod-magnet-dbgsym: debug symbols for lighttpd-mod-magnet
lighttpd-mod-mysql-vhost: MySQL-based virtual host configuration for lighttpd

 This package contains the myqsl_vhost module for lighttpd. With
 this module, it is possible to write the configuration for virtual
 hosts into a MySQL table instead of including it in the lighttpd
 configuration file.

lighttpd-mod-mysql-vhost-dbgsym: debug symbols for lighttpd-mod-mysql-vhost
lighttpd-mod-trigger-b4-dl: anti-deep-linking module for lighttpd

 The trigger-b4-dl module for lighttpd can prevent deep linking
 from other sites by requiring users to visit a trigger URL to
 be able to download certain files.

lighttpd-mod-trigger-b4-dl-dbgsym: Debug symbols for lighttpd-mod-trigger-b4-dl
lighttpd-mod-webdav: WebDAV module for lighttpd

 The WebDAV module is a very minimalistic implementation of RFC 2518.
 Minimalistic means that not all operations are implemented yet.
 Currently supports:

lighttpd-mod-webdav-dbgsym: debug symbols for lighttpd-mod-webdav