lintian 2.2.11ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


lintian (2.2.11ubuntu1) karmic; urgency=low

  * Resynchronise with Debian (LP: #387643). Remaining changes:
    - Don't complain about `dist-packages' in /usr/lib/python*.

lintian (2.2.11) unstable; urgency=low

  * Summary of tag changes:
    + Added:
      - missing-comma-between-items
      - non-conf-file-in-modprobe.d
      - non-free-flash
      - section-area-mismatch
    + Removed:
      - section-category-mismatch

  * checks/binaries{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Extend the description of spelling-error-in-binary to mention
      that misspelt words are always output in lower case, and give some
      suggestions for finding the error oneself.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert
      and Paul Gevers.  (Closes: #526435)
    + [RA] Downgrade certainty of tags for which we recommend overrides.
      Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #530008)
    + [ADB] Don't consider an 64-bit kernel module shipped in a binary
      package for the corresponding 32-bit architecture to be "from other
      architecture".  (Closes: #532013)
    + [ADB] When checking for binaries which define rpaths, don't exclude
      rpaths of /lib and /usr/lib, even if the directory is shipped by the
      package.  (Closes: #532508)
  * checks/control-file{,.desc}:
    + [ADB] Refer to main, contrib and non-free as archive areas rather
      than categories.
    + [ADB] Rename section-category-mismatch to section-area-mismatch.
    + [ADB] Update the description of section-area-mismatch to clarify
      that source packages in main may build binary packages in contrib.
    + [RA] Skip duplicate description checks for udeb packages.  Thanks,
      Thijs Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #529924)
    + [ADB] Warn about missing spaces between items in a control file which
      have been omitted when spanning the dependency line over multiple
      lines.  Based on a patch by Damyan Ivanov.  (Closes: #516706)
  * checks/cruft{,.desc}:
    + [RA] Downgrade certainty of tags for which we recommend overrides.
      Patch from Raphael Geissert.
    + [RA] When looking for tar errors from dpkg-source, ignore gpgv
      output as well as gpg output.  (Closes: #533116)
  * checks/debhelper.desc:
    + [ADB] Correct Unpack-Level to 1.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
  * checks/fields{,.desc}:
    + [RA] Allow python << dependencies without Python-Version if the
      package depends on python-support, which doesn't use the
      Python-Version field.  Adjust the long description of
      old-versioned-python-dependency to make it clearer it only applies
      to python-central.  Thanks, Bernd Zeimetz.  (Closes: #525997)
    + [ADB] Refer to contrib and non-free as "archive areas" rather than
    + [ADB] Accept Architecture fields in .dsc files which contain both
      "all" and one or more binary architectures.  (Closes: #530565)
    + [ADB] If a ruby-pkg-tools make include is used in a rules file,
      require a build-dependency on that package.  Patch by Ryan Niebur.
      (Closes: #532837)
    + [ADB] Replace a misplaced "build-depends" with the correct "depends"
      in the description of the "missing-build-dependency" tag.  Patch by
      Ryan Niebur.  (Closes: #532838)
  * checks/files{,.desc}:
    + [RA] Downgrade symlink-has-double-slash and symlink-ends-with-slash
      to minor.  These are violations of a Policy should, but are unlikely
      to cause practical problems.  (Closes: #527843)
    + [RA] Explain in the symlink-contains-spurious-segments description
      that these segments can cause problems in the presence of symlinked
    + [RA] Downgrade certainty of tags for which we recommend overrides.
      Patch from Raphael Geissert.
    + [ADB] Add a new tag indicating that the filename of a Flash file
      it may be a known non-free file.  Patch by Raphael Geissert.
      (Closes: #516250)
    + [ADB] Check for files in /etc/modprobe.d with filenames which do not
      end in ".conf".  Based on a patch by Raphael Geissert.
      (Closes: #521595)
  * checks/manpages:
    + [ADB] Remove support for detecting whether man supports the --warnings
      flag.  The version of man shipped in lenny supports it so the
      compatibility code is no longer required.
  * checks/menu{s,-format}.desc:
    + [ADB] Correct Unpack-Level to 2.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
  * checks/po-debconf.desc:
    + [ADB] Correct Unpack-Level to 1.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
  * checks/scripts:
    + [ADB] Do not include an empty alternative in the list of suggested
      dependencies for an interpreter when the interpreter may be
      unversioned but the dependency may not.  For example, pikeX.Y provide
      /usr/bin/pike and /usr/bin/pikeX.Y but there is no "pike" package.
    + [ADB] Add ksh and zsh to the list of packages providing the /bin/ksh
      alternative.  Thanks, Guillaume Delacour.  (Closes: #529457)
    + [ADB] Detect shellscript wrappers which embed a call to "exec" in a
      conditional statement.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
    + [ADB] Fix a syntax error in the shellscript wrapper detection that lead
      to it returning a part of the wrapper script rather than a simple
      success value.
    + [ADB] Remove "\\" from the list of unsafe backslash escapes in the
      shell script checks.  POSIX does not prohibit its use and it works in
      all shells in Debian.
    + [RA] Add escript to the list of known interpreters.  Thanks, Nicholas
      Jefferson.  (Closes: #532158)
  * checks/shared-libs.desc:
    + [RA] Downgrade certainty of tags for which we recommend overrides.
      Patch from Raphael Geissert.

  * data/debhelper/{dh_commands,dh_packages,maint_commands}:
    + [ADB] Refresh against unstable.  (Closes: #530622)
  * data/fields/{perl-provides,virtual-packages}:
    + [ADB] Refresh against unstable.
  * data/files/fonts:
    + [ADB] Refresh against unstable.

  * debian/control:
    + [ADB] Depend on libapt-pkg-perl.
  * debian/rules:
    + [ADB] Re-order the commands in the runtests target so that the
      "new style" testset is run first, as it now also tests the harness.
      Thanks, Raphael Geissert.

  * frontend/lintian:
    + [ADB] Rename the --section command line option to --area in line
      with Policy's use of the term "archive area" to describe main, etc.
      Also rename the corresponding environment and configuration file
      variables.  In each case, the original name is permitted as a
    + [ADB] Reset the timezone in the environment before running any
      tests so that tar's "implausibly old timestamp" errors use a
      consistent epoch.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.

  * lib/Lintian/*.pm:
    + [ADB] Fix a few errors and add missing example variable declarations
      in POD synopsis example sections.  Patch by Raphael Geissert.
  * lib/Lintian/Relation/
    + [ADB] Rework to use libapt-pkg-perl rather than calling "dpkg
      --compare-versions" repeatedly and keeping a potentially large
      cache of previous results.
  * lib/Lintian/
    + [ADB] Correctly display package versions of 0 in status messages.
      (Closes: #532550)
  * lib/
    + [RA] Removed.  A start at parsing shell scripts that was never
      finished and wasn't usable in its current form.
  * lib/
    + [ADB] Add a number of new corrections from Raphael Geissert.
      (Closes: #526019)

  * man/lintian.1:
    + [ADB] Document the new --area command line option and update the
      documentation of --section to indiciate that it is deprecated in
      favour of the new option.

  * private/refresh-debhelper-data:
    + [ADB] Update the contents file parsing to handle the fact that
      there are now section names containing hyphens.
    + [ADB] Use LC_ALL=C to preserve sort order regardless of the user's
  * private/refresh-fonts-data:
    + [ADB] Use LC_ALL=C to preserve sort order.
  * private/refresh-perl-provides:
    + [ADB] Special-case libio-compress-zlib-perl to account for the fact
      that it does not contain IO::Compress::Zlib.  Patch by Niko Tyni.
      (Closes: #528744)

  * reporting/config:
    + [ADB] Use $LINTIAN_AREA rather than $LINTIAN_SECTION in the default
      configuration file.
  * reporting/harness:
    + [ADB] Use the new $LINTIAN_AREA variable to determine which packages
      to process.
    + [RA] Include pedantic tags in lintian.log, but don't report them on
      the web site.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
  * reporting/html_reports:
    + [ADB] Use the new $LINTIAN_AREA variable to determine which archive
      area we are generating reports for, and pass it through to templates
      where relevant.
  * reporting/templates/index.tmpl:
    + [ADB] Modify the statistics table to refer to archive area rather
      than section.

  * t/runtests:
    + [ADB] Run the test scripts before all other tests as they now test
      some fundamentals which are required to pass in order for the harness
      itself to work.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
    + [RA] Run prove recursively in the scripts directory.
    + [RA] Skip scripts tests if a tag was specified.  Patch from Raphael
  * t/scripts/minimum-version.t:
    + [ADB] New script by Raphael Geissert to ensure that all our scripts
      can run with Perl 5.8.0.
  * t/scripts/needs-info.t:
    + [ADB] Renamed to needs-info-exists.t.
  * t/scripts/needs-info-missing.t:
    + [ADB] New script by Raphael Geissert to check whether scripts using
      Lintian::Collect{,::*} declare the required collection scripts in
  * t/scripts/pod-synopsis.t:
    + [ADB] New script by Raphael Geissert to ensure that example code in
      module's POD synopsis section is valid.
  * t/scripts/{static-lab,tags}.t:
    + [ADB] New test scripts splitting some of the "harness checking" out
      of the runtests script.  Patch by Raphael Geissert.
  * t/scripts/strict.t:
    + [ADB] New script by Raphael Geissert to check that all our scripts
      "use strict".
  * t/scripts/unpack-level.t:
    + [ADB] New script by Raphael Geissert to check that all checks scripts
      declare the correct unpack level.
  * t/scripts/version.t:
    + [ADB] New script to test Lintian::Relation::Version.
  * t/tests/lintian-overrides:
    + [ADB] New testset for the {malformed,unused}-override tags.  Patch by
      Raphael Geissert.

  * unpack/list-{bin,src,udeb}pkg:
    + [ADB] Use the new $LINTIAN_AREA variable to determine which package
      list to read.

 -- Bhavani Shankar <email address hidden>   Tue, 16 Jun 2009 10:57:07 +0530

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