linux-lts-raring 3.8.0-38.56~precise1 source package in Ubuntu


linux-lts-raring (3.8.0-38.56~precise1) precise; urgency=low

  [ Andy Whitcroft ]

  * module signature does not use hash type in older releases

linux-lts-raring (3.8.0-38.55~precise1) precise; urgency=low

  [ Kamal Mostafa ]

  * Release Tracking Bug
    - LP: #1290512

  [ Tim Gardner ]

  * [Debian] Re-sign modules after debug objcopy
    - LP: #1253155

linux-lts-raring (3.8.0-38.54~precise1) precise; urgency=low

  [ Kamal Mostafa ]

  * Release Tracking Bug
    - LP: #1290512

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * netfilter: nf_nat: fix access to uninitialized buffer in IRC NAT helper
    - LP: #1274684
    - CVE-2014-1690
  * crypto: ansi_cprng - Fix off by one error in non-block size request
    - LP: #1229981
    - CVE-2013-4345
  * xfs: underflow bug in xfs_attrlist_by_handle()
    - LP: #1256091
    - CVE-2013-6382
  * crypto: s390 - fix concurrency issue in aes-ctr mode
    - LP: #1289439
  * crypto: s390 - fix des and des3_ede cbc concurrency issue
    - LP: #1289439
  * crypto: s390 - fix des and des3_ede ctr concurrency issue
    - LP: #1289439
  * [media] mxl111sf: Fix unintentional garbage stack read
    - LP: #1289439
  * [media] mxl111sf: Fix compile when CONFIG_DVB_USB_MXL111SF is unset
    - LP: #1289439
  * [media] af9035: add ID [2040:f900] Hauppauge WinTV-MiniStick 2
    - LP: #1289439
  * arm64: vdso: prevent ld from aligning PT_LOAD segments to 64k
    - LP: #1289439
  * arm64: add DSB after icache flush in __flush_icache_all()
    - LP: #1289439
  * arm64: Invalidate the TLB when replacing pmd entries during boot
    - LP: #1289439
  * arm64: vdso: fix coarse clock handling
    - LP: #1289439
  * arm64: vdso: update wtm fields for CLOCK_MONOTONIC_COARSE
    - LP: #1289439
  * drm/mgag200,ast,cirrus: fix regression with drm_can_sleep conversion
    - LP: #1289439
  * x86, hweight: Fix BUG when booting with CONFIG_GCOV_PROFILE_ALL=y
    - LP: #1289439
  * mm/swap: fix race on swap_info reuse between swapoff and swapon
    - LP: #1289439
  * mm: __set_page_dirty_nobuffers() uses spin_lock_irqsave() instead of
    - LP: #1289439
  * mm: __set_page_dirty uses spin_lock_irqsave instead of spin_lock_irq
    - LP: #1289439
  * staging:iio:ad799x fix error_free_irq which was freeing an irq that may
    not have been requested
    - LP: #1289439
  * KVM: return an error code in kvm_vm_ioctl_register_coalesced_mmio()
    - LP: #1289439
  * block: __elv_next_request() shouldn't call into the elevator if
    - LP: #1289439
  * power: max17040: Fix NULL pointer dereference when there is no
    - LP: #1289439
  * s390/dump: Fix dump memory detection
    - LP: #1289439
  * ath9k_htc: make ->sta_rc_update atomic for most calls
    - LP: #1289439
  * ath9k_htc: Do not support PowerSave by default
    - LP: #1289439
  * ar5523: fix usb id for Gigaset.
    - LP: #1289439
  * ath9k: Do not support PowerSave by default
    - LP: #1289439
  * spi: nuc900: Set SPI_LSB_FIRST for master->mode_bits if hw->pdata->lsb
    is true
    - LP: #1289439
  * usb: ftdi_sio: add Mindstorms EV3 console adapter
    - LP: #1289439
  * usb-storage: restrict bcdDevice range for Super Top in Cypress ATACB
    - LP: #1289439
  * usb-storage: add unusual-devs entry for BlackBerry 9000
    - LP: #1289439
  * usb-storage: enable multi-LUN scanning when needed
    - LP: #1289439
  * of: Fix address decoding on Bimini and js2x machines
    - LP: #1289439
  * of: fix PCI bus match for PCIe slots
    - LP: #1289439
  * usb: qcserial: add Netgear Aircard 340U
    - LP: #1289439
  * USB: ftdi_sio: add Tagsys RFID Reader IDs
    - LP: #1289439
  * mac80211: move roc cookie assignment earlier
    - LP: #1289439
  * mac80211: release the channel in error path in start_ap
    - LP: #1289439
  * mac80211: Fix IBSS disconnect
    - LP: #1289439
  * mac80211: fix fragmentation code, particularly for encryption
    - LP: #1289439
  * time: Fix overflow when HZ is smaller than 60
    - LP: #1289439
  * ALSA: hda - Fix mic capture on Sony VAIO Pro 11
    - LP: #1289439
  * VME: Correct read/write alignment algorithm
    - LP: #1289439
  * Drivers: hv: vmbus: Don't timeout during the initial connection with
    - LP: #1289439
  * raw: test against runtime value of max_raw_minors
    - LP: #1289439
  * tty: n_gsm: Fix for modems with brk in modem status control
    - LP: #1289439
  * staging: comedi: adv_pci1710: fix analog output readback value
    - LP: #1289439
  * xen-blkfront: handle backend CLOSED without CLOSING
    - LP: #1289439
  * Modpost: fixed USB alias generation for ranges including 0x9 and 0xA
    - LP: #1289439
  * fs/file.c:fdtable: avoid triggering OOMs from alloc_fdmem
    - LP: #1289439
  * genirq: Add missing irq_to_desc export for CONFIG_SPARSE_IRQ=n
    - LP: #1289439
  * xen: install xen/gntdev.h and xen/gntalloc.h
    - LP: #1289439
  * ring-buffer: Fix first commit on sub-buffer having non-zero delta
    - LP: #1289439
  * usb: option: blacklist ZTE MF667 net interface
    - LP: #1289439
  * ftrace/x86: Use breakpoints for converting function graph caller
    - LP: #1289439
  * block: add cond_resched() to potentially long running ioctl discard
    - LP: #1289439
  * md/raid5: Fix CPU hotplug callback registration
    - LP: #1289439
  * compiler/gcc4: Make quirk for asm_volatile_goto() unconditional
    - LP: #1289439
  * x86, smap: Don't enable SMAP if CONFIG_X86_SMAP is disabled
    - LP: #1289439
  * x86, smap: smap_violation() is bogus if CONFIG_X86_SMAP is off
    - LP: #1289439
  * lockd: send correct lock when granting a delayed lock.
    - LP: #1289439
  * IB/qib: Add missing serdes init sequence
    - LP: #1289439
  * EDAC: Poll timeout cannot be zero, p2
    - LP: #1289439
  * EDAC: Correct workqueue setup path
    - LP: #1289439
  * kvm: x86: fix apic_base enable check
    - LP: #1289439
  * Linux
    - LP: #1289439
 -- Brad Figg <email address hidden>   Thu, 13 Mar 2014 08:42:48 -0700

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Uploaded by:
Brad Figg on 2014-03-13
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Ubuntu Kernel Team
all i386 amd64 armhf
Low Urgency

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Binary packages built by this source

block-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Block storage devices

 This package contains the block storage devices, including DAC960 and

crypto-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: crypto modules

 This package contains crypto modules.

fat-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: FAT filesystem support

 This includes Windows FAT and VFAT support.

fb-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Framebuffer modules
firewire-core-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Firewire (IEEE-1394) Support
floppy-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Floppy driver support
fs-core-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Base filesystem modules

 This includes jfs, reiserfs and xfs.

fs-secondary-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Extra filesystem modules

 This includes support for Windows NTFS and MacOS HFS/HFSPlus

input-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Support for various input methods
ipmi-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: ipmi modules
irda-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Support for Infrared protocols
kernel-image-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Linux kernel binary image for the Debian installer

 This package contains the kernel image for the Debian installer
 boot images. It does _not_ provide a usable kernel for your full
 Debian system.

linux-headers-3.8.0-38: Header files related to Linux kernel version 3.8.0

 This package provides kernel header files for version 3.8.0, for sites
 that want the latest kernel headers. Please read
 /usr/share/doc/linux-lts-raring-headers-3.8.0-38/debian.README.gz for details

linux-headers-3.8.0-38-generic: Linux kernel headers for version 3.8.0 on ARM (hard float) SMP

 This package provides kernel header files for version 3.8.0 on
 ARM (hard float) SMP.
 This is for sites that want the latest kernel headers. Please read
 /usr/share/doc/linux-headers-3.8.0-38/debian.README.gz for details.

linux-image-3.8.0-38-generic: Linux kernel image for version 3.8.0 on ARM (hard float) SMP

 This package contains the Linux kernel image for version 3.8.0 on
 ARM (hard float) SMP.
 Also includes the corresponding file, the modules built by the
 packager, and scripts that try to ensure that the system is not left in an
 unbootable state after an update.
 Supports Generic processors.
 Geared toward desktop and server systems.
 You likely do not want to install this package directly. Instead, install
 the linux-generic meta-package, which will ensure that upgrades work
 correctly, and that supporting packages are also installed.

linux-tools-3.8.0-38: Linux kernel version specific tools for version 3.8.0-38

 This package provides the architecture dependant parts for kernel
 version locked tools (such as perf and x86_energy_perf_policy) for
 version 3.8.0-38 on
 ARM (hard float).

md-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Multi-device support (raid, device-mapper, lvm)
message-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Fusion and i2o storage modules

 This package containes the fusion and i2o storage modules.

mouse-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Mouse support

 This package contains mouse drivers for the Linux kernel.

multipath-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: DM-Multipath support

  This package contains modules for device-mapper multipath support.

nfs-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: NFS filesystem drivers

 Includes the NFS client driver, and supporting modules.

nic-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Network interface support
nic-pcmcia-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: PCMCIA network interface support
nic-shared-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: nic shared modules

  This package contains modules which support nic modules

nic-usb-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: USB network interface support
parport-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Parallel port support
pata-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: PATA support modules
pcmcia-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: PCMCIA Modules
pcmcia-storage-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: PCMCIA storage support
plip-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: PLIP (parallel port) networking support
ppp-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: PPP (serial port) networking support
sata-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: SATA storage support
scsi-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: SCSI storage support
serial-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Serial port support
speakup-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: speakup modules

 This package contains speakup modules.

squashfs-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: squashfs modules

 This package contains squashfs modules.

storage-core-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Core storage support

 Includes core SCSI, LibATA, USB-Storage. Also includes related block
 devices for CD, Disk and Tape medium (and IDE Floppy).

usb-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: Core USB support
virtio-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: VirtIO Modules

 Includes modules for VirtIO (virtual machine, generally kvm guests)

vlan-modules-3.8.0-38-generic-di: vlan modules

 This package contains vlan (8021.Q) modules.