linux-oem 4.15.0-1009.12 source package in Ubuntu


linux-oem (4.15.0-1009.12) bionic; urgency=medium

  * linux-oem: 4.15.0-1009.12 -proposed tracker (LP: #1776340)

  [ Ubuntu: 4.15.0-24.26 ]

  * linux: 4.15.0-24.26 -proposed tracker (LP: #1776338)
  * Bionic update: upstream stable patchset 2018-06-06 (LP: #1775483)
    - drm: bridge: dw-hdmi: Fix overflow workaround for Amlogic Meson GX SoCs
    - i40e: Fix attach VF to VM issue
    - tpm: cmd_ready command can be issued only after granting locality
    - tpm: tpm-interface: fix tpm_transmit/_cmd kdoc
    - tpm: add retry logic
    - Revert "ath10k: send (re)assoc peer command when NSS changed"
    - bonding: do not set slave_dev npinfo before slave_enable_netpoll in
    - ipv6: add RTA_TABLE and RTA_PREFSRC to rtm_ipv6_policy
    - ipv6: sr: fix NULL pointer dereference in seg6_do_srh_encap()- v4 pkts
    - KEYS: DNS: limit the length of option strings
    - l2tp: check sockaddr length in pppol2tp_connect()
    - net: validate attribute sizes in neigh_dump_table()
    - llc: delete timers synchronously in llc_sk_free()
    - tcp: don't read out-of-bounds opsize
    - net: af_packet: fix race in PACKET_{R|T}X_RING
    - tcp: md5: reject TCP_MD5SIG or TCP_MD5SIG_EXT on established sockets
    - net: fix deadlock while clearing neighbor proxy table
    - team: avoid adding twice the same option to the event list
    - net/smc: fix shutdown in state SMC_LISTEN
    - team: fix netconsole setup over team
    - packet: fix bitfield update race
    - tipc: add policy for TIPC_NLA_NET_ADDR
    - pppoe: check sockaddr length in pppoe_connect()
    - vlan: Fix reading memory beyond skb->tail in skb_vlan_tagged_multi
    - amd-xgbe: Add pre/post auto-negotiation phy hooks
    - sctp: do not check port in sctp_inet6_cmp_addr
    - amd-xgbe: Improve KR auto-negotiation and training
    - strparser: Do not call mod_delayed_work with a timeout of LONG_MAX
    - amd-xgbe: Only use the SFP supported transceiver signals
    - strparser: Fix incorrect strp->need_bytes value.
    - net: sched: ife: signal not finding metaid
    - tcp: clear tp->packets_out when purging write queue
    - net: sched: ife: handle malformed tlv length
    - net: sched: ife: check on metadata length
    - llc: hold llc_sap before release_sock()
    - llc: fix NULL pointer deref for SOCK_ZAPPED
    - net: ethernet: ti: cpsw: fix tx vlan priority mapping
    - virtio_net: split out ctrl buffer
    - virtio_net: fix adding vids on big-endian
    - KVM: s390: force bp isolation for VSIE
    - s390: correct module section names for expoline code revert
    - microblaze: Setup dependencies for ASM optimized lib functions
    - commoncap: Handle memory allocation failure.
    - scsi: mptsas: Disable WRITE SAME
    - cdrom: information leak in cdrom_ioctl_media_changed()
    - m68k/mac: Don't remap SWIM MMIO region
    - block/swim: Check drive type
    - block/swim: Don't log an error message for an invalid ioctl
    - block/swim: Remove extra put_disk() call from error path
    - block/swim: Rename macros to avoid inconsistent inverted logic
    - block/swim: Select appropriate drive on device open
    - block/swim: Fix array bounds check
    - block/swim: Fix IO error at end of medium
    - tracing: Fix missing tab for hwlat_detector print format
    - s390/cio: update chpid descriptor after resource accessibility event
    - s390/dasd: fix IO error for newly defined devices
    - s390/uprobes: implement arch_uretprobe_is_alive()
    - ACPI / video: Only default only_lcd to true on Win8-ready _desktops_
    - docs: ip-sysctl.txt: fix name of some ipv6 variables
    - net: mvpp2: Fix DMA address mask size
    - net: stmmac: Disable ACS Feature for GMAC >= 4
    - l2tp: hold reference on tunnels in netlink dumps
    - l2tp: hold reference on tunnels printed in pppol2tp proc file
    - l2tp: hold reference on tunnels printed in l2tp/tunnels debugfs file
    - l2tp: fix {pppol2tp, l2tp_dfs}_seq_stop() in case of seq_file overflow
    - s390/qeth: fix error handling in adapter command callbacks
    - s390/qeth: avoid control IO completion stalls
    - s390/qeth: handle failure on workqueue creation
    - bnxt_en: Fix memory fault in bnxt_ethtool_init()
    - virtio-net: add missing virtqueue kick when flushing packets
    - VSOCK: make af_vsock.ko removable again
    - hwmon: (k10temp) Add temperature offset for Ryzen 2700X
    - hwmon: (k10temp) Add support for AMD Ryzen w/ Vega graphics
    - s390/cpum_cf: rename IBM z13/z14 counter names
    - kprobes: Fix random address output of blacklist file
    - Revert "pinctrl: intel: Initialize GPIO properly when used through irqchip"
  * Lenovo V330 needs patch in ideapad_laptop module for rfkill (LP: #1774636)
    - SAUCE: Add Lenovo V330 to the ideapad_laptop rfkill blacklist
  * bluetooth controller fail after suspend with USB autosuspend on XPS 13 9360
    (LP: #1775217)
    - Bluetooth: btusb: Add Dell XPS 13 9360 to btusb_needs_reset_resume_table
  * [Hyper-V] PCI: hv: Fix 2 hang issues in hv_compose_msi_msg (LP: #1758378)
    - PCI: hv: Only queue new work items in hv_pci_devices_present() if necessary
    - PCI: hv: Remove the bogus test in hv_eject_device_work()
    - PCI: hv: Fix a comment typo in _hv_pcifront_read_config()
  * register on binfmt_misc may overflow and crash the system (LP: #1775856)
    - fs/binfmt_misc.c: do not allow offset overflow
  * CVE-2018-11508
    - compat: fix 4-byte infoleak via uninitialized struct field
  * Network installs fail on SocioNext board (LP: #1775884)
    - net: netsec: reduce DMA mask to 40 bits
    - net: socionext: reset hardware in ndo_stop
    - net: netsec: enable tx-irq during open callback
  * r8169 ethernet card don't work after returning from suspension
    (LP: #1752772)
    - PCI: Add pcim_set_mwi(), a device-managed pci_set_mwi()
    - r8169: switch to device-managed functions in probe
    - r8169: remove netif_napi_del in probe error path
    - r8169: remove some WOL-related dead code
    - r8169: disable WOL per default
    - r8169: improve interrupt handling
    - r8169: fix interrupt number after adding support for MSI-X interrupts
  * ISST-LTE:KVM:Ubuntu18.04:BostonLC:boslcp3:boslcp3g3:Guest conosle hangs
    after hotplug CPU add operation. (LP: #1759723)
    - genirq/affinity: assign vectors to all possible CPUs
    - genirq/affinity: Don't return with empty affinity masks on error
    - genirq/affinity: Rename *node_to_possible_cpumask as *node_to_cpumask
    - genirq/affinity: Move actual irq vector spreading into a helper function
    - genirq/affinity: Allow irq spreading from a given starting point
    - genirq/affinity: Spread irq vectors among present CPUs as far as possible
    - blk-mq: simplify queue mapping & schedule with each possisble CPU
    - blk-mq: make sure hctx->next_cpu is set correctly
    - blk-mq: Avoid that blk_mq_delay_run_hw_queue() introduces unintended delays
    - blk-mq: make sure that correct hctx->next_cpu is set
    - blk-mq: avoid to write intermediate result to hctx->next_cpu
    - blk-mq: introduce blk_mq_hw_queue_first_cpu() to figure out first cpu
    - blk-mq: don't check queue mapped in __blk_mq_delay_run_hw_queue()
    - nvme: pci: pass max vectors as num_possible_cpus() to pci_alloc_irq_vectors
    - scsi: hpsa: fix selection of reply queue
    - scsi: megaraid_sas: fix selection of reply queue
    - scsi: core: introduce force_blk_mq
    - scsi: virtio_scsi: fix IO hang caused by automatic irq vector affinity
    - scsi: virtio_scsi: unify scsi_host_template
  * Fix several bugs in RDMA/hns driver (LP: #1770974)
    - RDMA/hns: Use structs to describe the uABI instead of opencoding
    - RDMA/hns: Remove unnecessary platform_get_resource() error check
    - RDMA/hns: Remove unnecessary operator
    - RDMA/hns: Add names to function arguments in function pointers
    - RDMA/hns: Fix misplaced call to hns_roce_cleanup_hem_table
    - RDMA/hns: Fix a bug with modifying mac address
    - RDMA/hns: Use free_pages function instead of free_page
    - RDMA/hns: Replace __raw_write*(cpu_to_le*()) with LE write*()
    - RDMA/hns: Bugfix for init hem table
    - RDMA/hns: Intercept illegal RDMA operation when use inline data
    - RDMA/hns: Fix the qp context state diagram
    - RDMA/hns: Only assign mtu if IB_QP_PATH_MTU bit is set
    - RDMA/hns: Remove some unnecessary attr_mask judgement
    - RDMA/hns: Only assign dqpn if IB_QP_PATH_DEST_QPN bit is set
    - RDMA/hns: Adjust the order of cleanup hem table
    - RDMA/hns: Update assignment method for owner field of send wqe
    - RDMA/hns: Submit bad wr
    - RDMA/hns: Fix a couple misspellings
    - RDMA/hns: Add rq inline flags judgement
    - RDMA/hns: Bugfix for rq record db for kernel
    - RDMA/hns: Load the RoCE dirver automatically
    - RDMA/hns: Update convert function of endian format
    - RDMA/hns: Add return operation when configured global param fail
    - RDMA/hns: Not support qp transition from reset to reset for hip06
    - RDMA/hns: Fix the bug with rq sge
    - RDMA/hns: Set desc_dma_addr for zero when free cmq desc
    - RDMA/hns: Enable inner_pa_vld filed of mpt
    - RDMA/hns: Set NULL for __internal_mr
    - RDMA/hns: Fix the bug with NULL pointer
    - RDMA/hns: Bugfix for cq record db for kernel
    - RDMA/hns: Move the location for initializing tmp_len
    - RDMA/hns: Drop local zgid in favor of core defined variable
    - RDMA/hns: Add 64KB page size support for hip08
    - RDMA/hns: Rename the idx field of db
    - RDMA/hns: Modify uar allocation algorithm to avoid bitmap exhaust
    - RDMA/hns: Increase checking CMQ status timeout value
    - RDMA/hns: Add reset process for RoCE in hip08
    - RDMA/hns: Fix the illegal memory operation when cross page
    - RDMA/hns: Implement the disassociate_ucontext API
  * powerpc/livepatch: Implement reliable stack tracing for the consistency
    model (LP: #1771844)
    - powerpc/livepatch: Implement reliable stack tracing for the consistency
  * vmxnet3: update to latest ToT (LP: #1768143)
    - vmxnet3: avoid xmit reset due to a race in vmxnet3
    - vmxnet3: use correct flag to indicate LRO feature
    - vmxnet3: fix incorrect dereference when rxvlan is disabled
  * 4.15.0-22-generic fails to boot on IBM S822LC (POWER8 (raw), altivec
    supported) (LP: #1773162)
    - Revert "powerpc/64s: Add support for a store forwarding barrier at kernel
    - powerpc/64s: Add support for a store forwarding barrier at kernel entry/exit
  * Decode ARM CPER records in kernel (LP: #1770244)
    - [Config] CONFIG_UEFI_CPER_ARM=y
    - efi: Move ARM CPER code to new file
    - efi: Parse ARM error information value
  * Adding back alx WoL feature (LP: #1772610)
    - SAUCE: Revert "alx: remove WoL support"
    - SAUCE: alx: add enable_wol paramenter
  * Lancer A0 Asic HBA's won't boot with 18.04 (LP: #1768103)
    - scsi: lpfc: Fix WQ/CQ creation for older asic's.
    - scsi: lpfc: Fix 16gb hbas failing cq create.
  * [LTCTest][OPAL][OP920] cpupower idle-info is not listing stop4 and stop5
    idle states when all CORES are guarded (LP: #1771780)
    - SAUCE: cpuidle/powernv : init all present cpus for deep states
  * Huawei 25G/100G Network Adapters Unsupported (LP: #1770970)
    - net-next/hinic: add pci device ids for 25ge and 100ge card
  * [Ubuntu 18.04.1] POWER9 - Nvidia Volta - Kernel changes to enable Nvidia
    driver on bare metal (LP: #1772991)
    - powerpc/powernv/npu: Fix deadlock in mmio_invalidate()
    - powerpc/powernv/mce: Don't silently restart the machine
    - powerpc/npu-dma.c: Fix crash after __mmu_notifier_register failure
    - powerpc/mm: Flush cache on memory hot(un)plug
    - powerpc/powernv/memtrace: Let the arch hotunplug code flush cache
    - powerpc/powernv/npu: Add lock to prevent race in concurrent context
    - powerpc/powernv/npu: Prevent overwriting of pnv_npu2_init_contex() callback
    - powerpc/powernv/npu: Do a PID GPU TLB flush when invalidating a large
      address range
    - powerpc/mce: Fix a bug where mce loops on memory UE.
  * cpum_sf: ensure sample freq is non-zero (LP: #1772593)
    - s390/cpum_sf: ensure sample frequency of perf event attributes is non-zero
  * PCIe link speeds of 16 GT/s are shown as "Unknown speed" (LP: #1773243)
    - PCI: Add decoding for 16 GT/s link speed
  * False positive ACPI _PRS error messages (LP: #1773295)
    - ACPI / PCI: pci_link: Allow the absence of _PRS and change log level
  * Dell systems crash when disabling Nvidia dGPU (LP: #1773299)
    - ACPI / OSI: Add OEM _OSI strings to disable NVidia RTD3
  * wlp3s0: failed to remove key (1, ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff) from hardware (-22)
    (LP: #1720930)
    - iwlwifi: mvm: fix "failed to remove key" message
  * Expose arm64 CPU topology to userspace (LP: #1770231)
    - ACPICA: ACPI 6.2: Additional PPTT flags
    - drivers: base: cacheinfo: move cache_setup_of_node()
    - drivers: base: cacheinfo: setup DT cache properties early
    - cacheinfo: rename of_node to fw_token
    - arm64/acpi: Create arch specific cpu to acpi id helper
    - ACPI/PPTT: Add Processor Properties Topology Table parsing
    - [Config] CONFIG_ACPI_PPTT=y
    - ACPI: Enable PPTT support on ARM64
    - drivers: base cacheinfo: Add support for ACPI based firmware tables
    - arm64: Add support for ACPI based firmware tables
    - arm64: topology: rename cluster_id
    - arm64: topology: enable ACPI/PPTT based CPU topology
    - ACPI: Add PPTT to injectable table list
    - arm64: topology: divorce MC scheduling domain from core_siblings
  * hisi_sas robustness fixes (LP: #1774466)
    - scsi: hisi_sas: delete timer when removing hisi_sas driver
    - scsi: hisi_sas: print device id for errors
    - scsi: hisi_sas: Add some checks to avoid free'ing a sas_task twice
    - scsi: hisi_sas: check host frozen before calling "done" function
    - scsi: hisi_sas: check sas_dev gone earlier in hisi_sas_abort_task()
    - scsi: hisi_sas: stop controller timer for reset
    - scsi: hisi_sas: update PHY linkrate after a controller reset
    - scsi: hisi_sas: change slot index allocation mode
    - scsi: hisi_sas: Change common allocation mode of device id
    - scsi: hisi_sas: Reset disks when discovered
    - scsi: hisi_sas: Create a scsi_host_template per HW module
    - scsi: hisi_sas: Init disks after controller reset
    - scsi: hisi_sas: Try wait commands before before controller reset
    - scsi: hisi_sas: Include TMF elements in struct hisi_sas_slot
    - scsi: hisi_sas: Add v2 hw force PHY function for internal ATA command
    - scsi: hisi_sas: Terminate STP reject quickly for v2 hw
    - scsi: hisi_sas: Fix return value when get_free_slot() failed
    - scsi: hisi_sas: Mark PHY as in reset for nexus reset
  * hisi_sas: Support newer v3 hardware (LP: #1774467)
    - scsi: hisi_sas: update RAS feature for later revision of v3 HW
    - scsi: hisi_sas: check IPTT is valid before using it for v3 hw
    - scsi: hisi_sas: fix PI memory size
    - scsi: hisi_sas: config ATA de-reset as an constrained command for v3 hw
    - scsi: hisi_sas: remove redundant handling to event95 for v3
    - scsi: hisi_sas: add readl poll timeout helper wrappers
    - scsi: hisi_sas: workaround a v3 hw hilink bug
    - scsi: hisi_sas: Add LED feature for v3 hw
  * hisi_sas: improve performance by optimizing DQ locking (LP: #1774472)
    - scsi: hisi_sas: initialize dq spinlock before use
    - scsi: hisi_sas: optimise the usage of DQ locking
    - scsi: hisi_sas: relocate smp sg map
    - scsi: hisi_sas: make return type of prep functions void
    - scsi: hisi_sas: allocate slot buffer earlier
    - scsi: hisi_sas: Don't lock DQ for complete task sending
    - scsi: hisi_sas: Use device lock to protect slot alloc/free
    - scsi: hisi_sas: add check of device in hisi_sas_task_exec()
    - scsi: hisi_sas: fix a typo in hisi_sas_task_prep()
  * Request to revert SAUCE patches in the 18.04 SRU and update with upstream
    version (LP: #1768431)
    - scsi: cxlflash: Handle spurious interrupts
    - scsi: cxlflash: Remove commmands from pending list on timeout
    - scsi: cxlflash: Synchronize reset and remove ops
    - SAUCE: (no-up) cxlflash: OCXL diff between v2 and v3
  * After update to 4.13-43 Intel Graphics are Laggy (LP: #1773520)
    - SAUCE: Revert "drm/i915/edp: Allow alternate fixed mode for eDP if
  * ELANPAD ELAN0612 does not work, patch available (LP: #1773509)
    - SAUCE: Input: elan_i2c - add ELAN0612 to the ACPI table
  * FS-Cache: Assertion failed: FS-Cache: 6 == 5 is false (LP: #1774336)
    - SAUCE: CacheFiles: fix a read_waiter/read_copier race
  * hns3 driver updates (LP: #1768670)
    - net: hns3: VF should get the real rss_size instead of rss_size_max
    - net: hns3: set the cmdq out_vld bit to 0 after used
    - net: hns3: fix endian issue when PF get mbx message flag
    - net: hns3: fix the queue id for tqp enable&&reset
    - net: hns3: set the max ring num when alloc netdev
    - net: hns3: add support for VF driver inner interface
    - net: hns3: refactor the hclge_get/set_rss function
    - net: hns3: refactor the hclge_get/set_rss_tuple function
    - net: hns3: fix for RSS configuration loss problem during reset
    - net: hns3: fix for pause configuration lost during reset
    - net: hns3: fix for use-after-free when setting ring parameter
    - net: hns3: refactor the get/put_vector function
    - net: hns3: fix for coalesce configuration lost during reset
    - net: hns3: refactor the coalesce related struct
    - net: hns3: fix for coal configuation lost when setting the channel
    - net: hns3: add existence check when remove old uc mac address
    - net: hns3: fix for netdev not running problem after calling net_stop and
    - net: hns3: fix for ipv6 address loss problem after setting channels
    - net: hns3: unify the pause params setup function
    - net: hns3: fix rx path skb->truesize reporting bug
    - net: hns3: add support for querying pfc puase packets statistic
    - net: hns3: fix for loopback failure when vlan filter is enable
    - net: hns3: fix for buffer overflow smatch warning
    - net: hns3: fix error type definition of return value
    - net: hns3: fix return value error of hclge_get_mac_vlan_cmd_status()
    - net: hns3: add existence checking before adding unicast mac address
    - net: hns3: add result checking for VF when modify unicast mac address
    - net: hns3: reallocate tx/rx buffer after changing mtu
    - net: hns3: fix the VF queue reset flow error
    - net: hns3: fix for vlan table lost problem when resetting
    - net: hns3: increase the max time for IMP handle command
    - net: hns3: change GL update rate
    - net: hns3: change the time interval of int_gl calculating
    - net: hns3: fix for getting wrong link mode problem
    - net: hns3: add get_link support to VF
    - net: hns3: add querying speed and duplex support to VF
    - net: hns3: fix for not returning problem in get_link_ksettings when phy
    - net: hns3: Changes to make enet watchdog timeout func common for PF/VF
    - net: hns3: Add VF Reset Service Task to support event handling
    - net: hns3: Add VF Reset device state and its handling
    - net: hns3: Add support to request VF Reset to PF
    - net: hns3: Add support to reset the enet/ring mgmt layer
    - net: hns3: Add support to re-initialize the hclge device
    - net: hns3: Changes to support ARQ(Asynchronous Receive Queue)
    - net: hns3: Add *Asserting Reset* mailbox message & handling in VF
    - net: hns3: Changes required in PF mailbox to support VF reset
    - net: hns3: hclge_inform_reset_assert_to_vf() can be static
    - net: hns3: fix for returning wrong value problem in hns3_get_rss_key_size
    - net: hns3: fix for returning wrong value problem in hns3_get_rss_indir_size
    - net: hns3: fix for the wrong shift problem in hns3_set_txbd_baseinfo
    - net: hns3: fix for not initializing VF rss_hash_key problem
    - net: hns3: never send command queue message to IMP when reset
    - net: hns3: remove unnecessary pci_set_drvdata() and devm_kfree()
    - net: hns3: fix length overflow when CONFIG_ARM64_64K_PAGES
    - net: hns3: Remove error log when getting pfc stats fails
    - net: hns3: fix to correctly fetch l4 protocol outer header
    - net: hns3: Fixes the out of bounds access in hclge_map_tqp
    - net: hns3: Fixes the error legs in hclge_init_ae_dev function
    - net: hns3: fix for phy_addr error in hclge_mac_mdio_config
    - net: hns3: Fix to support autoneg only for port attached with phy
    - net: hns3: fix a dead loop in hclge_cmd_csq_clean
    - net: hns3: Fix for packet loss due wrong filter config in VLAN tbls
    - net: hns3: Remove packet statistics in the range of 8192~12287
    - net: hns3: Add support of hardware rx-vlan-offload to HNS3 VF driver
    - net: hns3: Fix for setting mac address when resetting
    - net: hns3: remove add/del_tunnel_udp in hns3_enet module
    - net: hns3: fix for cleaning ring problem
    - net: hns3: refactor the loopback related function
    - net: hns3: Fix for deadlock problem occurring when unregistering ae_algo
    - net: hns3: Fix for the null pointer problem occurring when initializing
      ae_dev failed
    - net: hns3: Add a check for client instance init state
    - net: hns3: Change return type of hnae3_register_ae_dev
    - net: hns3: Change return type of hnae3_register_ae_algo
    - net: hns3: Change return value in hnae3_register_client
    - net: hns3: Fixes the back pressure setting when sriov is enabled
    - net: hns3: Fix for fiber link up problem
    - net: hns3: Add support of .sriov_configure in HNS3 driver
    - net: hns3: Fixes the missing PCI iounmap for various legs
    - net: hns3: Fixes error reported by Kbuild and internal review
    - net: hns3: Fixes API to fetch ethernet header length with kernel default
    - net: hns3: cleanup of return values in hclge_init_client_instance()
    - net: hns3: Fix the missing client list node initialization
    - net: hns3: Fix for hns3 module is loaded multiple times problem
    - net: hns3: Use enums instead of magic number in hclge_is_special_opcode
    - net: hns3: Fix for netdev not running problem after calling net_stop and
    - net: hns3: Fixes kernel panic issue during rmmod hns3 driver
    - net: hns3: Fix for CMDQ and Misc. interrupt init order problem
    - net: hns3: Updates RX packet info fetch in case of multi BD
    - net: hns3: Add support for tx_accept_tag2 and tx_accept_untag2 config
    - net: hns3: Add STRP_TAGP field support for hardware revision 0x21
    - net: hns3: Add support to enable TX/RX promisc mode for H/W rev(0x21)
    - net: hns3: Fix for PF mailbox receving unknown message
    - net: hns3: Fixes the state to indicate client-type initialization
    - net: hns3: Fixes the init of the VALID BD info in the descriptor
    - net: hns3: Removes unnecessary check when clearing TX/RX rings
    - net: hns3: Clear TX/RX rings when stopping port & un-initializing client
    - net: hns3: Remove unused led control code
    - net: hns3: Adds support for led locate command for copper port
    - net: hns3: Fixes initalization of RoCE handle and makes it conditional
    - net: hns3: Disable vf vlan filter when vf vlan table is full
    - net: hns3: Add support for IFF_ALLMULTI flag
    - net: hns3: Add repeat address checking for setting mac address
    - net: hns3: Fix setting mac address error
    - net: hns3: Fix for service_task not running problem after resetting
    - net: hns3: Fix for hclge_reset running repeatly problem
    - net: hns3: Fix for phy not link up problem after resetting
    - net: hns3: Add missing break in misc_irq_handle
    - net: hns3: Fix for vxlan tx checksum bug
    - net: hns3: Optimize the PF's process of updating multicast MAC
    - net: hns3: Optimize the VF's process of updating multicast MAC
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: add support for serdes loopback selftest
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: RX BD information valid only in last BD except
      VLD bit and buffer size
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: remove hclge_get_vector_index from
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: rename the interface for init_client_instance and
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: add vector status check before free vector
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: add l4_type check for both ipv4 and ipv6
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: remove unused head file in hnae3.c
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: extraction an interface for state state
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: print the ret value in error information
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: remove the Redundant put_vector in
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: add unlikely for error check
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: remove back in struct hclge_hw
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: use lower_32_bits and upper_32_bits
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: remove unused hclge_ring_to_dma_dir
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: remove useless code in hclge_cmd_send
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: remove some redundant assignments
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: simplify hclge_cmd_csq_clean
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: using modulo for cyclic counters in
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: remove a redundant hclge_cmd_csq_done
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: remove some unused members of some structures
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: give default option while dependency HNS3 set
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: use dma_zalloc_coherent instead of
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: modify hnae_ to hnae3_
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: fix unused function warning in VF driver
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: remove some redundant assignments
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: standardize the handle of return value
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: remove extra space and brackets
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: fix unreasonable code comments
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: use decimal for bit offset macros
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: modify inconsistent bit mask macros
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: fix mislead parameter name
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: remove unused struct member and definition
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: Add SPDX tags to hns3 driver
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: Add pf reset for hip08 RoCE
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: optimize the process of notifying roce client
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: Add calling roce callback function when link
      status change
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: fix tc setup when netdev is first up
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: fix for mac pause not disable in pfc mode
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: fix for waterline not setting correctly
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: fix for l4 checksum offload bug
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: fix for mailbox message truncated problem
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: Add configure for mac minimal frame size
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: fix warning bug when doing lp selftest
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: fix get_vector ops in hclgevf_main module
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: remove the warning when clear reset cause
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: Use roce handle when calling roce callback
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: prevent sending command during global or core
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: modify the order of initializeing command queue
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: reset net device with rtnl_lock
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: prevent to request reset frequently
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: correct reset event status register
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: separate roce from nic when resetting
    - SAUCE: net: hns3: Fix for phy link issue when using marvell phy driver
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: fix return value error in
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: remove unnecessary ring configuration operation
      while resetting
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: fix for reset_level default assignment probelm
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: fix for using wrong mask and shift in
    - SAUCE: {topost} net: hns3: fix comments for hclge_get_ring_chain_from_mbx
    - SAUCE: net: hns3: Fix for VF mailbox cannot receiving PF response
    - SAUCE: net: hns3: Fix for VF mailbox receiving unknown message
    - SAUCE: net: hns3: Optimize PF CMDQ interrupt switching process
  * enable mic-mute hotkey and led on Lenovo M820z and M920z (LP: #1774306)
    - ALSA: hda/realtek - Enable mic-mute hotkey for several Lenovo AIOs
  * Bionic update: upstream stable patchset 2018-05-29 (LP: #1774063)
    - cifs: do not allow creating sockets except with SMB1 posix exensions
    - btrfs: fix unaligned access in readdir
    - x86/acpi: Prevent X2APIC id 0xffffffff from being accounted
    - clocksource/imx-tpm: Correct -ETIME return condition check
    - x86/tsc: Prevent 32bit truncation in calc_hpet_ref()
    - drm/vc4: Fix memory leak during BO teardown
    - drm/i915/gvt: throw error on unhandled vfio ioctls
    - drm/i915/audio: Fix audio detection issue on GLK
    - drm/i915: Do no use kfree() to free a kmem_cache_alloc() return value
    - drm/i915: Fix LSPCON TMDS output buffer enabling from low-power state
    - drm/i915/bxt, glk: Increase PCODE timeouts during CDCLK freq changing
    - usb: musb: fix enumeration after resume
    - usb: musb: call pm_runtime_{get,put}_sync before reading vbus registers
    - usb: musb: Fix external abort in musb_remove on omap2430
    - firewire-ohci: work around oversized DMA reads on JMicron controllers
    - x86/tsc: Allow TSC calibration without PIT
    - NFSv4: always set NFS_LOCK_LOST when a lock is lost.
    - ACPI / LPSS: Do not instiate platform_dev for devs without MMIO resources
    - ALSA: hda - Use IS_REACHABLE() for dependency on input
    - ASoC: au1x: Fix timeout tests in au1xac97c_ac97_read()
    - kvm: x86: fix KVM_XEN_HVM_CONFIG ioctl
    - RDMA/core: Clarify rdma_ah_find_type
    - KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Enable migration of decrementer register
    - netfilter: ipv6: nf_defrag: Pass on packets to stack per RFC2460
    - tracing/hrtimer: Fix tracing bugs by taking all clock bases and modes into
    - KVM: s390: use created_vcpus in more places
    - platform/x86: dell-laptop: Filter out spurious keyboard backlight change
    - xprtrdma: Fix backchannel allocation of extra rpcrdma_reps
    - selftest: ftrace: Fix to pick text symbols for kprobes
    - PCI: Add function 1 DMA alias quirk for Marvell 9128
    - Input: psmouse - fix Synaptics detection when protocol is disabled
    - libbpf: Makefile set specified permission mode
    - Input: synaptics - reset the ABS_X/Y fuzz after initializing MT axes
    - i40iw: Free IEQ resources
    - i40iw: Zero-out consumer key on allocate stag for FMR
    - perf unwind: Do not look just at the global callchain_param.record_mode
    - tools lib traceevent: Simplify pointer print logic and fix %pF
    - perf callchain: Fix attr.sample_max_stack setting
    - tools lib traceevent: Fix get_field_str() for dynamic strings
    - perf record: Fix failed memory allocation for get_cpuid_str
    - iommu/exynos: Don't unconditionally steal bus ops
    - powerpc: System reset avoid interleaving oops using die synchronisation
    - iommu/vt-d: Use domain instead of cache fetching
    - dm thin: fix documentation relative to low water mark threshold
    - dm mpath: return DM_MAPIO_REQUEUE on blk-mq rq allocation failure
    - ubifs: Fix uninitialized variable in search_dh_cookie()
    - net: stmmac: dwmac-meson8b: fix setting the RGMII TX clock on Meson8b
    - net: stmmac: dwmac-meson8b: propagate rate changes to the parent clock
    - spi: a3700: Clear DATA_OUT when performing a read
    - IB/cq: Don't force IB_POLL_DIRECT poll context for ib_process_cq_direct
    - nfs: Do not convert nfs_idmap_cache_timeout to jiffies
    - MIPS: Fix clean of vmlinuz.{32,ecoff,bin,srec}
    - PCI: Add dummy pci_irqd_intx_xlate() for CONFIG_PCI=n build
    - watchdog: sp5100_tco: Fix watchdog disable bit
    - kconfig: Don't leak main menus during parsing
    - kconfig: Fix automatic menu creation mem leak
    - kconfig: Fix expr_free() E_NOT leak
    - ipmi/powernv: Fix error return code in ipmi_powernv_probe()
    - Btrfs: set plug for fsync
    - btrfs: Fix out of bounds access in btrfs_search_slot
    - Btrfs: fix scrub to repair raid6 corruption
    - btrfs: fail mount when sb flag is not in BTRFS_SUPER_FLAG_SUPP
    - Btrfs: fix unexpected EEXIST from btrfs_get_extent
    - Btrfs: raid56: fix race between merge_bio and rbio_orig_end_io
    - RDMA/cma: Check existence of netdevice during port validation
    - f2fs: avoid hungtask when GC encrypted block if io_bits is set
    - scsi: devinfo: fix format of the device list
    - scsi: fas216: fix sense buffer initialization
    - Input: stmfts - set IRQ_NOAUTOEN to the irq flag
    - HID: roccat: prevent an out of bounds read in kovaplus_profile_activated()
    - nfp: fix error return code in nfp_pci_probe()
    - block: Set BIO_TRACE_COMPLETION on new bio during split
    - bpf: test_maps: cleanup sockmaps when test ends
    - i40evf: Don't schedule reset_task when device is being removed
    - i40evf: ignore link up if not running
    - platform/x86: thinkpad_acpi: suppress warning about palm detection
    - KVM: s390: vsie: use READ_ONCE to access some SCB fields
    - blk-mq-debugfs: don't allow write on attributes with seq_operations set
    - ASoC: rockchip: Use dummy_dai for rt5514 dsp dailink
    - igb: Allow to remove administratively set MAC on VFs
    - igb: Clear TXSTMP when ptp_tx_work() is timeout
    - fm10k: fix "failed to kill vid" message for VF
    - x86/hyperv: Stop suppressing X86_FEATURE_PCID
    - tty: serial: exar: Relocate sleep wake-up handling
    - device property: Define type of PROPERTY_ENRTY_*() macros
    - crypto: artpec6 - remove select on non-existing CRYPTO_SHA384
    - RDMA/uverbs: Use an unambiguous errno for method not supported
    - jffs2: Fix use-after-free bug in jffs2_iget()'s error handling path
    - ixgbe: don't set RXDCTL.RLPML for 82599
    - i40e: program fragmented IPv4 filter input set
    - i40e: fix reported mask for ntuple filters
    - samples/bpf: Partially fixes the bpf.o build
    - powerpc/numa: Use ibm,max-associativity-domains to discover possible nodes
    - powerpc/numa: Ensure nodes initialized for hotplug
    - RDMA/mlx5: Avoid memory leak in case of XRCD dealloc failure
    - ntb_transport: Fix bug with max_mw_size parameter
    - gianfar: prevent integer wrapping in the rx handler
    - x86/hyperv: Check for required priviliges in hyperv_init()
    - netfilter: x_tables: fix pointer leaks to userspace
    - tcp_nv: fix potential integer overflow in tcpnv_acked
    - kvm: Map PFN-type memory regions as writable (if possible)
    - x86/kvm/vmx: do not use vm-exit instruction length for fast MMIO when
      running nested
    - fs/dax.c: release PMD lock even when there is no PMD support in DAX
    - ocfs2: return -EROFS to mount.ocfs2 if inode block is invalid
    - ocfs2/acl: use 'ip_xattr_sem' to protect getting extended attribute
    - ocfs2: return error when we attempt to access a dirty bh in jbd2
    - mm/mempolicy: fix the check of nodemask from user
    - mm/mempolicy: add nodes_empty check in SYSC_migrate_pages
    - asm-generic: provide generic_pmdp_establish()
    - sparc64: update pmdp_invalidate() to return old pmd value
    - mm: thp: use down_read_trylock() in khugepaged to avoid long block
    - mm: pin address_space before dereferencing it while isolating an LRU page
    - mm/fadvise: discard partial page if endbyte is also EOF
    - openvswitch: Remove padding from packet before L3+ conntrack processing
    - blk-mq: fix discard merge with scheduler attached
    - IB/hfi1: Re-order IRQ cleanup to address driver cleanup race
    - IB/hfi1: Fix for potential refcount leak in hfi1_open_file()
    - IB/ipoib: Fix for potential no-carrier state
    - IB/core: Map iWarp AH type to undefined in rdma_ah_find_type
    - drm/nouveau/pmu/fuc: don't use movw directly anymore
    - s390/eadm: fix CONFIG_BLOCK include dependency
    - netfilter: ipv6: nf_defrag: Kill frag queue on RFC2460 failure
    - x86/power: Fix swsusp_arch_resume prototype
    - x86/dumpstack: Avoid uninitlized variable
    - firmware: dmi_scan: Fix handling of empty DMI strings
    - ACPI: processor_perflib: Do not send _PPC change notification if not ready
    - ACPI / bus: Do not call _STA on battery devices with unmet dependencies
    - ACPI / scan: Use acpi_bus_get_status() to initialize ACPI_TYPE_DEVICE devs
    - perf record: Fix period option handling
    - MIPS: Generic: Support GIC in EIC mode
    - perf evsel: Fix period/freq terms setup
    - xen-netfront: Fix race between device setup and open
    - xen/grant-table: Use put_page instead of free_page
    - bpf: sockmap, fix leaking maps with attached but not detached progs
    - RDS: IB: Fix null pointer issue
    - arm64: spinlock: Fix theoretical trylock() A-B-A with LSE atomics
    - proc: fix /proc/*/map_files lookup
    - PM / domains: Fix up domain-idle-states OF parsing
    - cifs: silence compiler warnings showing up with gcc-8.0.0
    - bcache: properly set task state in bch_writeback_thread()
    - bcache: fix for allocator and register thread race
    - bcache: fix for data collapse after re-attaching an attached device
    - bcache: return attach error when no cache set exist
    - cpufreq: intel_pstate: Enable HWP during system resume on CPU0
    - selftests/ftrace: Add some missing glob checks
    - rxrpc: Don't put crypto buffers on the stack
    - svcrdma: Fix Read chunk round-up
    - net: Extra '_get' in declaration of arch_get_platform_mac_address
    - tools/libbpf: handle issues with bpf ELF objects containing .eh_frames
    - SUNRPC: Don't call __UDPX_INC_STATS() from a preemptible context
    - net: stmmac: discard disabled flags in interrupt status register
    - bpf: fix rlimit in reuseport net selftest
    - ACPI / EC: Restore polling during noirq suspend/resume phases
    - PM / wakeirq: Fix unbalanced IRQ enable for wakeirq
    - vfs/proc/kcore, x86/mm/kcore: Fix SMAP fault when dumping vsyscall user page
    - powerpc/mm/hash64: Zero PGD pages on allocation
    - x86/platform/UV: Fix GAM Range Table entries less than 1GB
    - locking/qspinlock: Ensure node->count is updated before initialising node
    - powerpc/powernv: IMC fix out of bounds memory access at shutdown
    - perf test: Fix test for s390x
    - irqchip/gic-v3: Ignore disabled ITS nodes
    - cpumask: Make for_each_cpu_wrap() available on UP as well
    - irqchip/gic-v3: Change pr_debug message to pr_devel
    - RDMA/core: Reduce poll batch for direct cq polling
    - alarmtimer: Init nanosleep alarm timer on stack
    - netfilter: x_tables: cap allocations at 512 mbyte
    - netfilter: x_tables: add counters allocation wrapper
    - netfilter: compat: prepare xt_compat_init_offsets to return errors
    - netfilter: compat: reject huge allocation requests
    - netfilter: x_tables: limit allocation requests for blob rule heads
    - perf: Fix sample_max_stack maximum check
    - perf: Return proper values for user stack errors
    - RDMA/mlx5: Fix NULL dereference while accessing XRC_TGT QPs
    - Revert "KVM: X86: Fix SMRAM accessing even if VM is shutdown"
    - mac80211_hwsim: fix use-after-free bug in hwsim_exit_net
    - btrfs: Fix race condition between delayed refs and blockgroup removal
    - mm,vmscan: Allow preallocating memory for register_shrinker().
  * Bionic update: upstream stable patchset 2018-05-24 (LP: #1773233)
    - tty: make n_tty_read() always abort if hangup is in progress
    - cpufreq: CPPC: Use transition_delay_us depending transition_latency
    - ubifs: Check ubifs_wbuf_sync() return code
    - ubi: fastmap: Don't flush fastmap work on detach
    - ubi: Fix error for write access
    - ubi: Reject MLC NAND
    - mm/ksm.c: fix inconsistent accounting of zero pages
    - mm/hmm: hmm_pfns_bad() was accessing wrong struct
    - task_struct: only use anon struct under randstruct plugin
    - fs/reiserfs/journal.c: add missing resierfs_warning() arg
    - resource: fix integer overflow at reallocation
    - ipc/shm: fix use-after-free of shm file via remap_file_pages()
    - mm, slab: reschedule cache_reap() on the same CPU
    - usb: musb: gadget: misplaced out of bounds check
    - phy: allwinner: sun4i-usb: poll vbus changes on A23/A33 when driving VBUS
    - usb: gadget: udc: core: update usb_ep_queue() documentation
    - ARM64: dts: meson: reduce odroid-c2 eMMC maximum rate
    - KVM: arm/arm64: vgic-its: Fix potential overrun in vgic_copy_lpi_list
    - ARM: EXYNOS: Fix coupled CPU idle freeze on Exynos4210
    - arm: dts: mt7623: fix USB initialization fails on bananapi-r2
    - ARM: dts: at91: at91sam9g25: fix mux-mask pinctrl property
    - ARM: dts: exynos: Fix IOMMU support for GScaler devices on Exynos5250
    - ARM: dts: at91: sama5d4: fix pinctrl compatible string
    - spi: atmel: init FIFOs before spi enable
    - spi: Fix scatterlist elements size in spi_map_buf
    - spi: Fix unregistration of controller with fixed SPI bus number
    - media: atomisp_fops.c: disable atomisp_compat_ioctl32
    - media: vivid: check if the cec_adapter is valid
    - media: vsp1: Fix BRx conditional path in WPF
    - x86/xen: Delay get_cpu_cap until stack canary is established
    - regmap: Fix reversed bounds check in regmap_raw_write()
    - ACPI / video: Add quirk to force acpi-video backlight on Samsung 670Z5E
    - ACPI / hotplug / PCI: Check presence of slot itself in get_slot_status()
    - USB: gadget: f_midi: fixing a possible double-free in f_midi
    - USB:fix USB3 devices behind USB3 hubs not resuming at hibernate thaw
    - usb: dwc3: prevent setting PRTCAP to OTG from debugfs
    - usb: dwc3: pci: Properly cleanup resource
    - usb: dwc3: gadget: never call ->complete() from ->ep_queue()
    - cifs: fix memory leak in SMB2_open()
    - fix smb3-encryption breakage when CONFIG_DEBUG_SG=y
    - smb3: Fix root directory when server returns inode number of zero
    - HID: i2c-hid: fix size check and type usage
    - i2c: i801: Save register SMBSLVCMD value only once
    - i2c: i801: Restore configuration at shutdown
    - CIFS: refactor crypto shash/sdesc allocation&free
    - CIFS: add sha512 secmech
    - CIFS: fix sha512 check in cifs_crypto_secmech_release
    - powerpc/64s: Fix dt_cpu_ftrs to have restore_cpu clear unwanted LPCR bits
    - powerpc/64: Call H_REGISTER_PROC_TBL when running as a HPT guest on POWER9
    - powerpc/64: Fix smp_wmb barrier definition use use lwsync consistently
    - powerpc/kprobes: Fix call trace due to incorrect preempt count
    - powerpc/kexec_file: Fix error code when trying to load kdump kernel
    - powerpc/powernv: define a standard delay for OPAL_BUSY type retry loops
    - powerpc/powernv: Fix OPAL NVRAM driver OPAL_BUSY loops
    - HID: Fix hid_report_len usage
    - HID: core: Fix size as type u32
    - soc: mediatek: fix the mistaken pointer accessed when subdomains are added
    - ASoC: ssm2602: Replace reg_default_raw with reg_default
    - ASoC: topology: Fix kcontrol name string handling
    - irqchip/gic: Take lock when updating irq type
    - random: use a tighter cap in credit_entropy_bits_safe()
    - extcon: intel-cht-wc: Set direction and drv flags for V5 boost GPIO
    - block: use 32-bit blk_status_t on Alpha
    - jbd2: if the journal is aborted then don't allow update of the log tail
    - ext4: shutdown should not prevent get_write_access
    - ext4: eliminate sleep from shutdown ioctl
    - ext4: pass -ESHUTDOWN code to jbd2 layer
    - ext4: don't update checksum of new initialized bitmaps
    - ext4: protect i_disksize update by i_data_sem in direct write path
    - ext4: limit xattr size to INT_MAX
    - ext4: always initialize the crc32c checksum driver
    - ext4: don't allow r/w mounts if metadata blocks overlap the superblock
    - ext4: move call to ext4_error() into ext4_xattr_check_block()
    - ext4: add bounds checking to ext4_xattr_find_entry()
    - ext4: add extra checks to ext4_xattr_block_get()
    - dm crypt: limit the number of allocated pages
    - RDMA/ucma: Don't allow setting RDMA_OPTION_IB_PATH without an RDMA device
    - RDMA/mlx5: Protect from NULL pointer derefence
    - RDMA/rxe: Fix an out-of-bounds read
    - ALSA: pcm: Fix UAF at PCM release via PCM timer access
    - IB/srp: Fix srp_abort()
    - IB/srp: Fix completion vector assignment algorithm
    - dmaengine: at_xdmac: fix rare residue corruption
    - cxl: Fix possible deadlock when processing page faults from cxllib
    - tpm: self test failure should not cause suspend to fail
    - libnvdimm, dimm: fix dpa reservation vs uninitialized label area
    - libnvdimm, namespace: use a safe lookup for dimm device name
    - nfit, address-range-scrub: fix scrub in-progress reporting
    - nfit: skip region registration for incomplete control regions
    - ring-buffer: Check if memory is available before allocation
    - um: Compile with modern headers
    - um: Use POSIX ucontext_t instead of struct ucontext
    - iommu/vt-d: Fix a potential memory leak
    - mmc: jz4740: Fix race condition in IRQ mask update
    - mmc: tmio: Fix error handling when issuing CMD23
    - PCI: Mark Broadcom HT1100 and HT2000 Root Port Extended Tags as broken
    - clk: mvebu: armada-38x: add support for missing clocks
    - clk: fix false-positive Wmaybe-uninitialized warning
    - clk: mediatek: fix PWM clock source by adding a fixed-factor clock
    - clk: bcm2835: De-assert/assert PLL reset signal when appropriate
    - pwm: rcar: Fix a condition to prevent mismatch value setting to duty
    - thermal: imx: Fix race condition in imx_thermal_probe()
    - dt-bindings: clock: mediatek: add binding for fixed-factor clock axisel_d4
    - watchdog: f71808e_wdt: Fix WD_EN register read
    - ALSA: pcm: Use ERESTARTSYS instead of EINTR in OSS emulation
    - ALSA: pcm: Avoid potential races between OSS ioctls and read/write
    - ALSA: pcm: Return -EBUSY for OSS ioctls changing busy streams
    - ALSA: pcm: Fix mutex unbalance in OSS emulation ioctls
    - ALSA: pcm: Fix endless loop for XRUN recovery in OSS emulation
    - drm/amdgpu: Add an ATPX quirk for hybrid laptop
    - drm/amdgpu: Fix always_valid bos multiple LRU insertions.
    - drm/amdgpu/sdma: fix mask in emit_pipeline_sync
    - drm/amdgpu: Fix PCIe lane width calculation
    - drm/amdgpu/si: implement get/set pcie_lanes asic callback
    - drm/rockchip: Clear all interrupts before requesting the IRQ
    - drm/radeon: add PX quirk for Asus K73TK
    - drm/radeon: Fix PCIe lane width calculation
    - ALSA: line6: Use correct endpoint type for midi output
    - ALSA: rawmidi: Fix missing input substream checks in compat ioctls
    - ALSA: hda - New VIA controller suppor no-snoop path
    - random: fix crng_ready() test
    - random: use a different mixing algorithm for add_device_randomness()
    - random: crng_reseed() should lock the crng instance that it is modifying
    - random: add new ioctl RNDRESEEDCRNG
    - HID: input: fix battery level reporting on BT mice
    - HID: hidraw: Fix crash on HIDIOCGFEATURE with a destroyed device
    - HID: wacom: bluetooth: send exit report for recent Bluetooth devices
    - MIPS: uaccess: Add micromips clobbers to bzero invocation
    - MIPS: memset.S: EVA & fault support for small_memset
    - MIPS: memset.S: Fix return of __clear_user from Lpartial_fixup
    - MIPS: memset.S: Fix clobber of v1 in last_fixup
    - powerpc/eeh: Fix enabling bridge MMIO windows
    - powerpc/lib: Fix off-by-one in alternate feature patching
    - udf: Fix leak of UTF-16 surrogates into encoded strings
    - fanotify: fix logic of events on child
    - mmc: sdhci-pci: Only do AMD tuning for HS200
    - drm/i915: Correctly handle limited range YCbCr data on VLV/CHV
    - jffs2_kill_sb(): deal with failed allocations
    - hypfs_kill_super(): deal with failed allocations
    - orangefs_kill_sb(): deal with allocation failures
    - rpc_pipefs: fix double-dput()
    - Don't leak MNT_INTERNAL away from internal mounts
    - autofs: mount point create should honour passed in mode
    - mm/filemap.c: fix NULL pointer in page_cache_tree_insert()
    - Revert "media: lirc_zilog: driver only sends LIRCCODE"
    - media: staging: lirc_zilog: incorrect reference counting
    - writeback: safer lock nesting
    - Bluetooth: hci_bcm: Add irq_polarity module option
    - mm: hwpoison: disable memory error handling on 1GB hugepage
    - media: rc: oops in ir_timer_keyup after device unplug
    - acpi, nfit: rework NVDIMM leaf method detection
    - ceph: always update atime/mtime/ctime for new inode
    - ext4: fix offset overflow on 32-bit archs in ext4_iomap_begin()
    - ext4: force revalidation of directory pointer after seekdir(2)
    - RDMA/core: Avoid that ib_drain_qp() triggers an out-of-bounds stack access
    - xprtrdma: Fix latency regression on NUMA NFS/RDMA clients
    - xprtrdma: Fix corner cases when handling device removal
    - IB/srpt: Fix an out-of-bounds stack access in srpt_zerolength_write()
    - drivers/infiniband/core/verbs.c: fix build with gcc-4.4.4
    - drivers/infiniband/ulp/srpt/ib_srpt.c: fix build with gcc-4.4.4
    - mmc: core: Prevent bus reference leak in mmc_blk_init()
    - drm/amd/display: HDMI has no sound after Panel power off/on
    - trace_uprobe: Use %lx to display offset
    - clk: tegra: Mark HCLK, SCLK and EMC as critical
    - pwm: mediatek: Fix up PWM4 and PWM5 malfunction on MT7623
    - pwm: mediatek: Improve precision in rate calculation
    - HID: i2c-hid: Fix resume issue on Raydium touchscreen device
    - s390: add support for IBM z14 Model ZR1
    - drm/i915: Fix hibernation with ACPI S0 target state
    - libnvdimm, dimm: handle EACCES failures from label reads
    - device-dax: allow MAP_SYNC to succeed
    - HID: i2c-hid: fix inverted return value from i2c_hid_command()
  * CVE-2018-7755
    - SAUCE: floppy: Do not copy a kernel pointer to user memory in FDGETPRM ioctl

 -- Chia-Lin Kao (AceLan) <email address hidden>  Thu, 21 Jun 2018 10:04:50 +0800

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Uploaded by:
AceLan Kao on 2018-06-21
Uploaded to:
Original maintainer:
Ubuntu Kernel Team
all amd64
Medium Urgency

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Bionic: [FULLYBUILT] amd64


File Size SHA-256 Checksum
linux-oem_4.15.0.orig.tar.gz 150.4 MiB c33b8ba5c45a40b689979caa2421c4d933864cd70eb93c00eb69adf43e9a24fc
linux-oem_4.15.0-1009.12.diff.gz 7.9 MiB a6fe41a1df588a80dcfda7b0c9cd000f4e1ef76649ce01d255050b3f595074e9
linux-oem_4.15.0-1009.12.dsc 3.2 KiB eb591cca1c4fb6bf84854e78ec808002efc32a3daf9f7ba5d0fb87db2899883c

Available diffs

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Binary packages built by this source

block-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: Block storage devices

 This package contains the block storage devices, including DAC960 and

crypto-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: No summary available for crypto-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di in ubuntu cosmic.

No description available for crypto-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di in ubuntu cosmic.

fat-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: FAT filesystem support

 This includes Windows FAT and VFAT support.

fb-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: No summary available for fb-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di in ubuntu cosmic.

No description available for fb-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di in ubuntu cosmic.

firewire-core-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: No summary available for firewire-core-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di in ubuntu cosmic.

No description available for firewire-core-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di in ubuntu cosmic.

floppy-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: Floppy driver support
fs-core-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: No summary available for fs-core-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di in ubuntu cosmic.

No description available for fs-core-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di in ubuntu cosmic.

fs-secondary-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: Extra filesystem modules

 This includes support for Windows NTFS and MacOS HFS/HFSPlus

input-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: No summary available for input-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di in ubuntu cosmic.

No description available for input-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di in ubuntu cosmic.

ipmi-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: ipmi modules
irda-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: Support for Infrared protocols
kernel-image-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: kernel image and system map
linux-headers-4.15.0-1009-oem: No summary available for linux-headers-4.15.0-1009-oem in ubuntu cosmic.

No description available for linux-headers-4.15.0-1009-oem in ubuntu cosmic.

linux-image-unsigned-4.15.0-1009-oem: No summary available for linux-image-unsigned-4.15.0-1009-oem in ubuntu cosmic.

No description available for linux-image-unsigned-4.15.0-1009-oem in ubuntu cosmic.

linux-image-unsigned-4.15.0-1009-oem-dbgsym: No summary available for linux-image-unsigned-4.15.0-1009-oem-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.

No description available for linux-image-unsigned-4.15.0-1009-oem-dbgsym in ubuntu cosmic.

linux-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem: Linux kernel extra modules for version 4.15.0 on 64 bit x86 SMP

 Contains the corresponding file, the modules built by the packager, and scripts that try to ensure that the system is not left in an
 unbootable state after an update.
 Supports OEM processors.
 Geared toward desktop systems.
 You likely do not want to install this package directly. Instead, install
 the linux-oem meta-package, which will ensure that upgrades work
 correctly, and that supporting packages are also installed.

linux-oem-headers-4.15.0-1009: No summary available for linux-oem-headers-4.15.0-1009 in ubuntu cosmic.

No description available for linux-oem-headers-4.15.0-1009 in ubuntu cosmic.

linux-oem-tools-4.15.0-1009: Linux kernel version specific tools for version 4.15.0-1009

 This package provides the architecture dependant parts for kernel
 version locked tools (such as perf and x86_energy_perf_policy) for
 version 4.15.0-1009 on
 64 bit x86.
 You probably want to install linux-tools-4.15.0-1009-<flavour>.

linux-oem-tools-4.15.0-1009-dbgsym: debug symbols for linux-oem-tools-4.15.0-1009
linux-tools-4.15.0-1009-oem: Linux kernel version specific tools for version 4.15.0-1009

 This package provides the architecture dependant parts for kernel
 version locked tools (such as perf and x86_energy_perf_policy) for
 version 4.15.0-1009 on
 64 bit x86.

linux-udebs-oem: Metapackage depending on kernel udebs

 This package depends on the all udebs that the kernel build generated,
 for easier version and migration tracking.

md-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: Multi-device support (raid, device-mapper, lvm)
message-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: Fusion and i2o storage modules

 This package containes the fusion and i2o storage modules.

mouse-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: Mouse support

 This package contains mouse drivers for the Linux kernel.

multipath-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: DM-Multipath support

  This package contains modules for device-mapper multipath support.

nfs-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: NFS filesystem drivers

 Includes the NFS client driver, and supporting modules.

nic-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: Network interface support
nic-pcmcia-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: PCMCIA network interface support
nic-shared-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: nic shared modules

  This package contains modules which support nic modules

nic-usb-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: USB network interface support
parport-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: Parallel port support
pata-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: PATA support modules
pcmcia-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: PCMCIA Modules
pcmcia-storage-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: PCMCIA storage support
plip-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: PLIP (parallel port) networking support
ppp-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: PPP (serial port) networking support
sata-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: SATA storage support
scsi-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: SCSI storage support
serial-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: Serial port support
storage-core-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: Core storage support

 Includes core SCSI, LibATA, USB-Storage. Also includes related block
 devices for CD, Disk and Tape medium (and IDE Floppy).

usb-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: Core USB support
virtio-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: VirtIO Modules

 Includes modules for VirtIO (virtual machine, generally kvm guests)

vlan-modules-4.15.0-1009-oem-di: vlan modules

 This package contains vlan (8021.Q) modules.