linux-raspi2 4.4.0-1129.138 source package in Ubuntu


linux-raspi2 (4.4.0-1129.138) xenial; urgency=medium

  * xenial/linux-raspi2: 4.4.0-1129.138 -proposed tracker (LP: #1861113)

  [ Ubuntu: 4.4.0-174.204 ]

  * xenial/linux: 4.4.0-174.204 -proposed tracker (LP: #1861122)
  * Xenial update: 4.4.211 upstream stable release (LP: #1860681)
    - hidraw: Return EPOLLOUT from hidraw_poll
    - HID: hidraw: Fix returning EPOLLOUT from hidraw_poll
    - HID: hidraw, uhid: Always report EPOLLOUT
    - cfg80211/mac80211: make ieee80211_send_layer2_update a public function
    - mac80211: Do not send Layer 2 Update frame before authorization
    - media: usb:zr364xx:Fix KASAN:null-ptr-deref Read in zr364xx_vidioc_querycap
    - p54usb: Fix race between disconnect and firmware loading
    - ALSA: line6: Fix write on zero-sized buffer
    - ALSA: line6: Fix memory leak at line6_init_pcm() error path
    - xen: let alloc_xenballooned_pages() fail if not enough memory free
    - wimax: i2400: fix memory leak
    - wimax: i2400: Fix memory leak in i2400m_op_rfkill_sw_toggle
    - ext4: fix use-after-free race with debug_want_extra_isize
    - ext4: add more paranoia checking in ext4_expand_extra_isize handling
    - rtc: mt6397: fix alarm register overwrite
    - iommu: Remove device link to group on failure
    - gpio: Fix error message on out-of-range GPIO in lookup table
    - hsr: reset network header when supervision frame is created
    - cifs: Adjust indentation in smb2_open_file
    - RDMA/srpt: Report the SCSI residual to the initiator
    - scsi: enclosure: Fix stale device oops with hot replug
    - scsi: sd: Clear sdkp->protection_type if disk is reformatted without PI
    - platform/x86: asus-wmi: Fix keyboard brightness cannot be set to 0
    - iio: imu: adis16480: assign bias value only if operation succeeded
    - mei: fix modalias documentation
    - clk: samsung: exynos5420: Preserve CPU clocks configuration during
    - compat_ioctl: handle SIOCOUTQNSD
    - tty: serial: imx: use the sg count from dma_map_sg
    - tty: serial: pch_uart: correct usage of dma_unmap_sg
    - media: exynos4-is: Fix recursive locking in isp_video_release()
    - spi: atmel: fix handling of cs_change set on non-last xfer
    - rtlwifi: Remove unnecessary NULL check in rtl_regd_init
    - rtc: msm6242: Fix reading of 10-hour digit
    - rseq/selftests: Turn off timeout setting
    - hexagon: work around compiler crash
    - ocfs2: call journal flush to mark journal as empty after journal recovery
      when mount
    - ALSA: seq: Fix racy access for queue timer in proc read
    - Fix built-in early-load Intel microcode alignment
    - block: fix an integer overflow in logical block size
    - USB: serial: simple: Add Motorola Solutions TETRA MTP3xxx and MTP85xx
    - USB: serial: opticon: fix control-message timeouts
    - USB: serial: suppress driver bind attributes
    - USB: serial: ch341: handle unbound port at reset_resume
    - USB: serial: io_edgeport: add missing active-port sanity check
    - USB: serial: quatech2: handle unbound ports
    - scsi: mptfusion: Fix double fetch bug in ioctl
    - usb: core: hub: Improved device recognition on remote wakeup
    - x86/efistub: Disable paging at mixed mode entry
    - mm/page-writeback.c: avoid potential division by zero in wb_min_max_ratio()
    - net: stmmac: 16KB buffer must be 16 byte aligned
    - net: stmmac: Enable 16KB buffer size
    - USB: serial: io_edgeport: use irqsave() in USB's complete callback
    - USB: serial: io_edgeport: handle unbound ports on URB completion
    - USB: serial: keyspan: handle unbound ports
    - scsi: fnic: use kernel's '%pM' format option to print MAC
    - scsi: fnic: fix invalid stack access
    - arm64: dts: agilex/stratix10: fix pmu interrupt numbers
    - netfilter: fix a use-after-free in mtype_destroy()
    - batman-adv: Fix DAT candidate selection on little endian systems
    - macvlan: use skb_reset_mac_header() in macvlan_queue_xmit()
    - r8152: add missing endpoint sanity check
    - tcp: fix marked lost packets not being retransmitted
    - net: usb: lan78xx: limit size of local TSO packets
    - xen/blkfront: Adjust indentation in xlvbd_alloc_gendisk
    - cw1200: Fix a signedness bug in cw1200_load_firmware()
    - cfg80211: check for set_wiphy_params
    - scsi: esas2r: unlock on error in esas2r_nvram_read_direct()
    - scsi: qla4xxx: fix double free bug
    - scsi: bnx2i: fix potential use after free
    - scsi: target: core: Fix a pr_debug() argument
    - scsi: core: scsi_trace: Use get_unaligned_be*()
    - perf probe: Fix wrong address verification
    - regulator: ab8500: Remove SYSCLKREQ from enum ab8505_regulator_id
    - Linux 4.4.211
  * Xenial update: 4.4.210 upstream stable release (LP: #1859865)
    - chardev: Avoid potential use-after-free in 'chrdev_open()'
    - usb: chipidea: host: Disable port power only if previously enabled
    - ALSA: usb-audio: Apply the sample rate quirk for Bose Companion 5
    - kernel/trace: Fix do not unregister tracepoints when register
      sched_migrate_task fail
    - tracing: Have stack tracer compile when MCOUNT_INSN_SIZE is not defined
    - HID: Fix slab-out-of-bounds read in hid_field_extract
    - HID: uhid: Fix returning EPOLLOUT from uhid_char_poll
    - HID: hid-input: clear unmapped usages
    - Input: add safety guards to input_set_keycode()
    - drm/dp_mst: correct the shifting in DP_REMOTE_I2C_READ
    - can: gs_usb: gs_usb_probe(): use descriptors of current altsetting
    - can: mscan: mscan_rx_poll(): fix rx path lockup when returning from polling
      to irq mode
    - can: can_dropped_invalid_skb(): ensure an initialized headroom in outgoing
      CAN sk_buffs
    - staging: vt6656: set usb_set_intfdata on driver fail.
    - USB: serial: option: add ZLP support for 0x1bc7/0x9010
    - usb: musb: Disable pullup at init
    - usb: musb: dma: Correct parameter passed to IRQ handler
    - staging: rtl8188eu: Add device code for TP-Link TL-WN727N v5.21
    - tty: link tty and port before configuring it as console
    - tty: always relink the port
    - mwifiex: pcie: Fix memory leak in mwifiex_pcie_alloc_cmdrsp_buf
    - scsi: bfa: release allocated memory in case of error
    - rtl8xxxu: prevent leaking urb
    - USB: Fix: Don't skip endpoint descriptors with maxpacket=0
    - netfilter: arp_tables: init netns pointer in xt_tgchk_param struct
    - netfilter: ipset: avoid null deref when IPSET_ATTR_LINENO is present
    - Linux 4.4.210
  * Xenial update: 4.4.209 upstream stable release (LP: #1859640)
    - PM / devfreq: Don't fail devfreq_dev_release if not in list
    - RDMA/cma: add missed unregister_pernet_subsys in init failure
    - scsi: lpfc: Fix memory leak on lpfc_bsg_write_ebuf_set func
    - scsi: qla2xxx: Don't call qlt_async_event twice
    - scsi: iscsi: qla4xxx: fix double free in probe
    - scsi: libsas: stop discovering if oob mode is disconnected
    - usb: gadget: fix wrong endpoint desc
    - md: raid1: check rdev before reference in raid1_sync_request func
    - s390/cpum_sf: Adjust sampling interval to avoid hitting sample limits
    - s390/cpum_sf: Avoid SBD overflow condition in irq handler
    - xen/balloon: fix ballooned page accounting without hotplug enabled
    - xfs: fix mount failure crash on invalid iclog memory access
    - taskstats: fix data-race
    - ALSA: ice1724: Fix sleep-in-atomic in Infrasonic Quartet support code
    - MIPS: Avoid VDSO ABI breakage due to global register variable
    - locks: print unsigned ino in /proc/locks
    - dmaengine: Fix access to uninitialized dma_slave_caps
    - compat_ioctl: block: handle Persistent Reservations
    - gpiolib: fix up emulated open drain outputs
    - ALSA: cs4236: fix error return comparison of an unsigned integer
    - ftrace: Avoid potential division by zero in function profiler
    - Bluetooth: btusb: fix PM leak in error case of setup
    - Bluetooth: delete a stray unlock
    - tty: serial: msm_serial: Fix lockup for sysrq and oops
    - drm/mst: Fix MST sideband up-reply failure handling
    - powerpc/pseries/hvconsole: Fix stack overread via udbg
    - ath9k_htc: Modify byte order for an error message
    - ath9k_htc: Discard undersized packets
    - net: add annotations on hh->hh_len lockless accesses
    - s390/smp: fix physical to logical CPU map for SMT
    - locking/x86: Remove the unused atomic_inc_short() methd
    - pstore/ram: Write new dumps to start of recycled zones
    - locking/spinlock/debug: Fix various data races
    - netfilter: ctnetlink: netns exit must wait for callbacks
    - ARM: vexpress: Set-up shared OPP table instead of individual for each CPU
    - netfilter: uapi: Avoid undefined left-shift in xt_sctp.h
    - ARM: dts: am437x-gp/epos-evm: fix panel compatible
    - powerpc: Ensure that swiotlb buffer is allocated from low memory
    - bnx2x: Do not handle requests from VFs after parity
    - bnx2x: Fix logic to get total no. of PFs per engine
    - net: usb: lan78xx: Fix error message format specifier
    - rfkill: Fix incorrect check to avoid NULL pointer dereference
    - ASoC: wm8962: fix lambda value
    - regulator: rn5t618: fix module aliases
    - kconfig: don't crash on NULL expressions in expr_eq()
    - parisc: Fix compiler warnings in debug_core.c
    - llc2: Fix return statement of llc_stat_ev_rx_null_dsap_xid_c (and _test_c)
    - net: stmmac: dwmac-sunxi: Allow all RGMII modes
    - net: usb: lan78xx: fix possible skb leak
    - pkt_sched: fq: do not accept silly TCA_FQ_QUANTUM
    - sctp: free cmd->obj.chunk for the unprocessed SCTP_CMD_REPLY
    - tcp: fix "old stuff" D-SACK causing SACK to be treated as D-SACK
    - vlan: vlan_changelink() should propagate errors
    - vlan: fix memory leak in vlan_dev_set_egress_priority
    - vxlan: fix tos value before xmit
    - macvlan: do not assume mac_header is set in macvlan_broadcast()
    - USB: core: fix check for duplicate endpoints
    - USB: serial: option: add Telit ME910G1 0x110a composition
    - Linux 4.4.209
  * overlayfs : broken access to r/w files (LP: #1851243)
    - SAUCE: Revert "ovl: modify ovl_permission() to do checks on two inodes"
  * net selftest psock_fanout fails on xenial s390x due to incorrect queue
    lengths (LP: #1853375)
    - selftests/net: cleanup unused parameter in psock_fanout
    - selftests/net: ignore background traffic in psock_fanout
  * multi-zone raid0 corruption (LP: #1850540)
    - md/raid0: avoid RAID0 data corruption due to layout confusion.
    - md: add feature flag MD_FEATURE_RAID0_LAYOUT
    - md/raid0: fix warning message for parameter default_layout
    - md/raid0: Fix an error message in raid0_make_request()
    - SAUCE: md/raid0: Link to wiki with guidance on multi-zone RAID0 layout
    - SAUCE: md/raid0: Use kernel specific layout
  * CVE-2019-20096
    - dccp: Fix memleak in __feat_register_sp

  [ Ubuntu: 4.4.0-173.203 ]

  * xenial/linux: 4.4.0-173.203 -proposed tracker (LP: #1859718)
  * CVE-2019-14615
    - drm/i915/gen9: Clear residual context state on context switch

 -- Kelsey Skunberg <email address hidden>  Wed, 29 Jan 2020 12:02:08 -0700

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Uploaded by:
Kelsey Margarete Skunberg on 2020-01-31
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Khaled El Mously
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Ubuntu Kernel Team
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Binary packages built by this source

linux-buildinfo-4.4.0-1129-raspi2: Linux kernel buildinfo for version 4.4.0 on ARM (hard float) SMP

 This package contains the Linux kernel buildinfo for version 4.4.0 on
 ARM (hard float) SMP.
 You likely do not want to install this package.

linux-headers-4.4.0-1129-raspi2: Linux kernel headers for version 4.4.0 on ARM (hard float) SMP

 This package provides kernel header files for version 4.4.0 on
 ARM (hard float) SMP.
 This is for sites that want the latest kernel headers. Please read
 /usr/share/doc/linux-headers-4.4.0-1129/debian.README.gz for details.

linux-image-4.4.0-1129-raspi2: Linux kernel image for version 4.4.0 on ARM (hard float) SMP

 This package contains the Linux kernel image for version 4.4.0 on
 ARM (hard float) SMP.
 Supports Generic processors.
 Geared toward desktop and server systems.
 You likely do not want to install this package directly. Instead, install
 the linux-raspi2 meta-package, which will ensure that upgrades work
 correctly, and that supporting packages are also installed.

linux-image-4.4.0-1129-raspi2-dbgsym: Linux kernel debug image for version 4.4.0 on ARM (hard float) SMP

 This package provides the kernel debug image for version 4.4.0 on
 ARM (hard float) SMP.
 This is for sites that wish to debug the kernel.
 The kernel image contained in this package is NOT meant to boot from. It
 is uncompressed, and unstripped. This package also includes the
 unstripped modules.

linux-modules-4.4.0-1129-raspi2: Linux kernel extra modules for version 4.4.0 on ARM (hard float) SMP

 Contains the corresponding file, the modules built by the
 packager, and scripts that try to ensure that the system is not left in an
 unbootable state after an update.
 Supports Generic processors.
 Geared toward desktop and server systems.
 You likely do not want to install this package directly. Instead, install
 the linux-raspi2 meta-package, which will ensure that upgrades work
 correctly, and that supporting packages are also installed.

linux-raspi2-headers-4.4.0-1129: Header files related to Linux kernel version 4.4.0

 This package provides kernel header files for version 4.4.0, for sites
 that want the latest kernel headers. Please read
 /usr/share/doc/linux-raspi2-headers-4.4.0-1129/debian.README.gz for details

linux-raspi2-tools-4.4.0-1129: Linux kernel version specific tools for version 4.4.0-1129

 This package provides the architecture dependant parts for kernel
 version locked tools (such as perf and x86_energy_perf_policy) for
 version 4.4.0-1129 on
 ARM (hard float).
 You probabaly want to install the linux-tools-<flavour> meta package.

linux-tools-4.4.0-1129-raspi2: Linux kernel version specific tools for version 4.4.0-1129

 This package provides the architecture dependant parts for kernel
 version locked tools (such as perf and x86_energy_perf_policy) for
 version 4.4.0-1129 on
 ARM (hard float).