linux-riscv 5.8.0-18.20 source package in Ubuntu


linux-riscv (5.8.0-18.20) groovy; urgency=medium

  * groovy/linux-riscv: 5.8.0-18.20 -proposed tracker (LP: #1916141)

  * Please trust Canonical Livepatch Service kmod signing key (LP: #1898716)
    - riscv: [Config] enable CONFIG_MODVERSIONS=y
    - riscv: [Packaging] build canonical-certs.pem from branch/arch certs
    - riscv: [Config] Allow ASM_MODVERSIONS

  [ Ubuntu: 5.8.0-45.51 ]

  * groovy/linux: 5.8.0-45.51 -proposed tracker (LP: #1916143)
  * Please trust Canonical Livepatch Service kmod signing key (LP: #1898716)
    - [Config] enable CONFIG_MODVERSIONS=y
    - [Packaging] build canonical-certs.pem from branch/arch certs
    - [Config] add Canonical Livepatch Service key to SYSTEM_TRUSTED_KEYS
    - [Config] add ubuntu-drivers key to SYSTEM_TRUSTED_KEYS
  * CVE-2021-20194
    - bpf, cgroup: Fix optlen WARN_ON_ONCE toctou
    - bpf, cgroup: Fix problematic bounds check
  * Missing device id for Intel TGL-H ISH [8086:43fc] in intel-ish-hid driver
    (LP: #1914543)
    - HID: intel-ish-hid: ipc: Add Tiger Lake H PCI device ID
  * Prevent thermal shutdown during boot process (LP: #1906168)
    - thermal/core: Emit a warning if the thermal zone is updated without ops
    - thermal/core: Add critical and hot ops
    - thermal/drivers/acpi: Use hot and critical ops
    - thermal/drivers/rcar: Remove notification usage
    - thermal: int340x: Fix unexpected shutdown at critical temperature
    - thermal: intel: pch: Fix unexpected shutdown at critical temperature
  * geneve overlay network on vlan interface broken with offload enabled
    (LP: #1914447)
    - net/mlx5e: Fix SWP offsets when vlan inserted by driver
  * Groovy update: upstream stable patchset 2021-02-11 (LP: #1915473)
    - net: cdc_ncm: correct overhead in delayed_ndp_size
    - net: hns3: fix the number of queues actually used by ARQ
    - net: hns3: fix a phy loopback fail issue
    - net: stmmac: dwmac-sun8i: Balance internal PHY resource references
    - net: stmmac: dwmac-sun8i: Balance internal PHY power
    - net: vlan: avoid leaks on register_vlan_dev() failures
    - net/sonic: Fix some resource leaks in error handling paths
    - net: ipv6: fib: flush exceptions when purging route
    - tools: selftests: add test for changing routes with PTMU exceptions
    - net: fix pmtu check in nopmtudisc mode
    - net: ip: always refragment ip defragmented packets
    - octeontx2-af: fix memory leak of lmac and lmac->name
    - nexthop: Fix off-by-one error in error path
    - nexthop: Unlink nexthop group entry in error path
    - s390/qeth: fix L2 header access in qeth_l3_osa_features_check()
    - net: dsa: lantiq_gswip: Exclude RMII from modes that report 1 GbE
    - net/mlx5: Use port_num 1 instead of 0 when delete a RoCE address
    - net/mlx5e: ethtool, Fix restriction of autoneg with 56G
    - chtls: Fix hardware tid leak
    - chtls: Remove invalid set_tcb call
    - chtls: Fix panic when route to peer not configured
    - chtls: Replace skb_dequeue with skb_peek
    - chtls: Added a check to avoid NULL pointer dereference
    - chtls: Fix chtls resources release sequence
    - HID: wacom: Fix memory leakage caused by kfifo_alloc
    - ARM: OMAP2+: omap_device: fix idling of devices during probe
    - i2c: sprd: use a specific timeout to avoid system hang up issue
    - dmaengine: dw-edma: Fix use after free in dw_edma_alloc_chunk()
    - can: tcan4x5x: fix bittiming const, use common bittiming from m_can driver
    - can: m_can: m_can_class_unregister(): remove erroneous m_can_clk_stop()
    - can: kvaser_pciefd: select CONFIG_CRC32
    - cpufreq: powernow-k8: pass policy rather than use cpufreq_cpu_get()
    - spi: stm32: FIFO threshold level - fix align packet size
    - i2c: i801: Fix the i2c-mux gpiod_lookup_table not being properly terminated
    - dmaengine: mediatek: mtk-hsdma: Fix a resource leak in the error handling
      path of the probe function
    - dmaengine: xilinx_dma: check dma_async_device_register return value
    - dmaengine: xilinx_dma: fix incompatible param warning in _child_probe()
    - dmaengine: xilinx_dma: fix mixed_enum_type coverity warning
    - qed: select CONFIG_CRC32
    - wil6210: select CONFIG_CRC32
    - block: rsxx: select CONFIG_CRC32
    - lightnvm: select CONFIG_CRC32
    - iommu/intel: Fix memleak in intel_irq_remapping_alloc
    - bpftool: Fix compilation failure for net.o with older glibc
    - net/mlx5e: Fix memleak in mlx5e_create_l2_table_groups
    - net/mlx5e: Fix two double free cases
    - regmap: debugfs: Fix a memory leak when calling regmap_attach_dev
    - wan: ds26522: select CONFIG_BITREVERSE
    - regulator: qcom-rpmh-regulator: correct hfsmps515 definition
    - net: mvpp2: disable force link UP during port init procedure
    - KVM: arm64: Don't access PMCR_EL0 when no PMU is available
    - block: fix use-after-free in disk_part_iter_next
    - net: drop bogus skb with CHECKSUM_PARTIAL and offset beyond end of trimmed
    - regmap: debugfs: Fix a reversed if statement in regmap_debugfs_init()
    - drm/panfrost: Don't corrupt the queue mutex on open/close
    - scsi: ufs: Fix -Wsometimes-uninitialized warning
    - btrfs: skip unnecessary searches for xattrs when logging an inode
    - net: stmmac: dwmac-sun8i: Fix probe error handling
    - net: stmmac: dwmac-sun8i: Balance syscon (de)initialization
    - net: bareudp: add missing error handling for bareudp_link_config()
    - ptp: ptp_ines: prevent build when HAS_IOMEM is not set
    - chtls: Avoid unnecessary freeing of oreq pointer
    - nexthop: Bounce NHA_GATEWAY in FDB nexthop groups
    - net/mlx5e: In skb build skip setting mark in switchdev mode
    - ionic: start queues before announcing link up
    - fanotify: Fix sys_fanotify_mark() on native x86-32
    - spi: spi-geni-qcom: Fix geni_spi_isr() NULL dereference in timeout case
    - i2c: mediatek: Fix apdma and i2c hand-shake timeout
    - interconnect: imx: Add a missing of_node_put after of_device_is_available
    - dmaengine: milbeaut-xdmac: Fix a resource leak in the error handling path of
      the probe function
    - phy: dp83640: select CONFIG_CRC32
    - zonefs: select CONFIG_CRC32
    - iommu/vt-d: Fix misuse of ALIGN in qi_flush_piotlb()
    - nvme-tcp: Fix possible race of io_work and direct send
    - arm64: cpufeature: remove non-exist CONFIG_KVM_ARM_HOST
    - drm/i915/dp: Track pm_qos per connector
    - net: mvneta: fix error message when MTU too large for XDP
    - selftests: fib_nexthops: Fix wrong mausezahn invocation
    - block/rnbd-clt: avoid module unload race with close confirmation
    - drm/panfrost: Remove unused variables in panfrost_job_close()
    - tools headers UAPI: Sync linux/fscrypt.h with the kernel sources
  * Fix the video can't output through WD19TB connected  on TGL's Type-C port
    during cold-boot (LP: #1913372)
    - drm/dp/mst: Export drm_dp_get_vc_payload_bw()
    - drm/i915: Fix the MST PBN divider calculation
  *  Fix regression introduced by codec PM change (LP: #1912676)
    - ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda: Resume codec to do jack detection
    - ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda: Modify existing helper to disable WAKEEN
    - ASoC: SOF: Intel: hda: Avoid checking jack on system suspend
    - ALSA: hda: Balance runtime/system PM if direct-complete is disabled
  * Restore palm ejection on multi-input devices (LP: #1913520)
    - HID: multitouch: Apply MT_QUIRK_CONFIDENCE quirk for multi-input devices
  * intel-hid is not loaded on new Intel platform (LP: #1907160)
    - platform/x86: intel-hid: add Rocket Lake ACPI device ID
  * Remove scary stack trace from Realtek WiFi driver (LP: #1913263)
    - rtw88: reduce the log level for failure of tx report
  * Groovy update: upstream stable patchset 2021-02-05 (LP: #1914832)
    - i40e: Fix Error I40E_AQ_RC_EINVAL when removing VFs
    - iavf: fix double-release of rtnl_lock
    - net/sched: sch_taprio: ensure to reset/destroy all child qdiscs
    - net: mvpp2: Add TCAM entry to drop flow control pause frames
    - net: mvpp2: prs: fix PPPoE with ipv6 packet parse
    - net: systemport: set dev->max_mtu to UMAC_MAX_MTU_SIZE
    - ethernet: ucc_geth: fix use-after-free in ucc_geth_remove()
    - ethernet: ucc_geth: set dev->max_mtu to 1518
    - ionic: account for vlan tag len in rx buffer len
    - atm: idt77252: call pci_disable_device() on error path
    - net: mvpp2: Fix GoP port 3 Networking Complex Control configurations
    - ibmvnic: fix login buffer memory leak
    - ibmvnic: continue fatal error reset after passive init
    - net: ethernet: mvneta: Fix error handling in mvneta_probe
    - virtio_net: Fix recursive call to cpus_read_lock()
    - net/ncsi: Use real net-device for response handler
    - net: ethernet: Fix memleak in ethoc_probe
    - net-sysfs: take the rtnl lock when storing xps_cpus
    - net-sysfs: take the rtnl lock when accessing xps_cpus_map and num_tc
    - net-sysfs: take the rtnl lock when storing xps_rxqs
    - net-sysfs: take the rtnl lock when accessing xps_rxqs_map and num_tc
    - net: ethernet: ti: cpts: fix ethtool output when no ptp_clock registered
    - tun: fix return value when the number of iovs exceeds MAX_SKB_FRAGS
    - bnxt_en: Check TQM rings for maximum supported value.
    - net: mvpp2: fix pkt coalescing int-threshold configuration
    - bnxt_en: Fix AER recovery.
    - ipv4: Ignore ECN bits for fib lookups in fib_compute_spec_dst()
    - net: sched: prevent invalid Scell_log shift count
    - net: hns: fix return value check in __lb_other_process()
    - erspan: fix version 1 check in gre_parse_header()
    - net: hdlc_ppp: Fix issues when mod_timer is called while timer is running
    - bareudp: set NETIF_F_LLTX flag
    - bareudp: Fix use of incorrect min_headroom size
    - vhost_net: fix ubuf refcount incorrectly when sendmsg fails
    - r8169: work around power-saving bug on some chip versions
    - net: dsa: lantiq_gswip: Enable GSWIP_MII_CFG_EN also for internal PHYs
    - net: dsa: lantiq_gswip: Fix GSWIP_MII_CFG(p) register access
    - CDC-NCM: remove "connected" log message
    - ibmvnic: fix: NULL pointer dereference.
    - net: usb: qmi_wwan: add Quectel EM160R-GL
    - stmmac: intel: Add PCI IDs for TGL-H platform
    - workqueue: Kick a worker based on the actual activation of delayed works
    - scsi: ufs: Fix wrong print message in dev_err()
    - scsi: ufs-pci: Fix restore from S4 for Intel controllers
    - scsi: ufs-pci: Ensure UFS device is in PowerDown mode for suspend-to-disk
    - scsi: ufs-pci: Fix recovery from hibernate exit errors for Intel controllers
    - blk-mq: remove the BLK_MQ_REQ_INTERNAL flag
    - scsi: block: Introduce BLK_MQ_REQ_PM
    - scsi: ide: Do not set the RQF_PREEMPT flag for sense requests
    - scsi: ide: Mark power management requests with RQF_PM instead of RQF_PREEMPT
    - scsi: scsi_transport_spi: Set RQF_PM for domain validation commands
    - scsi: core: Only process PM requests if rpm_status != RPM_ACTIVE
    - local64.h: make <asm/local64.h> mandatory
    - lib/genalloc: fix the overflow when size is too big
    - depmod: handle the case of /sbin/depmod without /sbin in PATH
    - scsi: ufs: Clear UAC for FFU and RPMB LUNs
    - kbuild: don't hardcode depmod path
    - Bluetooth: revert: hci_h5: close serdev device and free hu in h5_close
    - scsi: block: Remove RQF_PREEMPT and BLK_MQ_REQ_PREEMPT
    - scsi: block: Do not accept any requests while suspended
    - crypto: ecdh - avoid buffer overflow in ecdh_set_secret()
    - crypto: asym_tpm: correct zero out potential secrets
    - powerpc: Handle .text.{hot,unlikely}.* in linker script
    - Staging: comedi: Return -EFAULT if copy_to_user() fails
    - staging: mt7621-dma: Fix a resource leak in an error handling path
    - usb: gadget: enable super speed plus
    - USB: cdc-acm: blacklist another IR Droid device
    - USB: cdc-wdm: Fix use after free in service_outstanding_interrupt().
    - usb: dwc3: meson-g12a: disable clk on error handling path in probe
    - usb: dwc3: gadget: Clear wait flag on dequeue
    - usb: dwc3: ulpi: Use VStsDone to detect PHY regs access completion
    - usb: dwc3: ulpi: Replace CPU-based busyloop with Protocol-based one
    - usb: dwc3: ulpi: Fix USB2.0 HS/FS/LS PHY suspend regression
    - usb: chipidea: ci_hdrc_imx: add missing put_device() call in
    - USB: xhci: fix U1/U2 handling for hardware with XHCI_INTEL_HOST quirk set
    - usb: usbip: vhci_hcd: protect shift size
    - usb: uas: Add PNY USB Portable SSD to unusual_uas
    - USB: serial: iuu_phoenix: fix DMA from stack
    - USB: serial: option: add LongSung M5710 module support
    - USB: serial: option: add Quectel EM160R-GL
    - USB: yurex: fix control-URB timeout handling
    - USB: usblp: fix DMA to stack
    - ALSA: usb-audio: Fix UBSAN warnings for MIDI jacks
    - usb: gadget: select CONFIG_CRC32
    - USB: Gadget: dummy-hcd: Fix shift-out-of-bounds bug
    - usb: gadget: f_uac2: reset wMaxPacketSize
    - usb: gadget: function: printer: Fix a memory leak for interface descriptor
    - usb: gadget: u_ether: Fix MTU size mismatch with RX packet size
    - USB: gadget: legacy: fix return error code in acm_ms_bind()
    - usb: gadget: Fix spinlock lockup on usb_function_deactivate
    - usb: gadget: configfs: Preserve function ordering after bind failure
    - usb: gadget: configfs: Fix use-after-free issue with udc_name
    - USB: serial: keyspan_pda: remove unused variable
    - hwmon: (amd_energy) fix allocation of hwmon_channel_info config
    - mm: make wait_on_page_writeback() wait for multiple pending writebacks
    - x86/mm: Fix leak of pmd ptlock
    - kvm: check tlbs_dirty directly
    - task_work: cleanup notification modes
    - x86/resctrl: Use an IPI instead of task_work_add() to update PQR_ASSOC MSR
    - x86/resctrl: Don't move a task to the same resource group
    - blk-iocost: fix NULL iocg deref from racing against initialization
    - ALSA: hda/via: Fix runtime PM for Clevo W35xSS
    - ALSA: hda/conexant: add a new hda codec CX11970
    - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix speaker volume control on Lenovo C940
    - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add mute LED quirk for more HP laptops
    - ALSA: hda/realtek: Add two "Intel Reference board" SSID in the ALC256.
    - iommu/vt-d: Move intel_iommu info from struct intel_svm to struct
    - btrfs: send: fix wrong file path when there is an inode with a pending rmdir
    - Revert "device property: Keep secondary firmware node secondary by type"
    - dmabuf: fix use-after-free of dmabuf's file->f_inode
    - arm64: link with -z norelro for LLD or aarch64-elf
    - drm/i915: clear the shadow batch
    - netfilter: x_tables: Update remaining dereference to RCU
    - netfilter: ipset: fix shift-out-of-bounds in htable_bits()
    - netfilter: xt_RATEEST: reject non-null terminated string from userspace
    - netfilter: nft_dynset: report EOPNOTSUPP on missing set feature
    - dmaengine: idxd: off by one in cleanup code
    - x86/mtrr: Correct the range check before performing MTRR type lookups
    - KVM: x86: fix shift out of bounds reported by UBSAN
    - rtlwifi: rise completion at the last step of firmware callback
  * Groovy update: upstream stable patchset 2021-02-03 (LP: #1914472)
    - net/sched: sch_taprio: reset child qdiscs before freeing them
    - mptcp: fix security context on server socket
    - ethtool: fix error paths in ethnl_set_channels()
    - ethtool: fix string set id check
    - md/raid10: initialize r10_bio->read_slot before use.
    - drm/amd/display: Add get_dig_frontend implementation for DCEx
    - io_uring: close a small race gap for files cancel
    - jffs2: Allow setting rp_size to zero during remounting
    - jffs2: Fix NULL pointer dereference in rp_size fs option parsing
    - scsi: block: Fix a race in the runtime power management code
    - mm/hugetlb: fix deadlock in hugetlb_cow error path
    - mm: memmap defer init doesn't work as expected
    - lib/zlib: fix inflating zlib streams on s390
    - uapi: move constants from <linux/kernel.h> to <linux/const.h>
    - tools headers UAPI: Sync linux/const.h with the kernel headers
    - cgroup: Fix memory leak when parsing multiple source parameters
    - zlib: move EXPORT_SYMBOL() and MODULE_LICENSE() out of dfltcc_syms.c
    - scsi: cxgb4i: Fix TLS dependency
    - Bluetooth: hci_h5: close serdev device and free hu in h5_close
    - fbcon: Disable accelerated scrolling
    - reiserfs: add check for an invalid ih_entry_count
    - misc: vmw_vmci: fix kernel info-leak by initializing dbells in
    - media: gp8psk: initialize stats at power control logic
    - f2fs: fix shift-out-of-bounds in sanity_check_raw_super()
    - ALSA: seq: Use bool for snd_seq_queue internal flags
    - ALSA: rawmidi: Access runtime->avail always in spinlock
    - bfs: don't use WARNING: string when it's just info.
    - ext4: check for invalid block size early when mounting a file system
    - fcntl: Fix potential deadlock in send_sig{io, urg}()
    - rtc: sun6i: Fix memleak in sun6i_rtc_clk_init
    - module: set MODULE_STATE_GOING state when a module fails to load
    - quota: Don't overflow quota file offsets
    - rtc: pl031: fix resource leak in pl031_probe
    - powerpc: sysdev: add missing iounmap() on error in mpic_msgr_probe()
    - i3c master: fix missing destroy_workqueue() on error in i3c_master_register
    - NFSv4: Fix a pNFS layout related use-after-free race when freeing the inode
    - f2fs: avoid race condition for shrinker count
    - module: delay kobject uevent until after module init call
    - fs/namespace.c: WARN if mnt_count has become negative
    - watchdog: rti-wdt: fix reference leak in rti_wdt_probe
    - um: random: Register random as hwrng-core device
    - um: ubd: Submit all data segments atomically
    - ceph: fix inode refcount leak when ceph_fill_inode on non-I_NEW inode fails
    - drm/amd/display: updated wm table for Renoir
    - tick/sched: Remove bogus boot "safety" check
    - s390: always clear kernel stack backchain before calling functions
    - io_uring: remove racy overflow list fast checks
    - ALSA: pcm: Clear the full allocated memory at hw_params
    - dm verity: skip verity work if I/O error when system is shutting down
    - rtc: pcf2127: move watchdog initialisation to a separate function
    - rtc: pcf2127: only use watchdog when explicitly available
    - dt-bindings: rtc: add reset-source property
    - kdev_t: always inline major/minor helper functions
    - ALSA: hda/realtek - Modify Dell platform name
    - scsi: ufs: Allow an error return value from ->device_reset()
    - scsi: ufs: Re-enable WriteBooster after device reset
    - RDMA/siw,rxe: Make emulated devices virtual in the device tree
    - fuse: fix bad inode
    - rwsem: Implement down_read_killable_nested
    - rwsem: Implement down_read_interruptible
    - exec: Transform exec_update_mutex into a rw_semaphore
    - mwifiex: Fix possible buffer overflows in mwifiex_cmd_802_11_ad_hoc_start

 -- Kelsey Skunberg <email address hidden>  Tue, 23 Feb 2021 22:44:05 -0700

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Kelsey Skunberg on 2021-02-24
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Ubuntu Kernel Team
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Binary packages built by this source

block-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: Block storage devices

 This package contains the block storage devices, including DAC960 and

crypto-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: crypto modules

 This package contains crypto modules.

fat-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: FAT filesystem support

 This includes Windows FAT and VFAT support.

firewire-core-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: Firewire (IEEE-1394) Support
fs-core-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: Base filesystem modules

 This includes jfs, reiserfs and xfs.

fs-secondary-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: Extra filesystem modules

 This includes support for Windows NTFS and MacOS HFS/HFSPlus

input-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: Support for various input methods
ipmi-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: ipmi modules
kernel-image-5.8.0-18-generic-di: kernel image and system map
linux-buildinfo-5.8.0-18-generic: Linux kernel buildinfo for version 5.8.0 on RISC-V SMP

 This package contains the Linux kernel buildinfo for version 5.8.0 on
 You likely do not want to install this package.

linux-headers-5.8.0-18-generic: Linux kernel headers for version 5.8.0 on RISC-V SMP

 This package provides kernel header files for version 5.8.0 on
 This is for sites that want the latest kernel headers. Please read
 /usr/share/doc/linux-headers-5.8.0-18/debian.README.gz for details.

linux-image-5.8.0-18-generic: Linux kernel image for version 5.8.0 on RISC-V SMP

 This package contains the Linux kernel image for version 5.8.0 on
 Supports Generic processors.
 Geared toward desktop and server systems.
 You likely do not want to install this package directly. Instead, install
 the linux-generic meta-package, which will ensure that upgrades work
 correctly, and that supporting packages are also installed.

linux-image-5.8.0-18-generic-dbgsym: Linux kernel debug image for version 5.8.0 on RISC-V SMP

 This package provides the kernel debug image for version 5.8.0 on
 This is for sites that wish to debug the kernel.
 The kernel image contained in this package is NOT meant to boot from. It
 is uncompressed, and unstripped. This package also includes the
 unstripped modules.

linux-modules-5.8.0-18-generic: Linux kernel extra modules for version 5.8.0 on RISC-V SMP

 Contains the corresponding file, the modules built by the
 packager, and scripts that try to ensure that the system is not left in an
 unbootable state after an update.
 Supports Generic processors.
 Geared toward desktop and server systems.
 You likely do not want to install this package directly. Instead, install
 the linux-generic meta-package, which will ensure that upgrades work
 correctly, and that supporting packages are also installed.

linux-modules-extra-5.8.0-18-generic: Linux kernel extra modules for version 5.8.0 on RISC-V SMP

 This package contains the Linux kernel extra modules for version 5.8.0 on
 Also includes the corresponding file, the modules built by the
 packager, and scripts that try to ensure that the system is not left in an
 unbootable state after an update.
 Supports Generic processors.
 Geared toward desktop and server systems.
 You likely do not want to install this package directly. Instead, install
 the linux-generic meta-package, which will ensure that upgrades work
 correctly, and that supporting packages are also installed.

linux-riscv-headers-5.8.0-18: Header files related to Linux kernel version 5.8.0

 This package provides kernel header files for version 5.8.0, for sites
 that want the latest kernel headers. Please read
 /usr/share/doc/linux-riscv-headers-5.8.0-18/debian.README.gz for details

linux-riscv-tools-5.8.0-18: Linux kernel version specific tools for version 5.8.0-18

 This package provides the architecture dependant parts for kernel
 version locked tools (such as perf and x86_energy_perf_policy) for
 version 5.8.0-18 on
 You probably want to install linux-tools-5.8.0-18-<flavour>.

linux-tools-5.8.0-18-generic: Linux kernel version specific tools for version 5.8.0-18

 This package provides the architecture dependant parts for kernel
 version locked tools (such as perf and x86_energy_perf_policy) for
 version 5.8.0-18 on

linux-udebs-generic: Metapackage depending on kernel udebs

 This package depends on the all udebs that the kernel build generated,
 for easier version and migration tracking.

md-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: Multi-device support (raid, device-mapper, lvm)
message-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: Fusion and i2o storage modules

 This package containes the fusion and i2o storage modules.

mouse-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: Mouse support

 This package contains mouse drivers for the Linux kernel.

multipath-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: DM-Multipath support

  This package contains modules for device-mapper multipath support.

nfs-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: NFS filesystem drivers

 Includes the NFS client driver, and supporting modules.

nic-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: Network interface support
nic-shared-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: nic shared modules

  This package contains modules which support nic modules

nic-usb-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: USB network interface support
parport-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: Parallel port support
pata-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: PATA support modules
plip-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: PLIP (parallel port) networking support
ppp-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: PPP (serial port) networking support
sata-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: SATA storage support
scsi-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: SCSI storage support
storage-core-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: Core storage support

 Includes core SCSI, LibATA, USB-Storage. Also includes related block
 devices for CD, Disk and Tape medium (and IDE Floppy).

usb-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: Core USB support
virtio-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: VirtIO Modules

 Includes modules for VirtIO (virtual machine, generally kvm guests)

vlan-modules-5.8.0-18-generic-di: vlan modules

 This package contains vlan (8021.Q) modules.