linux-snapdragon 4.4.0-1081.86 source package in Ubuntu


linux-snapdragon (4.4.0-1081.86) xenial; urgency=low

  * linux-snapdragon: 4.4.0-1081.86 -proposed tracker (LP: #1736186)

  [ Ubuntu: 4.4.0-103.126 ]

  * linux: 4.4.0-103.126 -proposed tracker (LP: #1736181)
  * CVE-2017-1000405
    - mm, thp: Do not make page table dirty unconditionally in touch_p[mu]d()
  * CVE-2017-16939
    - netlink: add a start callback for starting a netlink dump
    - ipsec: Fix aborted xfrm policy dump crash

linux-snapdragon (4.4.0-1080.85) xenial; urgency=low

  * linux-snapdragon: 4.4.0-1080.85 -proposed tracker (LP: #1733544)

  * Update config with NET_DSA=n as required by changes in
    upstream stable update to 4.4.98 (LP: #1732698)

  [ Ubuntu: 4.4.0-102.125 ]

  * linux: 4.4.0-102.125 -proposed tracker (LP: #1733541)
  * tar -x sometimes fails on overlayfs (LP: #1728489)
    - ovl: check if all layers are on the same fs
    - ovl: persistent inode number for directories
  * NVMe timeout is too short (LP: #1729119)
    - nvme: update timeout module parameter type
  * Set PANIC_TIMEOUT=10 on Power Systems (LP: #1730660)
    - [Config]: Set PANIC_TIMEOUT=10 on ppc64el
  * Cannot pair BLE remote devices when using combo BT SoC (LP: #1731467)
    - Bluetooth: increase timeout for le auto connections
  * CIFS errors on 4.4.0-98, but not on 4.4.0-97 with same config (LP: #1729337)
    - SMB3: Validate negotiate request must always be signed
  * Plantronics P610 does not support sample rate reading (LP: #1719853)
    - ALSA: usb-audio: Add sample rate quirk for Plantronics P610
  * Invalid btree pointer causes the kernel NULL pointer dereference
    (LP: #1729256)
    - xfs: reinit btree pointer on attr tree inactivation walk
  * Samba mount/umount in docker container triggers kernel Oops (LP: #1729637)
    - ipv6: only call ip6_route_dev_notify() once for NETDEV_UNREGISTER
    - ipv6: fix NULL dereference in ip6_route_dev_notify()
  * [kernel] tty/hvc: Use opal irqchip interface if available (LP: #1728098)
    - tty/hvc: Use opal irqchip interface if available
  * Device hotplugging with MPT SAS cannot work for VMWare ESXi (LP: #1730852)
    - scsi: mptsas: Fixup device hotplug for VMWare ESXi
  * NMI watchdog: BUG: soft lockup on Guest upon boot (KVM) (LP: #1727331)
    - KVM: PPC: Book3S: Treat VTB as a per-subcore register, not per-thread
  * Attempt to map rbd image from ceph jewel/luminous hangs (LP: #1728739)
    - crush: ensure bucket id is valid before indexing buckets array
    - crush: ensure take bucket value is valid
    - crush: add chooseleaf_stable tunable
    - crush: decode and initialize chooseleaf_stable
    - libceph: advertise support for TUNABLES5
    - libceph: MOSDOpReply v7 encoding
  * Xenial update to 4.4.98 stable release (LP: #1732698)
    - adv7604: Initialize drive strength to default when using DT
    - video: fbdev: pmag-ba-fb: Remove bad `__init' annotation
    - PCI: mvebu: Handle changes to the bridge windows while enabled
    - xen/netback: set default upper limit of tx/rx queues to 8
    - drm: drm_minor_register(): Clean up debugfs on failure
    - KVM: PPC: Book 3S: XICS: correct the real mode ICP rejecting counter
    - iommu/arm-smmu-v3: Clear prior settings when updating STEs
    - powerpc/corenet: explicitly disable the SDHC controller on kmcoge4
    - ARM: omap2plus_defconfig: Fix probe errors on UARTs 5 and 6
    - crypto: vmx - disable preemption to enable vsx in aes_ctr.c
    - iio: trigger: free trigger resource correctly
    - phy: increase size of MII_BUS_ID_SIZE and bus_id
    - serial: sh-sci: Fix register offsets for the IRDA serial port
    - usb: hcd: initialize hcd->flags to 0 when rm hcd
    - netfilter: nft_meta: deal with PACKET_LOOPBACK in netdev family
    - IPsec: do not ignore crypto err in ah4 input
    - Input: mpr121 - handle multiple bits change of status register
    - Input: mpr121 - set missing event capability
    - IB/ipoib: Change list_del to list_del_init in the tx object
    - s390/qeth: issue STARTLAN as first IPA command
    - (config) Add NET_DSA=n
    - net: dsa: select NET_SWITCHDEV
    - platform/x86: hp-wmi: Fix detection for dock and tablet mode
    - cdc_ncm: Set NTB format again after altsetting switch for Huawei devices
    - KEYS: trusted: sanitize all key material
    - KEYS: trusted: fix writing past end of buffer in trusted_read()
    - platform/x86: hp-wmi: Fix error value for hp_wmi_tablet_state
    - platform/x86: hp-wmi: Do not shadow error values
    - x86/uaccess, sched/preempt: Verify access_ok() context
    - workqueue: Fix NULL pointer dereference
    - crypto: x86/sha1-mb - fix panic due to unaligned access
    - KEYS: fix NULL pointer dereference during ASN.1 parsing [ver #2]
    - ARM: 8720/1: ensure dump_instr() checks addr_limit
    - ALSA: seq: Fix OSS sysex delivery in OSS emulation
    - ALSA: seq: Avoid invalid lockdep class warning
    - MIPS: microMIPS: Fix incorrect mask in insn_table_MM
    - MIPS: Fix CM region target definitions
    - MIPS: SMP: Use a completion event to signal CPU up
    - MIPS: Fix race on setting and getting cpu_online_mask
    - MIPS: SMP: Fix deadlock & online race
    - test: firmware_class: report errors properly on failure
    - selftests: firmware: add empty string and async tests
    - selftests: firmware: send expected errors to /dev/null
    - tools: firmware: check for distro fallback udev cancel rule
    - MIPS: AR7: Defer registration of GPIO
    - MIPS: AR7: Ensure that serial ports are properly set up
    - Input: elan_i2c - add ELAN060C to the ACPI table
    - drm/vmwgfx: Fix Ubuntu 17.10 Wayland black screen issue
    - rbd: use GFP_NOIO for parent stat and data requests
    - can: sun4i: handle overrun in RX FIFO
    - can: c_can: don't indicate triple sampling support for D_CAN
    - x86/oprofile/ppro: Do not use __this_cpu*() in preemptible context
    - PKCS#7: fix unitialized boolean 'want'
    - Linux 4.4.98
  * ELANTECH Touchpad is not detected in 'Lenovo Ideapad 320 14AST' after fresh
    install (LP: #1727544)
    - Input: elan_i2c - add ELAN060C to the ACPI table
  * Xenial update to 4.4.97 stable release (LP: #1731915)
    - ALSA: timer: Add missing mutex lock for compat ioctls
    - ALSA: seq: Fix nested rwsem annotation for lockdep splat
    - cifs: check MaxPathNameComponentLength != 0 before using it
    - KEYS: return full count in keyring_read() if buffer is too small
    - KEYS: fix out-of-bounds read during ASN.1 parsing
    - ASoC: adau17x1: Workaround for noise bug in ADC
    - arm64: ensure __dump_instr() checks addr_limit
    - ARM: dts: mvebu: pl310-cache disable double-linefill
    - ARM: 8715/1: add a private asm/unaligned.h
    - ocfs2: fstrim: Fix start offset of first cluster group during fstrim
    - perf tools: Fix build failure on perl script context
    - drm/msm: Fix potential buffer overflow issue
    - drm/msm: fix an integer overflow test
    - tracing/samples: Fix creation and deletion of simple_thread_fn creation
    - Fix tracing sample code warning.
    - PM / wakeirq: report a wakeup_event on dedicated wekup irq
    - mmc: s3cmci: include linux/interrupt.h for tasklet_struct
    - ARM: pxa: Don't rely on public mmc header to include leds.h
    - mfd: ab8500-sysctrl: Handle probe deferral
    - mfd: axp20x: Fix axp288 PEK_DBR and PEK_DBF irqs being swapped
    - staging: rtl8712u: Fix endian settings for structs describing network
    - ext4: fix stripe-unaligned allocations
    - ext4: do not use stripe_width if it is not set
    - i2c: riic: correctly finish transfers
    - drm/amdgpu: when dpm disabled, also need to stop/start vce.
    - perf tools: Only increase index if perf_evsel__new_idx() succeeds
    - cx231xx: Fix I2C on Internal Master 3 Bus
    - xen/manage: correct return value check on xenbus_scanf()
    - scsi: aacraid: Process Error for response I/O
    - platform/x86: intel_mid_thermal: Fix module autoload
    - staging: lustre: llite: don't invoke direct_IO for the EOF case
    - staging: lustre: hsm: stack overrun in hai_dump_data_field
    - staging: lustre: ptlrpc: skip lock if export failed
    - exynos4-is: fimc-is: Unmap region obtained by of_iomap()
    - mei: return error on notification request to a disconnected client
    - s390/dasd: check for device error pointer within state change interrupts
    - bt8xx: fix memory leak
    - xen: don't print error message in case of missing Xenstore entry
    - staging: r8712u: Fix Sparse warning in rtl871x_xmit.c
    - Linux 4.4.97
  * Xenial update to 4.4.96 stable release (LP: #1731882)
    - workqueue: replace pool->manager_arb mutex with a flag
    - ALSA: hda/realtek - Add support for ALC236/ALC3204
    - ALSA: hda - fix headset mic problem for Dell machines with alc236
    - ceph: unlock dangling spinlock in try_flush_caps()
    - usb: xhci: Handle error condition in xhci_stop_device()
    - spi: uapi: spidev: add missing ioctl header
    - fuse: fix READDIRPLUS skipping an entry
    - xen/gntdev: avoid out of bounds access in case of partial gntdev_mmap()
    - Input: elan_i2c - add ELAN0611 to the ACPI table
    - Input: gtco - fix potential out-of-bound access
    - assoc_array: Fix a buggy node-splitting case
    - scsi: zfcp: fix erp_action use-before-initialize in REC action trace
    - scsi: sg: Re-fix off by one in sg_fill_request_table()
    - can: sun4i: fix loopback mode
    - can: kvaser_usb: Correct return value in printout
    - can: kvaser_usb: Ignore CMD_FLUSH_QUEUE_REPLY messages
    - regulator: fan53555: fix I2C device ids
    - x86/microcode/intel: Disable late loading on model 79
    - ecryptfs: fix dereference of NULL user_key_payload
    - Revert "drm: bridge: add DT bindings for TI ths8135"
    - Linux 4.4.96
  * Touchpad not detected - Lenovo ideapad 320-15IKB (LP: #1723736)
    - Input: elan_i2c - add ELAN0611 to the ACPI table

  [ Ubuntu: 4.4.0-101.124 ]

  * linux: 4.4.0-101.124 -proposed tracker (LP: #1731264)
  * s390/mm: fix write access check in gup_huge_pmd() (LP: #1730596)
    - s390/mm: fix write access check in gup_huge_pmd()

 -- Stefan Bader <email address hidden>  Mon, 04 Dec 2017 18:48:53 +0100

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linux-headers-4.4.0-1081-snapdragon: Linux kernel headers for version 4.4.0 on ARMv8 SMP

 This package provides kernel header files for version 4.4.0 on
 This is for sites that want the latest kernel headers. Please read
 /usr/share/doc/linux-headers-4.4.0-1081/debian.README.gz for details.

linux-image-4.4.0-1081-snapdragon: No summary available for linux-image-4.4.0-1081-snapdragon in ubuntu zesty.

No description available for linux-image-4.4.0-1081-snapdragon in ubuntu zesty.

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No description available for linux-image-4.4.0-1081-snapdragon-dbgsym in ubuntu zesty.

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No description available for linux-snapdragon-headers-4.4.0-1081 in ubuntu zesty.

linux-snapdragon-tools-4.4.0-1081: Linux kernel version specific tools for version 4.4.0-1081

 This package provides the architecture dependant parts for kernel
 version locked tools (such as perf and x86_energy_perf_policy) for
 version 4.4.0-1081 on
 You probabaly want to install linux-tools-<flavour> meta package.

linux-snapdragon-tools-4.4.0-1081-dbgsym: debug symbols for package linux-snapdragon-tools-4.4.0-1081

 This package provides the architecture dependant parts for kernel
 version locked tools (such as perf and x86_energy_perf_policy) for
 version 4.4.0-1081 on
 You probabaly want to install linux-tools-<flavour> meta package.

linux-tools-4.4.0-1081-snapdragon: Linux kernel version specific tools for version 4.4.0-1081

 This package provides the architecture dependant parts for kernel
 version locked tools (such as perf and x86_energy_perf_policy) for
 version 4.4.0-1081 on