live-build 3.0~a16-1 source package in Ubuntu


live-build (3.0~a16-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Adding workaround for apt not respecting pinning on the fly.
  * Removing kernel-img.conf handling for lenny and older.
  * Making apt calls a bit more consistent over the different scripts.
  * Moving apt pinning workaround to the correct place.
  * Moving installation of tasks behind package and package lists
    installation; the tasks should only 'fill-up' with what has not
    already been provided by packages or package lists.

live-build (3.0~a15-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Adding temporary hack for progress until multistrap can be used for

live-build (3.0~a14-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Cody A.W. Somerville ]
  * Fixing lb_chroot_upstart to use correct path to initctl.

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Adding old 2.x changelog entries in debian changelog.
  * Building standard image flavour with included --tasks standard.
  * Also including the standard task when building the rescue default
  * Marking rpncalc in rescue list as squeeze only.
  * Updating nilfs packagename in rescue list for squeeze and newer.
  * Setting default for debian-installer on debian to false.
  * Disabling security and volatile repositories for unreleased
  * Setting partition flags after creating the filesystem, workaround
    for bug in parted where we result in having the partition type set
    to linux otherways, thanks to Cody A.W. Somerville
    <email address hidden> for the idea.
  * Disabling kexec-tools by default in debian mode.
  * Adding parent-archive-areas.
  * Removing obsolete debian-backports auto-configuration.
  * Updating security archive entries for progress.
  * Correcting repository handling for wrt/ derivatives.

live-build (3.0~a13-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Steven Shiau ]
  * Correcting release filename when caching indices (Closes: #613895).

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Updating default mirrors for emdebian (Closes: #614120).
  * Adding wpasupplicant in rescue list.

  [ Hector Oron ]
  * Removing superfluous whitespace in output of the usage function.

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Updating archive signing key for repository.

live-build (3.0~a12-1) experimental; urgency=low

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Updating year in copyright.
  * Updating year in hooks and script files.

  [ Luigi Capriotti ]
  * Support for newer grub-common package.

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Removing legacy handling for lenny in grub2 handling of
  * Adding missing netinst udeb include files for ubuntu.

  [ Cody A.W. Somerville ]
  * Adding missing debian-cd data files for Ubuntu releases for some

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Adding support for Ubuntu jaunty and natty, thanks to Cody A.W.
    Somerville <email address hidden>.

  [ Philip Newborough ]
  * Update example path in ''
    example hook.

  [ Marco Amadori ]
  * Do not exclude console-setup-udeb (Helps: #603974)

  [ Richard Nelson ]
  * Account for the + character in packages for l-b.cgi

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Updating includes for squeeze.

  [ Richard Nelson ]
  * Minor grammatical correction on mail.txt

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Adding initial support for making initsystem configurable.

  [ Marco Amadori ]
  * Upstart initsystem support.

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Updating upstart support addition to current coding style.
  * Adding initial support for parent distribution for debian-installer.
  * Updating repositories for progress.
  * Renaming mirror options to parent mirror for handling derivatives
    nice in future.
  * Adding mirror option handling for derivatives.
  * Adding mirror handling for derivatives.
  * Adding multi-repository support for debian-installer udebs at build-
  * Correcting quoting of apt-options in derivatives upgrade hack.
  * Correcting logical error with default settings of initsystem.
  * Making sure to correctly deference syslinux theme files when
    building chrooted.
  * Correcting typo in derivatives check when fetching d-i components.
  * Correcting udeb download for derivatives to only fall back to
    debians repository if required to.

live-build (3.0~a11-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * Disabling inclusion of GUI installer images on ubuntu.
  * Updating losetup-lukshome example hook to use blkid where available,
    thanks to Clint Adams <email address hidden> (Closes: #607108).
  * Removing --apt-pdiff option, this doesn't belong into live-build in
    the first place.
  * Removing some more lenny-only stuff.
  * Simplyfing defaults function a bit.
  * Correcting outdated program variable.
  * Updating help function in lb for live-build.
  * Updating man function for newer live-build versions (Closes:
  * Removing xresprobe from standard-x11 list (Closes: #608566).
  * Generalizing compression handling and adding support for lzip
  * Adding initial defaults for progress.
  * Removing encryption support until we have something for current
    kernels again.
  * Removing lb_chroot_sysvinit in favour of a hook, which is the
    appropriate way to handle this.
  * Removing legacy support for live-initramfs.
  * Correcting typo in compression defaults.
  * Removing unused debian-release mode.
  * Updating some defaults for progress.
  * Adding derivatives handling for progress.
  * Updating apt indices defaults for progress.
  * Shortening iso volume default for progress.
  * Correcting compression handling for tarballs.
  * Updating parent distribution defaults for progress.
  * Correcting typo in lzip default options.
  * Updating compression defaults for progress.

live-build (3.0~a10-1) experimental; urgency=low

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Removing header in copyright file.
  * Don't hard-depend on test target in Makefile.

  [ Ben Armstrong ]
  * Adding '--includes none' documentation in help and man page.

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Marking afio in rescue list as sid only.
  * Adding debian-installer-launcher in prebuilt images.
  * Adding debian-cd data for ubuntu releases.
  * Removing old ubuntu release (jaunty).
  * Applying patch from Cody A.W. Somerville
    <email address hidden> to update kernel packages for ubuntu
    in lb_binary_debian-installer.
  * Removing last live-helper remains in internal variables.
  * Removing old and outdated FAQ.
  * Mentioning Richard in authors file.
  * Updating credits file.
  * Removing unused name header in package lists.
  * Marking ntop as sid only in rescue list.
  * Marking tob as sid only in rescue list.

live-build (3.0~a9-1) experimental; urgency=low

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Once again updating volatile urls for squeeze.
  * Passing chroot directory explicitly to Apt() in preparation for
  * Renaming --architecture to --architectures in preparation for multi-
  * Making default argument guessing for non-debian systems a bit more

  [ Ben Armstrong ]
  * Updating lb config --help and man page.

live-build (3.0~a8-1) experimental; urgency=low

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Replacing last occurences of lh with lb.
  * Renaming 'packages lists' to 'package lists' all over the place.
  * Updating grub package name for grub version 1.
  * Adding warning about non-usefullnes of the stripped hook.

  [ Ben Armstrong ]
  * Adding example auto scripts.

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Applying slightly modified patch from Michael Hudson
    <email address hidden> to make arguments in debootstrap
    calls more robust.
  * Updating initramfs switch in lb config manpage (Closes: #605255).

live-build (3.0~a7-1) experimental; urgency=low

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Enabling volatile for squeeze.
  * Updating volatile urls for squeeze.

  [ Richard Nelson ]
  * Cleanup l-b.cgi header file to reflect Live Build.

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Removing apt-mirror-setup from udeb_exclude (Closes: #604027).
  * Renaming --binary-indices to --apt-indices for consistency.
  * Using bootloader-live in syslinux-themes, rather than just
    bootloader, since it's live specific.
  * Removing cdrom-detect/try-usb workaround, not needed anymore.
  * Correcting quoting of auto calls, thanks to Andreas Loibl
    <email address hidden>.
  * Also including auxiliary packages in d-i pool (Closes: #604551).
  * Simplyfing ssh host key removal.
  * Adding dpkg source options file.

live-build (3.0~a6-1) experimental; urgency=low

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Removing cron examples, autobuild is handled by live-autobuild now.

  [ Richard Nelson ]
  * Make iso-hybrid default on l-b-cgi.
  * Make squeeze default on l-b-cgi.

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Using old lenny syslinux bootsplash for squeeze, moving new splash
    to wheezy.
  * Updating path in copyright file.
  * Removing remaining last leftovers from lh in lb and live-build
  * Removing and repository
    entries, will re-add them after squeeze.
  * Updating special handling for backports.
  * Adding fsarchiver to rescue list.
  * Removing arm case for kernel defaults, squeeze has armel instead.
  * Removing hppa case for kernel defaults, squeeze and newer has no
    hppa anymore.
  * Removing deep link to bug page in the manual, since we don't have
    stable references yet.
  * Shuffeling dpkg tmpfs hack arround in preparation for generic tmpfs

  [ Ben Armstrong ]
  * Adding reference material to debian-live-devel list: live-boot,
    live-config and live-manual.

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Adding vpnc in rescue list.
  * Updating debian-live-devel packages list (Closes: #602139).
  * Correcting typo in defaults handling of apt http proxy.
  * First step in cleaning up syslinux handling by using syslinux-theme
    packages rather than embedded templates.
  * Workarounding symlink on usb-hdd when including debian-installer and
    using vfat filesystems.

  [ Ben Armstrong ]
  * Fixing typo in symlink on fat workaround.

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Enabling removal of ssh host keys, they are regenerated by live-
  * Making d-i indices copying depending on binary image type.

live-build (3.0~a5-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * Removing --binary-pool again, not ready yet.

live-build (3.0~a4-1) experimental; urgency=low

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Handling repository differently, so that ubuntu
    people can use it too.
  * Updating to debhelper version 8.
  * Updating defaults for squeeze and d-i gui.
  * Updating images autobuild script for squeeze beta1.
  * Adding temporary workarounds to deal with latest archive breakages
    in image autobuild script.
  * Marking mrt in rescue list as lenny only.
  * Also using gdm legacy hack on xfce-desktop default images.

  [ intrigeri ]
  * Fixing squashfs.sort location with --build-with-chroot false.

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Correcting typo with lb config call for usb-hdd in autobuild script.

live-build (3.0~a3-1) experimental; urgency=low

  [ Otavio Salvador ]
  * Fixing debian-installer index generation.
  * Fixing debian-installer Release file generation.

  [ Daniel Baumann ]
  * Also correcting version number in debian-installer release file.
  * Avoid using bashism when handling codename/suite mapping for debian-
    installer release file.

live-build (3.0~a2-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * Replacing lb_chroot_symlinks with a hook, that's more approriate.
  * Adding option to allow using the live-media pool in live system.
  * Updating version constraints in config tree version check.

live-build (3.0~a1-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * Removing lenny support.
  * Switching to source format 3.0 (quilt).
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