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ltsp (5.3-0ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

  * New upstream release (5.3):
    - Most ltsp-build-client plugins have now been moved to ltsp-init.d
      scripts, applying at boot time instead of build time.
    - Massive rework of all our init scripts, including deprecation of
    - Better nbd handling, using the upstream nbd scripts. LTSP is now
      using named NBD mount for both root and swap.
    - Moved from a whitelist of boot services to a blacklist, please get
      in touch with upstream if you noticed something that needs
    - New improved nbd-proxy with support for named NBD mounts
      (nbd-proxy is turned off by default)
    - Improvement to ltsp-update-image including, use of ionice by default.
    - Lots of fat clients improvement.
    - Proper handling of resolvconf
    - LTSP now ships /sbin/init-ltsp that's used to configure the thin
      client at boot time.
    - Improve ltsp-chroot command (it even has a manpage now)
    - Better handling of mixed NFS and NBD environment.
    - More consistent use of ltsp_config and ltsp-*-functions giving us
      a consistent environment and avoiding some delays.
    - Improved sound volume handling using udev rule instead of the old
    - Plenty of other fixes, thanks to everyone involved with this release!
  * Re-order all the debian/* files
  * Add new upstream files to debian/ltsp-client-core.install
  * Replace ttf-unfonts-core by fonts-nanum
  * Drop upstart jobs (shouldn't be needed with new upstream)
  * Remove ltsp-update-image.conf from /etc/ltsp/
  * Change ltsp-server recommend to tftpd-hpa | dnsmasq
  * Make ltsp-client-core depend on busybox-static to avoid installing
    busybox, then replacing it by busybox-static.
  * Switch to freerdp-x11 by default instead of rdesktop.
  * Drop usplash from dependencies as upstream dropped support.
  * Move /etc/nbd-server/config to /etc/nbd-server/config.ltsp-backup
    on first upgrade of LTSP to a version using conf.d
  * Make LTSP depend on nbd >= 1:2.9.25-2
  * Drop nbd-update-config, now using conf.d
  * Drop all debian/screen-session.d hacks as they are now either in LTSP
    upstream or in the upstream kernel.
  * Now source format 3.0 (quilt)
 -- Stephane Graber <email address hidden>   Wed, 15 Feb 2012 12:31:05 -0500

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ltsp_5.3-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz 72.4 KiB d2dca224bdc906003d131ff2f4e39606b71ef457b6db09e9e71fdd2a2aade4b7
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Binary packages built by this source

ltsp-client: LTSP client environment

 The scripts needed to configure and boot an LTSP client.

ltsp-client-builder: Build an LTSP environment in the installer target

 This udeb bootstraps the LTSP client chroot in the installer target
 while the cdrom is still mounted.

ltsp-client-core: LTSP client environment (core)

 The scripts needed to configure and boot an LTSP client.
 DO NOT install this package on a regular machine, it is intended only
 for installation inside a LTSP client filesystem.

ltsp-livecd: starts an LTSP live server on an Ubuntu livecd session

 This script installs the ltsp-server-standalone package and dependencies
 from packages intalled on a live CD and then initiates an LTSP server
 session using a pre-built squashfs image supplied on the disc.
 You would normally not want to install this package.

ltsp-server: Basic LTSP server environment

 This is the basic environment depending on an external DHCP server to
 point the clients to the LTSP server.

ltsp-server-standalone: Complete LTSP server environment

 This is the complete environment including a DHCP server to bootstrap
 the clients.