lxd 3.0.2-0ubuntu1~18.04.1 source package in Ubuntu


lxd (3.0.2-0ubuntu1~18.04.1) bionic; urgency=medium

  * New upstream bugfix release (LP: #1788280):
    - container: containerCreateAsCopy() update pool
    - forkmount: ignore ENOENT and EINVAL on umount2()
    - nsexec: simplify attach_userns()
    - Fall back to alternate way of detecting minor version of NVIDIA driver
    - lxd/maas: Make error more readable
    - lxd-p2c: Send rsync output to stderr
    - lxd/migration: Don't pass -vP to a hidden rsync
    - lxc: Properly handle --target in copy and move
    - memory: fix format string
    - lxc/move: Support config and profile overrides
    - i18n: Update translation templates
    - exec: fix format string
    - images: fix format string
    - migrate: remove debug residuals
    - lvm: fix format string
    - db: fix format string
    - nsexec: prevent fd leak
    - Fix the storage_pool_id filter for the WHERE clause of StoragePoolsConfig
    - Fix lints
    - Extract cmdInit.ApplyConfig into a separate initApplyConfig function
    - Split initApplyConfig into initDataNodeApply and initDataClusterApply
    - Fix broken alternate TLS server cert in integration tests
    - lxd/containers: Don't update MAAS for snapshots
    - lxd/maas: Allow starting with MAAS offline
    - Enable tcp KeepAlive
    - lxd/cluster: Improve error on bad target
    - reader: Handle EINTR
    - allow uidmaps to be parsed from alternate roots
    - lxd/storage/zfs: Improve defaults
    - test: Fix static analysis
    - Allow identity mappings for unprivileged containers
    - container: adapt allowedUnprivilegedOnlyMap()
    - shared: Dereference directory symlinks
    - lxd,shared: Move parseNumberFromFile to shared
    - lxc/network: Add --format option to list
    - lxd/db: Don't hang after bad request
    - lxd/apparmor: Allow ro bind-mounts and remounts
    - idmap: support skipping directories
    - lxd: Properly set containerArgs in all cases
    - lxd/storage: Fix PATCH on storage pools
    - container: use lxcSetConfigItem() for lxc.log.file
    - lxc/cluster: Remove bad alias
    - lxd/storage: Fix volume creation API
    - tests: Add alternative TCP port finder
    - doc: Document hostname requirements
    - networks: Support stateful DHCPv6 with prefixes longer than /64
    - lxd/networks: Skip DHCP mangle if firewall off
    - network: do not print writer struct on error
    - lxd/patches: Force a one-time config re-gen
    - storage pools: move structs
    - storage volumes: move structs
    - images: move structs
    - client: Export OperationWait
    - lxd/cluster: Only restart local containers
    - images: consistently name command structs
    - cluster: move structs
    - api 1.0: move struct
    - api internal: move structs
    - certificates: move structs
    - events: move structs
    - operations: move structs
    - profiles: move structs
    - resources: move structs
    - container logs: move structs
    - container post: move structs
    - lxd/storage/btrfs: Fix recursive snapshots
    - lxd/cluster: Fix attaching CEPH custom volumes
    - lxd/storage: Fix double quoting
    - Reduce the frequency of raft snapshots
    - lxd/storage/ceph: Don't keep snapshots mounted
    - util linux: add abstract unix socket helpers
    - proxy: Rework to match master
    - lxd: Cleanup logging
    - lxd: Improve error messages
    - proxy: Properly handle relay errors
    - lxd/certificates: Log password failures
    - proxy: handle full socket buffer
    - gpu: special case passing all GPUs
    - gpu: don't fail during parse
    - gpu: handle cards among Nvidia devices
    - gpu: fix Nvidia minor index parsing
    - lxd/containers: Fix removing NVIDIA containers
    - doc: Add links to REST API
    - doc: Fix storage volume examples
    - lxd/operations: Forward to right cluster node
    - lxc/{copy,move}: Allow overriding device config
    - i18n: Update translations
    - tests: Perform a lazy umount in case of errors
    - lxd/networks: Improve dnsmasq leases cleanup
    - migration: fix cross version migrations
    - doc: Note that default profile cannot be deleted/renamed
    - lxc/profile: Fix "get" command
    - lxd: Prevent renaming/deletion of the default profile
    - test: Test default profile renaming/deletion
    - Fix "neighbour: ndisc_cache: neighbor table overflow"
    - lxd: Fix StoragePoolVolumesGetNames
    - lxd/apparmor: Fix typo in nesting profile
    - lxd/patches: Make config re-gen fault tollerant
    - fix links in api-extension
    - lxd/db: Fix handling of NetworkConfigClear
    - lxd/networks: Fix PATCH operations
    - lxd/networks: Improve error on missing openvswitch
    - tests: Add test for network put/patch
    - lxd/networks: Fix revert on update failure
    - Allow deleting storage pools that only contain image volumes
    - lxd/storage: Remove image on pool deletion
    - lxd/storage: Keep images when deleting pool
    - lxd/init: Allow selecting custom Fan underlay
    - lxd/init: Fix typo in Fan question
    - lxd/networks: Calculate Fan MTU based on parent
    - shared/util: Fix unit parsing (metric vs iec)
    - lxd/storage/lvm: Round size to closest 512 bytes
    - lxd/storage: Drop late size check
    - lxd/storage/lvm: Fix umount logic during btrfs copy
    - lxd/storage/ceph: Mount the fs after growing the block
    - tests: Switch to MiB for btrfs resize
    - tests: Fix race in network test
    - lxc: Switch to Ubuntu 18.04 as initial container
    - lxc: Be clever about when showing "lxd init"
    - client: Split LXD download code into own function
    - client: Attempt to fetch through devlxd
    - Make lvm.thinpool_name and lvm.vg_name node-specific
    - This should have been a patch, for easier backporting
    - i18n: Update translation templates
    - zfs: Support querying version through modinfo
    - lxd/networks: Fix port number for DHCPv6
    - Don't include container name in backups/snapshots
    - client: Fix CopyContainerSnapshot API
    - lxc/copy: Update to fixed CopyContainerSnapshot
    - lxd/import: Fix support for snapshots without container name
    - doc: Fix API output for snapshots
    - lxc: Make answer to remote add translatable
    - doc: Fix typo
    - lxc/storage: Fix bad argument parsing
    - tests: Fix new storage get/set test
    - *: Unify error messages
    - i18n: Update translation templates
    - Use mattn's sqlite3 bindings in the lxd/db sub package
    - Drop go-1.6 code
    - Replace grpc-sql with dqlite custom protocol
    - Wire dqlite server
    - Adapt main package to new cluster sub-package API
    - Drop raft snapshot workaround
    - Fetch containers info in parallel
    - Fix some missing error checks
    - Add support for "lxd sql global .sync", to sync the cluster db to disk
    - Capitalize error messages
    - Enforce the limit of open connections to local db after initialization
    - Re-enable empty table checks
    - Fix lints
    - lxd/cluster/gateway: Tweak errors
    - lxd/cluster/gateway: Log proxy errors
    - lxd: Improve shutdown logic for cluster nodes
    - Redirect dqlite logging to lxd logging
    - Fix unit test regression
    - Makefile: Respect CGO_CFLAGS
    - Makefile: Fix typo in .PHONY
    - Makefile: Rename protobuf to update-protobuf
    - Makefile: Drop gccgo
    - Makefile: Drop outdated comment
    - Makefile: Fix tags handling
    - Makefile: Require libsqlite3
    - Makefile: Include dqlite in dist tarball
    - Makefile: Add deps target
    - lxd: Fix --syslog flag
    - lxd/containers: Don't flush leases for snapshots
    - shared/idmap: Shift fscaps
    - lxd/cluster: Fix typo in errors
    - tar: Support xattrs
    - rsync: Support xattrs
    - test: Add test for cluster shutdown logic
    - tar: Use --xattrs-include=\* during extract
    - idmap: C coding style fixups
    - idmap: s/set_caps/set_vfs_ns_caps/g
    - idmap: convert uid from big to little endian
    - client: Centrally handle targeting
    - shared/idmap: Fix xattr.h import
    - lxc/utils: Handle empty progress
    - lxc/file: Show progress
    - lxd/containers: Use internal struct values
    - networks: Ignore veth devices
    - networks: Don't try listing containers for lo
    - lxd/cluster: Only query the containers we need
    - Add ContainerArgsList and ContainerArgsNodeList
    - lxd/db: Fix snapshot filtering
    - lxd/containers: Add helpers for retrieving containers
    - lxd: Port over to new containerLoadNodeAll function
    - lxd: Port over to new containerLoadAll function
    - lxd: Only get the profiles once
    - lxd/containers: Speed up recursive list
    - shared/api: Define ContainerFull
    - lxd/storage: Don't log every storage init
    - lxc/list: Port to ContainerFull
    - lxd/storage: Cache storage version
    - Fix "no transaction is active" error during database updates
    - lxc/remote: Fix crash on bad remote name
    - lxd/storage/zfs: Optimize getting disk usage
    - lxd/networks: Drop unused db property
    - lxd: Add endpoints to state struct
    - lxc/container: CEPH also needs offline quotas
    - lxd/storage/ceph: Fix default container quotas
    - Makefile: Set PKG_CONFIG_PATH
    - i18n: Update translation templates
    - client: Implement support for recursion=2
    - doc: Update requirements
    - lxd/images: Cleanup any leftovers on startup
    - Send a notification to other nodes when an image is removed
    - Silence shellcheck
    - doc: Update README a bit
    - doc: Add some more packages to README
    - doc: Add tcl to README
    - Makefile: Tweak sqlite build flags
    - doc: Pass LD_LIBRARY_PATH through sudo
    - Support moving a container within a cluster, keeping the same name
    - lxc/image: Fix URL-based imports
    - Update rest-api.md
    - shallow clone for deps
    - Shallow clone for dist
    - *: Rename macaroon(s) -> candid
    - lxd/patches: Add patch for macaroon/candid config
    - auth: Support URL based auth
    - Update i18n
    - doc: Add example of exec with record-output
    - lxd/devices: Iterate /sys/class/drm for GPUs
    - lxd/api: Sort list of endpoints

  * Cherry-pick some upstream fixes:
    - 0001-shared-idmap-test-fcaps-support.patch
    - 0002-Add-a-few-missing-rows.Close-calls.patch
    - 0003-lxd-patches-Profiles-are-in-the-cluster-db.patch
    - 0004-lxd-storage-ceph-Only-freeze-container-if-running.patch

  * Temporarily disable ZFS tests on s390x due to conflict between
    zfsutils-linux and s390-tools (LP: #1788314)

  * Bump standards to 4.2.0
  * Update debian/copyright following go-sqlite3 move
  * Update lintian overrides
  * Update packaging to use the new libdqlite
  * Add build-depends on libuv-dev and libcap-dev
  * Add missing test dependency (socat)
  * Disable static analysis tests in autopkgtest

 -- St├ęphane Graber <email address hidden>  Mon, 10 Sep 2018 15:19:06 -0400

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Binary packages built by this source

lxd: Container hypervisor based on LXC - daemon

 LXD offers a REST API to remotely manage containers over the network,
 using an image based workflow and with support for live migration.
 This package contains the LXD daemon.

lxd-client: Container hypervisor based on LXC - client

 LXD offers a REST API to remotely manage containers over the network,
 using an image based workflow and with support for live migration.
 This package contains the command line client.

lxd-client-dbgsym: debug symbols for lxd-client
lxd-dbgsym: debug symbols for lxd
lxd-tools: Container hypervisor based on LXC - extra tools

 LXD offers a REST API to remotely manage containers over the network,
 using an image based workflow and with support for live migration.
 This package contains extra tools provided with LXD.
  - fuidshift - A tool to map/unmap filesystem uids/gids
  - lxc-to-lxd - A tool to migrate LXC containers to LXD
  - lxd-benchmark - A benchmarking tool for LXD

lxd-tools-dbgsym: debug symbols for lxd-tools