lxd 3.0.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.1 source package in Ubuntu


lxd (3.0.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.1) bionic; urgency=medium

  * New upstream bugfix release (LP: #1804876)
    - doc: add note about ignoring mount options
    - shared/idmap: test fcaps support
    - Add a few missing rows.Close() calls
    - lxd/patches: Profiles are in the cluster db
    - lxd/storage/ceph: Only freeze container if running
    - lxc: Only target if --target is passed
    - shared: Return decompressor in DetectCompression
    - lxd/containers: Don't return nil on Storage calls
    - tests: Fix mode of proxy.sh
    - shared/api: Don't re-define fields
    - lxd/storage/btrfs: Fix clearing quotas
    - lxd/containers: Also use apply_quota for CEPH
    - lxd/containers: Simplify and fix pool update logic
    - Add NodeIsOutdated() db API to check is a node is outdated
    - Trigger whatever is in the LXD_CLUSTER_UPDATE var is node is outdated
    - lxd/images: Add missing cleanup code
    - lxd/containers: Fix bad function name
    - tests: Avoid err == nil pattern
    - lxd: Don't mask database errors
    - Honor the CC environment variable when invoking go install
    - client: Avoid err == nil pattern
    - lxd/profiles: Don't list snapshots in UsedBy
    - Make database queries timeout after 10s if cluster db is unavail
    - tests: Fix pki with newer easyrsa
    - lxd/db: Fix internal DB test
    - doc: Fix and improve the description
    - operations: return true if operation is done before timeout
    - lxd/containers: Avoid root device name conflict
    - lxd/import: Add root disk if needed
    - global: Advertise rsync features
    - lxd/db: Use NoSuchObject consistently
    - proxy: Only log errors
    - lxd/import: Don't delete container on import failure
    - i18n: Update translation templates
    - Support --domain flag for lxc remote
    - Add configurable macaroon expiry
    - Support Candid domain validation
    - Update Candid docs
    - Update i18n
    - lxd: Rename API endpoints
    - network_linux: add netns_getifaddrs()
    - main_checkfeature: check kernel for netnsid support
    - network: add NetworkGetCounters()
    - container_lxc: switch to NetnsGetifaddrs()
    - shared: Add network state API
    - api: Add extended cluster join API
    - lxd/init: Fix struct conflict
    - lxc: Identify snapshots when listed
    - shared/version: Support detecting ChromeOS versions
    - lxd/containers: Force bring up of SRIOV parent
    - netns_getifaddrs: fix argument passing
    - netnsid_getifaddrs: fix check for netnsid support
    - doc: Fix storage API endpoints
    - container_lxc: handle network retrieval smarter
    - shared: Add storage volume snapshot support
    - client: Add storage volume snapshot support
    - netns_getifaddrs: don't print useless info
    - shared/api: Fix StorageVolumeSource struct
    - Makefile: Set LDFLAGS for dqlite
    - lxd: Fix handling of CGroup-V2 systems
    - tree-wide: pass -std=gnu11 -Wvla
    - lxd/containers: Rework exec FD handling
    - Added optional ?target=<member> to /containers POST documentation
    - lxd/storage/lvm: Don't un-necessarily start/stop storage
    - lxd/storage/ceph: Don't un-necessarily mount snapshots
    - lxd/containers: Fix cleanup on create failure
    - shared/network: Don't crash on VPN devices
    - lxd/containers: Fix bad nvidia information parsing
    - netns_getifaddrs: fix network stats retrieval
    - network: Fix counters on non-ethernet interfaces
    - doc: Add configuration for readthedocs
    - storage: Fix error strings
    - lxd/storage/btrfs: Don't fail deleting pools on misisng disk
    - Split code in 2 seperate files
    - network: provide #ifdefs for RTM_* requests
    - Document LVM support for storage quotas
    - candid: Cleanup code a bit
    - network: fix netns_get_nsid() signature
    - apparmor: Allow cgroupv2 in cgns
    - candid: Fix client when using https candid server
    - lxd-p2c: Fix static build
    - config: Add support for PEM encrypted keys
    - lxc: Setup password helper
    - lxc/config: Only setup needed connection args
    - lxc/config: More TLS optimizations
    - i18n: Update translation templates
    - macro: add SOL_NETLINK
    - macro: add NETLINK_DUMP_STRICT_CHK
    - netns_ifaddrs: check for NETLINK_DUMP_STRICT_CHK
    - Fix Potential Event Race
    - devices: Fix bad disk limits
    - Fix root disk limits on container startup
    - checkfeature: Rework structure
    - checkfeature: simplify is_netnsid_aware() check
    - checkfeature: Avoid double line break
    - checkfeature: dial logging down from to debug
    - lxc/progress: Add terminal detection
    - doc: Rework backup documentation
    - client: Add GetNetworkState
    - client: Add extended cluster join API
    - client: Add UseProject
    - shared/api: Add projects
    - client: Add support for projects
    - lxc/config: Add support for projects
    - Change query.SelectObjects signature to support a prepared statement
    - Add query.SelectURIs convenience for getting API resource URIs
    - Add cluster statements registry
    - api: Add Project.Config reference
    - Improve some error messages around container creation
    - Lookup for the "target" API parameter only in the URL query string
    - Automatically add ?project=x query param to image server
    - Improve error reporting when creating a container
    - Change ContainerStorageRead() to take a container object
    - Improve error messages around LVM volume creation
    - Change Storage.ContainerUmount to accept a container vs a container name
    - lxd/init: Update for current client package
    - lxc/progress: Don't print empty lines
    - candid: Improve domain validation and pubkey
    - lxd/images: Fix parsing of public property
    - client: Always use the "do()" wrapper
    - client: Fix URLs with missing project/target
    - Improve error messages
    - lxd/containers: Fix cluster shutdown
    - i18n: Update Japanese translation
    - idmap: use global variable for vfs3 fcaps support
    - checkfeature: check for vfs3 fscaps support
    - lxd/db: Fix bad limits.cpu
    - shared: Add limits.cpu validator
    - doc: add the appropriate titles to some documents
    - shared/network: Allow TLS1.3
    - global: Implement LXD_INSECURE_TLS env variable
    - netns_getifaddrs: simplify
    - Fix bad check for recursive mounts
    - Prevent event listeners from lying around even after Disconnect()
    - client: Support creating project-bound container using remote image
    - client: Filter lifecycle and operations events by project
    - client: Make container backups code honor projects
    - client: Make GET /profiles return only profiles for the project
    - Bump Go versions and use '.x' to always get latest patch versions
    - Update build instruction
    - doc: Bump to 1.10 or higher everywhere
    - Don't expire lxd.log by accident
    - lxd/storage: Fix importing preseed dump
    - lxd/migration: Use current idmap instead of next
    - lxd/db: Send raft/dqlite logging to debug
    - lxd/daemon: Clarify early loggging
    - checkfeature: Don't log error on missing feature
    - lxd/daemon: Improve logging of inherited fds
    - shared/logging: Improve logfile output
    - lxd/daemon: Don't mention MAAS unless configured
    - exec: Expose command, env and mode in metadata
    - client: Fix cancelation of image download
    - Detect and shrink large boltdb files
    - lxd/daemon: Fix build
    - loop: retry on EBUSY
    - lxd/storage: Improve loop device errors
    - lxd/containers: Detect root disk pool changes
    - doc: Update cloud-init network documentation
    - client: Fix error handling in operations
    - lxd/containers: Prevent duplicate profiles
    - lxc/copy: --container-only is meaningless for snapshots
    - shared/api: Add support for incremental container copy
    - client: Add support for incremental container copy
    - doc: Add kernel.keys.maxkeys to production-setup
    - lxd/storage/dir: Don't fail when quota are set
    - lxd: Handle AppArmor policy cache directory
    - test: Support AppArmor policy cache directory
    - lxd/containers: Respect optional=true for disks
    - use empty usb vendorid to pass through all usb devices
    - doc: Add usb_optional_vendorid API extension
    - lxc/image: Fix rootfs file handling on snap
    - lxd/containers: Properly clear static leases
    - shared/api: Support copy between projects
    - client: Support copy between projects
    - lxc/config: Allow overriding the current project
    - rsync: Tweak transfer options (delete & compress)
    - lxd/daemon: Improve logging of kernel features
    - lxd: Register background tasks as operations
    - lxc: Switch all progress op handling to cancelable
    - Increase go-dqlite client timeout when not-clustered
    - lxd: Rework task handling
    - lxd/migration: Fix CRIU rsync option negotiation
    - lxd/storage/btrfs: Tweak errors
    - lxd/init: Better handle disk sizes
    - lxd/db: Avoid un-needed query on container move
    - i18n: Update translation templates
    - Add StorageVolumeIsAvailable to check if a Ceph volume can be attached
    - Wire StorageVolumeIsAvailable to containerValidDevices
    - Add integration test

  * Bump standards to 4.2.1

 -- St├ęphane Graber <email address hidden>  Fri, 23 Nov 2018 13:58:51 -0500

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Binary packages built by this source

lxd: Container hypervisor based on LXC - daemon

 LXD offers a REST API to remotely manage containers over the network,
 using an image based workflow and with support for live migration.
 This package contains the LXD daemon.

lxd-client: Container hypervisor based on LXC - client

 LXD offers a REST API to remotely manage containers over the network,
 using an image based workflow and with support for live migration.
 This package contains the command line client.

lxd-client-dbgsym: debug symbols for lxd-client
lxd-dbgsym: debug symbols for lxd
lxd-tools: Container hypervisor based on LXC - extra tools

 LXD offers a REST API to remotely manage containers over the network,
 using an image based workflow and with support for live migration.
 This package contains extra tools provided with LXD.
  - fuidshift - A tool to map/unmap filesystem uids/gids
  - lxc-to-lxd - A tool to migrate LXC containers to LXD
  - lxd-benchmark - A benchmarking tool for LXD

lxd-tools-dbgsym: debug symbols for lxd-tools