maas 2.0.0~alpha1+bzr4736-0ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


maas (2.0.0~alpha1+bzr4736-0ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium

  * New usptream release, 2.0.0 bzr 4736 (LP: #1553261):
    - Deprecate Cluster Controllers in favor of Rack Controllers.
    - Deprecate API 1.0 in favor if API 2.0.
    - DHCP & Rack Controller High Availability.
    - Networking - IP Ranges.
    - Networking - DNS.
    - BMC Model.
  * Rename maas-cluster* to maas-rack* and handle the upgrade path.
  * Fix installation of init scripts and daemon systemd units.
  * Allow 'dhcpd' to access /usr/sbin/maas-provision via
    sudoers file (LP: #1552775)
  * debian/control: Depends on iproute2 instead.

 -- Andres Rodriguez <email address hidden>  Mon, 01 Feb 2016 18:18:52 +0100

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Binary packages built by this source

maas: "Metal as a Service" is a physical cloud and IPAM

 MAAS runs a software-defined data centre - it turns a collection of physical
 servers and switches into a bare metal cloud with full open source IP address
 management (IPAM) and instant provisioning on demand.
 MAAS controls the servers through IPMI or another BMC or converged chassis
 controller such as Cisco UCS. It provides a full inventory of components,
 and can install Ubuntu, CentOS or Windows very fast on any server under
 its control. It can also track and provide DHCP and DNS for other devices
 on the network.
 MAAS handles VLANs and fabrics that span many trunked switches, as well as
 the routing-centric infrastructure typically used for large-scale OpenStack
 or other scale-out deployments. MAAS manages IP addresses and provides APIs
 for address assignment and release. MAAS can also allocate IP addresses for
 containers on machines, and release them when the machine is repurposed. MAAS
 provides PXE, DHCP, DNS and other low-level services to ensure the cluster
 works smoothly.
 MAAS works with any configuration system, and is recommended by the teams
 behind both Chef and Juju as a physical provisioning system.
 MAAS provides:
  * Hardware inventory of servers
  * Dynamic provisioning based on name or attributes such as disk, RAM, cores,
    nics, networking, gpu’s or architecture
  * DNS and DHCP as needed
  * PXE boot services
 This package is a metapackage which installs all of the separate components
 of MAAS on a single machine.

maas-cli: MAAS client and command-line interface

 This package contains the 'maas' command-line interface, which
 talks to the MAAS region controller REST API. Use the maas command
 to login to MAAS and drive the data centre entirely from the

maas-common: MAAS server common files

 This package contains the common files for any MAAS installation.

maas-dhcp: MAAS DHCP server

 This package installs and configures a DHCP server that can be used by
 MAAS, and enhances the overall MAAS user experience.

maas-dns: MAAS DNS server

 This package installs and configures a DNS server that can be used by
 MAAS, and enhances the overall MAAS user experience.

maas-proxy: MAAS Caching Proxy

 This package installs and configures a Caching Proxy server that can be
 used by MAAS. It enhances the overall MAAS user experience.

maas-rack-controller: Rack Controller for MAAS

 The MAAS rack controller (maas-rackd) provides highly available, fast
 and local broadcast services to the machines provisioned by MAAS. You
 need a MAAS rack controller attached to each fabric (which is a set of
 trunked switches). You can attach multiple rack controllers to these
 physical networks for high availability, with secondary rack controllers
 automatically stepping to provide these services if the primary rack
 controller fails.
 A common configuration is to have a rack controller in each rack, with
 a fast primary network interface to the rack switch and secondary
 network interfaces on one or two other nearby racks for high
 availability redundancy.
 This package depends on the necessary components to provide iSCSI,
 DHCP, TFTP and power management.

maas-region-controller: Region Controller for MAAS

 The MAAS region controller (maas-regiond) is the REST API server for
 all MAAS clients, and the postgres database that maintains machine
 state for the entire data centre (or “region”). The region controller
 an be scaled-out and highly available given the appropriate postgres
 setup and additional API servers.
 This package installs the postgres database and the API server, so it
 is appropriate for the initial installation of a new MAAS region. To
 scale out the controller or make it highly available, install
 maas-region-controller-api on additional servers and ensure the
 postgres database is HA too.

maas-region-controller-min: No summary available for maas-region-controller-min in ubuntu xenial.

No description available for maas-region-controller-min in ubuntu xenial.

python3-django-maas: MAAS server Django web framework (Python 3)

 This package provides the Django web framework for MAAS.
 This package contains Python 3 modules.

python3-maas-client: MAAS python API client (Python 3)

 This package contains the MAAS client API Python modules.
 This package contains Python 3 modules.

python3-maas-provisioningserver: MAAS server provisioning libraries (Python 3)

 This package provides the MAAS provisioning server python libraries.
 This package contains Python 3 libraries.