midbrowser 0.3.0b5a-2 source package in Ubuntu


midbrowser (0.3.0b5a-2) hardy; urgency=low

  * Fixed debian/rule to make sure it builds with system's xulrunner sdk.

midbrowser (0.3.0b5a-1) hardy; urgency=low

  * Merged in Firefox 3.0 beta 5 code.
  * Modified the build to used system's xulrunner-1.9.

midbrowser (0.3.0b2d~mt1ubuntu11) gaston; urgency=low

  * Changed the preference "general.useragent.extra.firefox" to "Firefox/3.0 beta". This fixes
    the rendering issues with sites that check for browser and version (i.e. mail.live.com).
  * Changed the preference "browser.enable.automatic_image_resizing" from true to false. This
    fixes bug #186556 (image cannot be magnified using the zoom in/out button).
  * Set the default value for "font.size.variable.x-western" to 13. This work around will
    fix the rendering issues found in http://www.miniclip.com.

midbrowser (0.3.0b2d~mt1ubuntu10) gaston; urgency=low

  * Updated midbrowser.desktop with values provided by Bob Spencer.
  * Fixed the install path for midbrdowser.png.
  * Removed "import" and "export" functionality from all of the View Certificates preferences tabs.
  * Fixed bug #174762, removed all "import" and "export" buttons from Encryption->View_Certificates tab.

midbrowser (0.3.0b2d~mt1ubuntu9) gaston; urgency=low

  [ Carl Wong ]
  * Removed default.list from package. There is a conflict with another package.
    Need to find other way to handle /usr/share/applications/default.list.
  * Fixed bug #186580 (The enable/disable status of the "status bar" menu is
    not correctly displayed) the right way. The previous fix didn't work all
    the time.

  [ Jimmy Huang ]
  * Fixed bug #156977 (No interface to manage Bookmarks) by adding a delete button to allow deleting of bookmarks without right-click.

midbrowser (0.3.0b2d~mt1ubuntu8) gaston; urgency=low

  * Fixed midbrowser.desktop to meet the freedesktop.org menu specification.
  * Added a new file call default.list to the debian directory.  This file
    is used by the download manager to determine which app to launch when
    user tries to open a file.
  * Modified debian/rule to install default.list to /usr/share/applications.

midbrowser (0.3.0b2d~mt1ubuntu7) gaston; urgency=low

  [ Carl Wong ]
  * Added "OnlyShowIn=Internet" to midbrowser.desktop.
  * Modified debian/rules to install midbrowser.png in /usr/share/hicolor/48x48.
  * Reduced the number of level of sub-menus in the view menu. Moved the character
    encoding menu item to the top.
  * Changed to use the side bar to display the history and bookmark.

  [ Jimmy Huang ]
  * Added a default entry for the Gconf key for homepage_url that fixes the bug where home_page cannot be reset for a second time.
  * Fixed the bug#175028 the button size in preference dialog is not consistent.
  * Restored icon size in full screen mode.

midbrowser (0.3.0b2d~mt1ubuntu6) gaston; urgency=low

  [ Jimmy Huang ]
  * Fixed the bug where in non-full screen mode, the urlbar cannot pick up url changes.

  [ Carl Wong ]
  * Fixed the tooltip for zoom in, zoom out and reset toolbar icons to use existing
    labels. This miminizes the changes needed for i18n support.

midbrowser (0.3.0b2d~mt1ubuntu5) gaston; urgency=low

  [ Jimmy Huang ]
  * Fixed the bug#173759 where full screen restore button is too small on MID device.
  * Fixed the bug#188247 where the display all tabs button is too small on MID device.
  * Fixed the bug#175028 the button size in preference dialog is not consistent.
  * Fixed a bug where the load image exception button is not disabled when it is unchecked in the preference dialog.

  [ Carl Wong ]
  *  Fixed bug #186580(The enable/disable status of the "status bar" menu is not
     correctly displayed).

  [ Jimmy Huang ]
  * Fixed third-party application handlers and plugins not showing up in the Preference/Applications Dialog.
  * Fixed the bug where UrlBar's history and Searchbar's suggestions obscuring the virtual keyboard.
  * Disabled Profile Migrator which causes the old profile settings to interrupt gconf settings such as homepage and http proxy.
  * Cleaned up GrabandDrag preference dialog so it looks cleaner.

midbrowser (0.3.0b2d~mt1ubuntu4) gaston; urgency=low

  [ Carl Wong ]
  * Changed the Browse:Back and Browse:Forward to use F9 and F10 instead of the VK_LEFT and
  * Disabled F1 help. The exsiting Firefox help is not appropriate for Midbrowser.
  * Disabled context menu in the Toolbar. No customize of toolbar is allowed.

  [ Jimmy Huang ]
  * Increased icons in the download dialogs
  * Added default directories for default download behavior, so that media files defaults
    to $HOME/media/audio, $HOME/media/photo, $HOME/media/video, and other files to
    $HOME/Documents directory.

  [ Carl Wong ]
  * Update the icons in the about and credit dialog with the new icons from Jason.
  * Used file:// instead of chrome:// for welcome startup page.

midbrowser (0.3.0b2d~mt1ubuntu3) gaston; urgency=low

  * Fixed an install issue with grabanddrag.

midbrowser (0.3.0b2d~mt1ubuntu2) gaston; urgency=low

  [ Carl Wong ]
  * Added a workaround to build and package the grabanddrag extension.

  [ Jimmy Huang ]
  * Fixed build package with grabanddrag extension, removed previous workaround.x

midbrowser (0.3.0b2d~mt1ubuntu1) gaston; urgency=low

  [ Jimmy Huang ]
  * Integrated GrabandDrag addon in the Mid Browser so it builds with the addon by default to support panning.

midbrowser (0.3.0b2c~mt1) gaston; urgency=low

  * Added code to disallow popup by default.
  * Fixed a crash in "Content" preference page.
  * Removed the DOM inspector from the midbrowser package.
  * Fixed couple of bugs related to tab browsing.
  * Changed the value of StartupWMClass in midbrowser.desktop from
    Midbrowser-bin to Navigator. With this change, the new and improved hildon
    desktop will handle the signleton issue automatically. No codes is require
    on the browser side to handle this issue.

midbrowser (0.3.0b2b~mt1) gaston; urgency=low

  *  Up the version in debian/changelog for release to gaston.

midbrowser (0.3.0b2a~mt1) gaston; urgency=low

  [ Alexander Sack ]
  * upgrade to FIREFOX_3_0b2_RELEASE as codebase.
  * fixes bookmarks and places

  [ Carl Wong ]
  * Pushed the master branch that was based on FF2.0.x codebase to master.1.6.
  * Pushed the WORKING branch that based on FF3.0b2RELEASE to master.
  * Merged the preferences changes from the original master branch to the new.
  * Merged the changes made to midbrowser.js. and the hildon component from the
    original main branch.
  * Added libdbus-glib-1-dev to debian/control.
  * Modified browser/themes/gnomestripe/browser.css
    + Used a larger icons for toolbar
    + Changed the font size of the menu to make it look like a hildon menu
    + Changed the height of the url-bar and search-bar and increased the
      font sizes used inside these bars.

midbrowser (0.3.0b1a~mt1) gutsy; urgency=low

   * merge new upstream branch UPSTREAM.3.x (using FIREFOX_3_0b1_RELEASE)
     + port midbrowser/ directory to new firefox code base
     + don't use midbrowser/themes directory from midbrowser 0.1.6 because 3.0b2
       will use system icons anyway
   * drop obsolete system pref header:
     + remove extensions/pref/system-pref/src/gconf/nsSystemPrefService.h
   * Fix gconf system pref	service:
     + Build two modules: system-pref + syspref-gconf aka SystemPrefModule,
       SystemPrefServiceModule and build the modules as static LIBXUL_,
       - update extensions/pref/system-pref/src/gconf/Makefile.in
       - update extensions/pref/system-pref/src/Makefile.in
     + Take care that SystemPrefServiceModule is properly enlisted as a libxul
       (aka toolkit/library) resident:
       - update toolkit/library/libxul-config.mk
       - toolkit/library/nsStaticXULComponents.cpp
     + link libxul with MOZ_GCONF_LIBS if GCONF preferences are used:
       - toolkit/library/libxul-rules.mk
   * Make midbrowser a target application for default theme extension
     - update midbrowser/app/profile/extensions/{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}/install.rdf.in
   * Fix make install target for midbrowser, by adding more midbrowser specific
     files to packages-static file of browser (until we make midbrowser a first
     class citizen by adding its own installer directory.
     - update browser/installer/unix/packages-static
   * drop version suffix from installdir(s)
     - update config/autoconf.mk.in
   * Add midbrowser as targetApplication to browser generic locale
     - update browser/locales/generic/install.rdf
   * Disable auto update for midbrowser:
     - update midbrowser/app/profile/midbrowser.js
   * only install files from installdir in main binary package (midbrowser);
     leave alone sdkdir for now (make a -dev package out of it at some point)
     - add debian/midbrowser.install
   * remove not used nsMobileBrowserApp.cpp in browser/app
     - remove browser/app/nsMobileBrowserApp.cpp
   * sync mozilla.in from browser/app to midbrowser/app
     - update midbrowser/app/mozilla.in
   * fix rules to build midbrowser 0.3.x
     - don't tweak CFLAGS, but define OPTFLAGS properly
     - explicitly use CXX=g++-4.2 and CC=gcc-4.2
       + update debian/control Build-Depends accordingly
     - use DEB_CONFIGURE_USER_FLAGS adapted from xulrunner-1.9
     - run dh_clean in clean: target
     - use DESTDIR=debian/tmp instead of prefix=debian/tmp/usr for make install
   * define MIDBROWSER_VERSION for install.rdf.in substitution of midbrowser
     - update midbrowser/app/profile/extensions/{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}/Makefile.in

   [ Jimmy Huang ]
   * Fixed GConf Proxy settings using the gconf_backend patch and ported it over
     to FF 3.0 code base.
   * Fixed midbrowser/components/preferences directory and where the advanced
     and applications dialog is not showing up properly in the preference dialog
   * Added zoom in/zoom out/zoom reset buttons to the navigation bar.
   * Added alternative icons for zoom in/zoom out.  Added new icons for zoom-reset.

midbrowser (0.1.6g) gaston; urgency=low

    * midbrowser/config/version.txt - bumped up the version.
    * browser/base/content/sanitize.js
       - Fixed bug#173589 where the Browser shows a window instead of dialog
         in the "Clear privacy settings".
    * Fixed bug #173593. Made the "Search for text when I start typing" option
      to be on by default.
    * Fixed bug#173587. Removed the "Master password" and "show password"
      from security tab of the preference dialog.
    * Fixed bug #173596. Removed update tab from advance dialog since
      we don't have update in place yet.
    * Fixed bug where Popup Blocker is not enabled by default in Moblin Browser
    * Fixed bug#173589 where the Browser shows a window instead of dialog in
      the "Clear privacy settings".

    * Simpilfied the main, content and feed preferences page.
    * main.xul
      - Removed Download directory preference section.
      - Removed Check that Firefox is default browser section.
    * content.xul
      - Removed Fonts and Color
      - Remvoed File type association
    * feeds.xul and feeds.js
      - Removed option in list called "No Appplication Selected".

    * Fixed a crash in nsHilonXEventService.cpp. Also removed bad code that
      tries to update the window tile.
    * Excluded Dom inspector from midbrowser build.

    * gfx/src/gtk/gtk2drawing.c
      - Fixed bug#145931 where Browser crashes when accepting a certificate. Apparently
        in moz_gtk_container_paint routine, it was passing a null widget id to
        gtk_paint_flat_box and gtk_paint_focus routines.

midbrowser (0.1.6f) gaston; urgency=low

  * gfx/src/gtk/gtk2drawing.c
    - Fixed bug#145931 where Browser crashes when accepting a certificate. Apparently
      in moz_gtk_container_paint routine, it was passing a null widget id to
      gtk_paint_flat_box and gtk_paint_focus routines.
  * midbrowser/config/version.txt - bumped up the version.

midbrowser (0.1.6e) gaston; urgency=low

  * debian/rules - removed --enable-extension=default from configure. This
    fixes the moblin midbrowser bugs 16773 and 116747.
  * extensions/pref/system-pref/src/nsSystemPref.cpp - this fixes bug 163779
    (Midbrowser will crash if checking the checkbox of "Blockpopup window"
  * config/verson.txt - bumped up the version.

midbrowser (0.1.6d) gaston; urgency=low

  * Included the pref extension patch obtained from novell. This allows the browser to use
    system's network proxy setting. The advance->network setting dialog has been removed.
    User must use the system's network proxy setting dialog to make the proxy change.
  * Increased the size of the default icons in toolbar from 24x24 to 32x32 to make
    the browser more finger friendly on a mid device.
  * Modified autoconf.mk.in to force the install dir names to be midbrowser instead of
  * In midbrowser/app/profile/midbrowser.js, disabled browser.shell.checkDefaultBrowser
    and temporary changed the general.useragent.extra.firefox to be "Firefox/" to
    work around the redirect issue of microsoft's live.com websites.
  * Note that this debian directory is used for Intel internal release only. Offical
    gusty build was done by Alexander Sac from ubuntu.

 -- Carl Wong <email address hidden>   Mon, 07 Apr 2008 16:12:23 -0700

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