mini-buildd 1.9.99 source package in Ubuntu


mini-buildd (1.9.99) experimental; urgency=medium

  More testing, more fixes, more documentation:

  * [be87836] (List.iarguments): distributions: Default to all
  * [d238265] models/ Better 'attention support'.
  * [b7ca178] Rather use "source" model for repository
  * [7f5b26f] Add helper 'rrpes'.
  * [a746e1f] (mbd_parse_distribution): Avoid crash/deliver hr
    error on build sources generation fail.
  * [e2c76cd] html: Merge "chroots" into "builders".
  * [d3dfa71] devel: Make MBD_PIPINSTALL conf'able via env.
  * [5953526] devel: Convert local pip helpers to "global" tooling.
  * [db322cd] devel: Embed 'profile scripts' into devel.
  * [f739669] debian/control ([Build-]Depends): Fix: Need to use epoch for
  * [fef5dff] devel: Add option to skip tests via MBD_SKIP.
  * [c05974d] devel (mbd_prof_localhost_buster): Add profile for buster.
  * [e28b1d7] devel (mbd_supertestall): Update to new 'profiles'.
  * [349643e] devel: Update quickstart notes.
  * [6e672ea] builders/index.html: Move 'remake_chroots' to (remote)
  * [536e2bd] builders/index.html: Simplify chroot table.
  * [cf789db] builders/index.html: Move status class (color) to remote
    columns only.
  * [e6662c6] builders/index.html: Simplify status column.
  * [bd692f7] builders/index.html: Simplify remote column.
  * [9f0b3d3] builders/index.html: Add 'status' to actions.
  * [d2bb83e] builders/index.html: Move chroots table into remotes table
  * [86cc724] builders/index.html: Mv remake_chroot (all) actiion to
    chroot table.
  * [ee81760] models/, html: attention: Return list, not multiline
  * [82397e6] attention: Rm obsoleted "chroots", make builders
    use both chroot+remotes.
  * [b65147b] repositories/index.html: Use one datatable per dist.
  * [ce92e80] builders/index.html: Show 'attention' for chroots.
  * [523ea03] builders/index.html: Show 'attention' for remotes.
  * [23ead35] models/ (StatusModel.Admin.colored_status): Update to
  * [be9cd87] models/ (StatusModel.Admin.colored_status): Show
  * [0d9c4be] builders/index.html: Remove extra chroots table (admin
    should suffice).
  * [720cfe6] builders/index.html: chroots: Add remake action && move jump
    to config (admin) here.
  * [5265905] builders/index.html: Fix chroot/remote attention.
  * [c3b73f2] repositories/index.html: Cosmetics, add (global)
  * [a53155f] Fix: Rm some leftover html fragments from help
  * [0b638f5] manual/administrator.rst: Move auth/ssh wrapper section
  * [7f98a91] Internal crontab: Remove "days_until_recheck" workaround
    (obsoleted) && add doc section. (Closes: 892837)
  * [fee9b92] testsuite-packages/installed-options: Pimp up tests: Also
    test for arch-specific options.
  * [6ab5f34] Upload Options: Add specific "nocheck" upload test, and
    document setting via DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS as example. (Closes: 875920,
  * [74ab123] manual/*.rst: Update to more recent codenames in some
  * [2bfbca8] manual/developer.rst: Add FAQ: Can I access built packages
    that have not been installed into the repository? (Closes: 906736)
  * [aae3b79] manual/administrator.rst: Refine wording on m-b-debug-build
    FAQ. (Closes: 796867)
  * [62f75b9] etc/schroot/mini-buildd/fstab-generic: Add note about
    special home setups. (Closes: 849544)
  * [c9642f4] devel (bash-completion): Rm obsoleted
    devel.hostname|localhost commands.
  * [ccdf795] (Blocks.extra_option): Fix fstring usage
  * [9759575] apt-disable-check-valid-until: Fix missing
    quoting && simplify.
  * [8578da2] models/ (Model.mbd_get_extra_options): Document that
    last entry wins.
  * [1bd5ee8] setup: Update jessie+wheezy to use 'apt-disable-
  * [1a98f29] setup dict: Drop "produces_ddebs", just go with
  * [4afdfce] setup dict: Add Ubuntu impish.
  * [c78263c] mini-buildd-debug-build: dpkg-source: Using '-x' not '--
    extract' to be compatible with older dpkg.
  * [ee47126], html: Cosmetic restructure of main menu.
  * [feb3087] mini_buildd.css: Pimp h1 margin and padding.
  * [7aeebe3] (HTTPError): Fix: Remove obsoleted "detail"
    class var, and fixup several wrong usages throughout code.
  * [13dece5] (Event.strerror): Better name and simplify.
  * [e071f4d] devel: Change profile system (again). Make all bash-
  * [97928e0] Remove squeeze/lenny presets.

 -- Stephan Sürken <email address hidden>  Sun, 27 Mar 2022 18:57:41 +0200

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mini-buildd: minimal build daemon - daemon

 Mini-buildd is an easy-to-configure autobuilder and
 repository for deb packages.
 This package provides the main daemon.

mini-buildd-doc: minimal build daemon - manual

 Mini-buildd is an easy-to-configure autobuilder and
 repository for deb packages.
 This package contains the HTML documentation.

mini-buildd-utils: minimal build daemon - utilities

 Mini-buildd is an easy-to-configure autobuilder and
 repository for deb packages.
 This package provides (optional) utilities, notably mini-buildd-api,
 a command line to access the web API.

python3-mini-buildd: minimal build daemon - Python library and user tool

 Mini-buildd is an easy-to-configure autobuilder and
 repository for deb packages.
 This package contains the "mini_buildd" Python package.