nautilus 1: source package in Ubuntu


nautilus (1: groovy; urgency=medium

  * Merge with Debian experimental, remaining changes:
    - debian/
      + Build-Depend on libunity-dev
      + lower gnome-sushi Recommends to a Suggests
    - debian/changelog, debian/nautilus.maintscript: set epoch number
      (which was added by error)
    - debian/,
      + Apport hook to list versions of files in /usr/lib/nautilus and
        reassign the crashes when they are not due to nautilus code directly
    - debian/rules:
      + Build Unity support
      + Rely on $HOME and $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR provided by debhelper
    - 0001-Respect-gtk-dialogs-use-header-for-all-dialogs.patch
      + Use a normal titlebar if the desktop environment wants it
    - 04_suppress_umount_in_ltsp.patch:
      + Don't list unmount and eject actions on LTSP clients
    - 12_unity_launcher_support.patch:
      + unity launcher integration (list bookmarks in the context menu,
        display a bar on the icon during copies)
    - 18_unity_icon_color.patch:
      + specify a background color for the unity launcher icon
    - 19_unity_open_location_xid.patch:
      + Add a new dbus property to store the lists of opened locations
        referenced by their parent nautilus window XID.
    - 20_add_timestamp_to_operations.patch:
      + Add *WithTimestamp dbus methods for file operations that
        might trigger a dialog, that should be presented with time.
    - appstream-compulsory.patch:
      + Set nautilus as unremovable in GNOME Software
    - gitlab_tracker_fixes.patch:
      + backport upstream candidate fixes to resolve files not being
        listed anymore in the GNOME activity screen, see LP #1871296
    - nautilusgtkplacesview-show-error-if-volume-is-not-mo.patch:
      + show error if volume is not mounted, see LP #1764779
    - ubuntu/shell-search-provider-implement-XUbuntuCancel-to-request-.patch:
      + implement XUbuntuCancel to request search cancellation
    - ubuntu_infobars_color.patch:
      + set infobar type to "other" rather than "question" to avoid blue
    - ubuntu_backspace_behaviour.patch:
      + restore backspace behaviour to go back
  * Rebase 20_add_timestamp_to_operations.patch, thanks to Alberts
    Muktupāvels. We will be able to drop this patch when Unity switches
    to the new D-Bus interface.
  * Refresh other patches using gbp-pq rebase.
  * Drop debian/, not used since 1:3.26.4-0ubuntu4
    (see commit fef449a1f6558cec).
  * Drop ancient debian/nautilus.postrm. It was dropped in Debian in
    3.21.92-1 but somehow remained in Ubuntu (see commit 490a505b0233eab1).

 -- Dmitry Shachnev <email address hidden>  Wed, 06 May 2020 15:35:24 +0300

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nautilus_3.37.1.1.orig.tar.xz 3.1 MiB a790c588c3f31953d5abcdbf6cb2752f4360a63881478c35f63e37dab3b8c03a
nautilus_3.37.1.1-1ubuntu1.debian.tar.xz 38.1 KiB 0b72cc2224637fad38c7927c27bde88767bf1c9ecc72a45602b7072ad411a465
nautilus_3.37.1.1-1ubuntu1.dsc 3.4 KiB 75f5de2b8c679f279fbafc8ab88b450c61c6d504454c0e82a3e07dcdda084acf

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Binary packages built by this source

gir1.2-nautilus-3.0: libraries for nautilus components - gir bindings

 Nautilus is the official file manager and graphical shell for the
 GNOME desktop.
 This package can be used by other packages using the GIRepository format to
 generate dynamic bindings.

libnautilus-extension-dev: libraries for nautilus components - development version

 Nautilus is the official file manager and graphical shell for the
 GNOME desktop.
 This package provides the necessary development libraries and include
 files to develop and compile Nautilus extensions.

libnautilus-extension1a: libraries for nautilus components - runtime version

 Nautilus is the official file manager and graphical shell for the
 GNOME desktop.
 This package contains a few runtime libraries needed by nautilus' extensions.

libnautilus-extension1a-dbgsym: debug symbols for libnautilus-extension1a
nautilus: file manager and graphical shell for GNOME

 Nautilus is the official file manager for the GNOME desktop. It allows
 one to browse directories, preview files and launch applications
 associated with them. It is also responsible for handling the icons on
 the GNOME desktop. It works on local and remote filesystems.
 Several icon themes and components for viewing different kinds of files
 are available in separate packages.

nautilus-data: data files for nautilus

 Nautilus is the official file manager and graphical shell for the
 GNOME desktop.
 This package contains pictures, localization files and other data
 needed by nautilus.

nautilus-dbgsym: debug symbols for nautilus