ncbi-tools6 6.1.20170106+dfsg1-9 source package in Ubuntu


ncbi-tools6 (6.1.20170106+dfsg1-9) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Andreas Tille ]
  * debian/upstream/metadata: Fix typo.

  [ Aaron M. Ucko ]
  * Trim trailing whitespace.
  * debian/copyright:
    - Use spaces rather than tabs to start continuation lines.
    - Clean up spurious trailing content on Files: lines.  (Several somehow
      wound up with trailing colons, and one had a parenthesized comment,
      which the spec doesn't allow.)
    - Correct the spelling of "downloaded."
  * Use secure URIs in Homepage field and debian/watch.
  * Bump debhelper from old 11 to 12.
  * Set debhelper-compat version in Build-Depends.
  * Move development files usable with to libncbi6-dev from
    libvibrant6-dev; set Breaks/Replaces accordingly.  (The runtime library
    has long been in libncbi6, since it adds no extra dependencies.)
  * debian/*.symbols: Use Build-Depends-Package, missed earlier.
  * debian/ncbi-cn3d.{postinst,prerm}: Supply -e via set, per best practice.
  * Update Lintian overrides: drop overrides associated with former .menu
    files, and go ahead and override custom-compression-in-debian-rules for
    the ncbi-rrna-data binary package, which is architecture-independent
    and benefits from tuning.
  * debian/rules: Use rather than raw dpkg-parsechangelog.

 -- Aaron M. Ucko <email address hidden>  Mon, 12 Oct 2020 22:08:56 -0400

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ncbi-tools6_6.1.20170106+dfsg1.orig.tar.xz 55.6 MiB af7f6f6f75601d1676db015d188309afb2604f427e76ac83990be0c44007ea17
ncbi-tools6_6.1.20170106+dfsg1-9.debian.tar.xz 1.4 MiB 6d9b8ac4f8ab71f7ddf467563c4223ed3168f15a34dfeb53dfffbe822624934f

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Binary packages built by this source

libncbi6: NCBI libraries for biology applications

 The NCBI Software Development Toolkit was developed for the production and
 distribution of GenBank, Entrez, BLAST, and related services by NCBI. It
 allows you to read and write NCBI ASN.1 files, builds Blast or Entrez, etc.

libncbi6-dbgsym: debug symbols for libncbi6
libncbi6-dev: NCBI libraries for biology applications (development files)

 This package supplies development versions of NCBI's non-graphical C
 libraries, along with the corresponding header files.

libvibrant6-dev: No summary available for libvibrant6-dev in ubuntu impish.

No description available for libvibrant6-dev in ubuntu impish.

libvibrant6b: No summary available for libvibrant6b in ubuntu impish.

No description available for libvibrant6b in ubuntu impish.

libvibrant6b-dbgsym: No summary available for libvibrant6b-dbgsym in ubuntu hirsute.

No description available for libvibrant6b-dbgsym in ubuntu hirsute.

ncbi-cn3d: 3-dimensional viewer for biological molecules

 Cn3D is a helper application for your web browser that allows you to
 view 3-dimensional structures from NCBI's Entrez retrieval service.

ncbi-cn3d-dbgsym: debug symbols for ncbi-cn3d
ncbi-data: Platform-independent data for the NCBI toolkit

 This package contains support files needed by the NCBI toolkit on all

ncbi-rrna-data: large rRNA BLAST databases distributed with the NCBI toolkit

 This package contains some ribosomal RNA BLAST databases distributed
 as part of the NCBI C Toolkit that are too large and specialized to
 include in ncbi-data. Specifically, it contains the databases
 Combined16SrRNA, LSURef_93.fasta, LSU_nomito_nochloro_noplastid,
 SSURef_93.fasta, and SSU_nomito_nochloro_noplastid, along with alias
 files to facilitate searching some of them in conjunction with
 databases included in ncbi-data.

ncbi-tools-bin: NCBI libraries for biology applications (text-based utilities)

 This package includes various utilities distributed with the NCBI C SDK,
 including the development tools asntool and errhdr (formerly of
 libncbi6-dev). None of the programs in this package require X; you can
 find the X-based utilities in the ncbi-tools-x11 package. BLAST and
 related tools now come from a separate source base, corresponding to the
 ncbi-blast+ and ncbi-blast+-legacy packages.

ncbi-tools-bin-dbgsym: debug symbols for ncbi-tools-bin
ncbi-tools-x11: NCBI libraries for biology applications (X-based utilities)

 This package includes some X-based utilities distributed with the
 NCBI C SDK: Network Entrez, Sequin, ddv, and udv. These programs
 are not part of ncbi-tools-bin because they depend on several
 additional library packages.

ncbi-tools-x11-dbgsym: debug symbols for ncbi-tools-x11