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openbsc (0.15.0-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * debian/control: add myself to uploaders
  * debian/control: move package to debian-mobcom and change URLs
  * debian/control: change maintainer to debian-mobcom-maintainers
  * debian/control: use dh10
  * debian/control: bump standard to 4.1.2 (no changes)
  * debian/control: remove obsolete dependency on dh-autoreconf
  * debian/watch: update file
  * add dbi.patch (Closes: #880233)

 -- Thorsten Alteholz <email address hidden>  Thu, 07 Dec 2017 18:52:59 +0100

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Debian Mobcom Maintainers on 2017-12-07
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Debian Mobcom Maintainers
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Bionic release on 2017-12-08 universe misc


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openbsc_0.15.0-3.dsc 2.7 KiB cd86c86b236b0fb2017909cba3f8028f3ee6856024fa3700b128ea1dea8e0c82
openbsc_0.15.0.orig.tar.gz 726.6 KiB 5fc048fa19f9c1c7e28de5fbdc86a2e63ef77838859ce873722b8299a4333f25
openbsc_0.15.0-3.debian.tar.xz 11.8 KiB 480d4fd3ee0ba9ddbb88ac26b63d4dad00796c57caf8684429b4efe1c37a20ac

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Binary packages built by this source

openbsc-dev: Header file needed by tools tightly integrated

 Some other programs depend on gsm_data_shared.h and gsm_data_shared.c
 from OpenBSC. This package installs these files to your file system so
 that the other packages can build-depend on this package.
 The header file is installed to /usr/include/osmocom/openbsc, while
 the .c file is installed to /usr/src/osmocom/openbsc.

osmocom-bs11-utils: Command line utilities for Siemens BS-11 BTS

 There is a tool in this package for configuring the Siemens BS-11 BTS.
 Additionally, it contains one tool for making use of an ISDN-card and the
 public telephone network as frequency standard for the E1 line.

osmocom-bs11-utils-dbgsym: debug symbols for osmocom-bs11-utils
osmocom-bsc: GSM Base Station Controller

 This is the BSC-only version of OpenBSC. It requires a Mobile Switching Center
 (MSC) to operate.
 You might rather prefer to use osmocom-nitb which is considered a
 "GSM Network-in-a-Box" and does not depend on a MSC.

osmocom-bsc-dbgsym: debug symbols for osmocom-bsc
osmocom-bsc-nat: Osmocom Base Station Controller Network Address Translation

 This NAT is useful for masquerading multiple BSCs behind one. It listens
 for incoming BSCs on port 5000 and connects to a specified Mobile Switching
 Center (MSC).
 This package is part of OpenBSC and closely related to osmocom-bsc.

osmocom-bsc-nat-dbgsym: debug symbols for osmocom-bsc-nat
osmocom-gbproxy: Osmocom GPRS Gb Interface Proxy

 The purpose of the Gb proxy is to aggregate the Gb links of multiple
 BSS's and present them in one Gb link to the SGSN.
 This package is part of OpenBSC and closely related to osmocom-sgsn.

osmocom-gbproxy-dbgsym: debug symbols for osmocom-gbproxy
osmocom-ipaccess-utils: Command line utilities for ip.access nanoBTS

 This package contains utilities that are specific for nanoBTS when being used
 together with OpenBSC. It contains mainly three tools: ipaccess-find,
 ipaccess-config and ipaccess-proxy.

osmocom-ipaccess-utils-dbgsym: debug symbols for osmocom-ipaccess-utils
osmocom-nitb: GSM Network-in-a-Box, implements BSC, MSC, SMSC, HLR, VLR

 This is the Network-in-a-Box version of OpenBSC. It has all the GSM network
 components bundled together. When using osmocom-nitb, there is no need for a
 Mobile Switching Center (MSC) which is needed when using osmocom-bsc.

osmocom-nitb-dbgsym: debug symbols for osmocom-nitb
osmocom-sgsn: Osmocom Serving GPRS Support Node

 This is an implementation of the GPRS Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN). As
 such it implements the GPRS Mobility Management (GMM) and SM (Session
 The SGSN connects via the Gb-interface to the BSS (like the osmo-pcu or an
 ip.access nanoBTS), and it connects via the GTP protocol to a Gateway GPRS
 Support Node (GGSN) like openggsn.

osmocom-sgsn-dbgsym: debug symbols for osmocom-sgsn