openldap 2.4.46+dfsg-2ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


openldap (2.4.46+dfsg-2ubuntu1) cosmic; urgency=low

  * Merge from Debian unstable.  Remaining changes:
    - Enable AppArmor support:
      - d/apparmor-profile: add AppArmor profile
      - d/rules: use dh_apparmor
      - d/control: Build-Depends on dh-apparmor
      - d/slapd.README.Debian: add note about AppArmor
    - Enable GSSAPI support:
      - d/patches/gssapi.diff, thanks to Jerry Carter (Likewise):
        - Add --with-gssapi support
        - Make guess_service_principal() more robust when determining
      - d/configure.options: Configure with --with-gssapi
      - d/control: Added heimdal-dev as a build depend
      - d/rules:
        - Explicitly add -I/usr/include/heimdal to CFLAGS.
        - Explicitly add -I/usr/lib/<multiarch>/heimdal to LDFLAGS.
    - Enable ufw support:
      - d/control: suggest ufw.
      - d/rules: install ufw profile.
      - d/slapd.ufw.profile: add ufw profile.
    - Enable nss overlay:
      - d/{patches/nssov-build,rules}: Apply, build and package the
        nss overlay.
    - d/{rules,}: Add apport hook.
    - d/slapd.init.ldif: don't set olcRootDN since it's not defined in
      either the default DIT nor via an Authn mapping.
    - d/slapd.scripts-common:
      - add slapcat_opts to local variables.
      - Fix backup directory naming for multiple reconfiguration.
    - d/{slapd.default,slapd.README.Debian}: use the new configuration style.
    - d/rules: Enable -DLDAP_CONNECTIONLESS to build CLDAP (UDP) support
      in the openldap library, as required by Likewise-Open
    - Show distribution in version:
      - d/control: added lsb-release
      - d/patches/fix-ldap-distribution.patch: show distribution in version
    - d/libldap-2.4-2.symbols: Add symbols not present in Debian.
      - CLDAP (UDP) was added in 2.4.17-1ubuntu2
      - GSSAPI support was enabled in 2.4.18-0ubuntu2

openldap (2.4.46+dfsg-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Remove version constraint from libldap-2.4-2 dependency on libldap-common.

openldap (2.4.46+dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Move the repository to Salsa.
    Update debian/control Vcs-* fields.
  * Remove Matthijs Möhlmann from Uploaders. (Closes: #891308)
    Thank you Matthijs for your past contributions.
  * New upstream release.
    - fixed slapd out-of-sync issue with delta-MMR and memberof overlay
      (ITS#8444) (Closes: #877166)
  * Rebase patch no-AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE to apply cleanly.
  * Drop patch ITS8650-retry-gnutls_handshake-after-GNUTLS_E_AGAIN, applied
  * Really fix upgrades when the config contains backslash-escaped special
    characters. The previous fix was incomplete and didn't fully fix upgrades
    involving a database reload. (Closes: #864719)
  * Update Standards-Version to 4.1.4.
    - Change the Priority of libldap-2.4-2 and libldap-common to optional.
  * Change download URL in debian/watch to https. Fixes a Lintian info.
  * Override the binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath Lintian tag for slapd-smbk5pwd.
    The rpath is set by krb5-config.heimdal; see bug #868840.

 -- Gianfranco Costamagna <email address hidden>  Fri, 04 May 2018 10:19:24 +0200

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Binary packages built by this source

ldap-utils: OpenLDAP utilities

 This package provides utilities from the OpenLDAP (Lightweight
 Directory Access Protocol) package. These utilities can access a
 local or remote LDAP server and contain all the client programs
 required to access LDAP servers.

ldap-utils-dbgsym: debug symbols for ldap-utils
libldap-2.4-2: OpenLDAP libraries

 These are the run-time libraries for the OpenLDAP (Lightweight Directory
 Access Protocol) servers and clients.

libldap-2.4-2-dbgsym: debug symbols for libldap-2.4-2
libldap-common: OpenLDAP common files for libraries

 These are common files for the run-time libraries for the OpenLDAP
 (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) servers and clients.

libldap2-dev: OpenLDAP development libraries

 This package allows development of LDAP applications using the OpenLDAP
 libraries. It includes headers, libraries and links to allow static and
 dynamic linking.

slapd: OpenLDAP server (slapd)

 This is the OpenLDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server
 (slapd). The server can be used to provide a standalone directory

slapd-dbgsym: debug symbols for slapd
slapd-smbk5pwd: Keeps Samba and Kerberos passwords in sync within slapd.

 Extends the PasswordModify Extended Operation to update Kerberos keys
 and Samba password hashes for an LDAP user. The Kerberos support is
 written for Heimdal using its hdb-ldap backend. The Samba support is
 written using the Samba 3.0 LDAP schema.

slapd-smbk5pwd-dbgsym: debug symbols for slapd-smbk5pwd