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prayer ( unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release featuring XHTML templates and fixes to various
    bugs created by the reorganisation.
    - Drop accountd_makefile_typo.patch; fixed upstream.
  * makefile_install_config.patch: Changes to the default config: 
    - Disable SSL session caching.  
    - Clean out "direct connection stuff". Remove lock_dir since we use
      SysV semaphores.
    * Point login_prefix_path, motd_path, and login_suffix_path towards
    * Change postponed-mail and sent-mail to Drafts and Sent.
  * Improve SSL/TLS configuration:
    * makefile_install_config.patch: Point ssl_cert_file and
      ssl_privatekey_file to /etc/ssl/*/ssl-cert-snakeoil.*.
    + Add dependency on ssl-cert (>= 1.0.11).  
    + prayer.postinst: Add prayer to group ssl-cert on fresh install or
      when upgrading from versions prior to this one.
  * welcome_is_template.patch (new): Although the welcome screen is now a
    template among others, cmd_welcome.c still tried to read the file
    specified by welcome_path (welcome.html by default) and wouldn't show
    the welcome screen if the option was unset or the file couldn't be
    read. This patch removes that check as well as the welcome_path and
    help_path options from
  * No longer install welcome.html (see above) and motd.html (no real
    content) in /etc/prayer. Install login_prefix.html, login_suffix.html,
    and motd.html (the versions found in files/ in the
    distribution tarball) in /usr/share/doc/prayer/examples instead.
  * Do not install prayer-chroot (too experimental, hardcoded chroot path)
    or prayer-sem-prune (does nothing that ipcrm cannot do).
  * templates_fallback_to_compiled.patch (new): If the
    template_use_compiled option is false, nevertheless use compiled-in
    templates in template_expand.c if the requested template cannot be
    found on disk. Change default template_path to /etc/prayer/templates.
    Install said directory as well as subdirectories for available
    template sets.
  * Update and improve README.Debian.
  * Add logrotate dependency.
  * makefile_install_config.patch: Remove call to from
    files/Makefile and replace it with single tar pipeline; thus no longer needs to be patched.
  * remove_old_db_logfiles_from_prayer-ssl-prune.patch (new): Patch
    myarchive() in lib/mydb_db3.c so that it only deletes obsolete
    transaction logs if dirname = NULL, then call it (via DB->archive())
    from ssl_prune_sessions() in lib/ssl.c.
    - prayer-db-prune thus unnecessary.
  * template_find_bug.patch (new): Fix segfault in template_find() when
    template_set specifies a non-existing set. Also update default set.

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