qt-x11-free 3:3.3.8-b-8ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


qt-x11-free (3:3.3.8-b-8ubuntu1) oneiric; urgency=low

  * Merge with Debian, remaining changes:
    - Add kubuntu_06_fglrx_0_size_screen.dpatch work around fglrx reporting
      a 0 size screen.
      Closes https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qt-x11-free/+bug/81686
    - Add kubuntu_09_flickerfree_qiconview.dpatch to add
      double-buffering for the icon redraw - prevents flicker on window
      redrawing (LP: 209227)
    - No firebird/ibase build (remove build-dep, control entry, ibase
      ./configure option), firebird is not in Ubuntu main
    - Add debian/qt_plugins_3.3rc and debian/qtrc to set default style
      to plastique, edit libqt3-mt.install to install them
    - Pass the multiarch lib path to configure to fix FTBFS.

qt-x11-free (3:3.3.8b-8) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Pino Toscano ]
  * Add missing #include for ptrdiff_t, needed with GCC 4.6.
    Thanks Jonathan Riddell for the patch. (Closes: #611255)

  [ Modestas Vainius ]
  * Lower priority of Qt 3 related debian alternatives to 10. This includes
    moc, uic, lupdate, lrelease, designer, assistant, linguist, qmake, qtconfig.
  * Drop qt3-dev-tools-embedded package as it conflicts with Qt 4
  * Orphan the package:
    - set maintainer to Debian QA Group <email address hidden>;
    - remove Uploaders field;
    - remove Vcs-* fields.
 -- Felix Geyer <email address hidden>   Thu, 05 May 2011 16:56:30 +0200

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Uploaded by:
Felix Geyer on 2011-05-05
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Ubuntu Developers
Low Urgency

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Oneiric release on 2011-05-05 main libs


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qt-x11-free_3.3.8-b-8ubuntu1.dsc 2.6 KiB 40cb8a392959d6e9fc659441d55ebbdf

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Binary packages built by this source

libqt3-compat-headers: Qt 1.x and 2.x compatibility includes

 This package contains header files that are intended for build
 compatibility for applications that build with Qt3 but still use
 deprecated includes. It is meant as an intermediate solution and
 these header files are not part of the official Qt3 API.
 All sourcecode that is still using the headers of this package is
 subject to be changed to use the new header files which are in

libqt3-headers: Qt3 header files

 This package contains all header files for libqt and libqt-mt which come
 with Qt3. If you want to compile or develop programs which use Qt3, you
 have to install this package.

libqt3-i18n: i18n files for Qt3 library

 This package contains the internationalization files for the Qt library.
 Qt applications that are internationalized will need to depend on this package
 for full internationalization support of the application towards the end user.

libqt3-mt: Qt GUI Library (Threaded runtime version), Version 3

 This is the Trolltech Qt library, version 3. It's necessary for
 applications that link against the libqt-mt.so.3, e.g. all KDE3

libqt3-mt-dev: Qt development files (Threaded)

 Qt is a C++ class library optimized for graphical user interface
 development. This package contains the libqt-mt.so symlink, necessary
 for building threaded Qt applications as well as the libqui.so symlink
 and the necessary header files for libqui.so. (See README.Debian and
 the Qt Documentation for instructions on libqui.so)
 WARNING: If you plan to build some older Qt3 applications, you will
 most probably have to install the libqt3-compat-headers package. It
 contains all the headers which are not part of the official Qt3 API
 anymore but which are still used by some programs. So if you encounter
 problems with missing header files, please install this package first
 before you send a bugreport.

libqt3-mt-mysql: MySQL database driver for Qt3 (Threaded)

 This package contains the threaded MySQL plugin for Qt3. Install it if
 you intend to use or write Qt programs that are to access a MySQL DB.

libqt3-mt-odbc: ODBC database driver for Qt3 (Threaded)

 This package contains the threaded ODBC plugin for Qt3. Install it if
 you intend to use or write Qt programs that are to access an ODBC DB.

libqt3-mt-psql: PostgreSQL database driver for Qt3 (Threaded)

 This package contains the threaded PostgreSQL plugin for Qt3.
 Install it if you intend to use or write Qt programs that are
 to access a PostgreSQL DB.

libqt3-mt-sqlite: SQLite database driver for Qt3 (Threaded)

 This package contains the threaded SQLite plugin for Qt3. Install
 it if you intend to use or write Qt programs that are to access an
 SQLite DB.

qt-x11-free-dbg: debugging symbols for qt-x11-free binaries

 This package contains the debugging symbols associated with qt-x11-free.
 They will automatically be used by gdb for debugging Qt-related

qt3-apps-dev: Qt3 Developer applications development files

 This package is intended for developers who want to develop applications
 using the additional static libraries that ship with the applications
 included with Qt; the Qt Designer and the Qt Assistant.
 It allows integrating additional enhancements into the Qt Designer
 respectively faciliate the Qt Assistant from within your Qt application
 to interactively call the Assistant for displaying online help that the
 developer includes with his application.

qt3-assistant: The Qt3 assistant application

 This package contains the Qt3 Assistant, an easy to use frontend for
 the complete Qt3 documentation and serves as an online help viewer for
 any Qt program that wants to give the users access to online help.
 Within the Qt tools it is used as the help viewer for the online help
 for the Qt3 Designer and Linguist as well as qmake and the Qt 3 API
 Developers of Qt Application who want to faciliate the Qt Assistant for online
 help display should refer to the README.Debian file for libqt3-mt-dev and
 the package qt3-apps-dev.

qt3-designer: graphical designer for Qt3 applications

 The Qt Designer is a GUI design program that interactively lets you
 construct user interfaces for the Qt library. Additionally it lets you
 create whole project and works together with the database drivers
 provided by Qt to create applications with easy database access through
 Qt. The resulting user interface files can then be converted to
 C++ classes using the uic commandline utility which is usually done
 automatically for the developer with a project management with qmake
 or automake.

qt3-dev-tools: Qt3 development tools

 This package contains all tools that are necessary to build programs
 that are written using Qt3. These are: qmake, uic and moc.
 For Qt3 development, you most likely want to install this package.

qt3-dev-tools-compat: Conversion utilities for Qt3 development

 This package contains some older Qt tools (namely qt20fix qtrename140,
 qm2ts, mergetr, findtr and msg2qm). These tools are needed only by
 application developers who need to migrate any Qt application written
 for Qt 1.x or 2.x over to Qt 3.x. The purpose of the tools are to
 help fixing the changes with include file renaming as well as migrating
 the message file format of Qt 2 translation files or any gettext-based
 translation system to the Qt 3 system.

qt3-doc: Qt3 API documentation

 This package contains the complete API documentation for Qt3.
 Examples to coding are in qt3-examples. The documentation is provided
 in HTML and manpage format; the HTML version can be viewed in conjunction
 with the Qt Assistant.

qt3-examples: Examples for Qt3

 These are examples provided with Qt3. They may be especially useful for
 you if you are learning to program in Qt as they cover quite a lot of
 things that are possible with Qt3.

qt3-linguist: The Qt3 Linguist

 This package contains the Qt3 Linguist which provides translators a
 tool perfect for translating any Qt-based application into other
 languages and can be used and installed independently of any Qt
 development files by the translator.

qt3-qtconfig: The Qt3 Configuration Application

 The Qt Configuration program allows endusers to configure the look
 and behavior of any Qt3 application. It is mostly only necessary
 on systems which don't run KDE because the KDE control center already
 covers this configuration automatically for the users Qt3 applications
 according to his desktop settings in KDE. However, if you need to run
 CJK-fonts or other non-latin scripts, you will most likely want to
 install this package.