snapcraft 2.35+17.10 source package in Ubuntu


snapcraft (2.35+17.10) artful; urgency=medium

  [ Sergio Schvezov ]
  * pluginhandler: error out on scriptlet errors
  * meta: ensure main keys are ordered in snap.yaml
  * demos: remove the py?-project demos
  * store: switch to new endpoints
  * static: fix flake8 errors in
  * docker: add the environment variable to setup core (#1576)
  * cli: add the pack command (#1565)
  * store: handle revoked developers (#1554)
  * lifecycle: split into its own package (#1626)
  * libraries: exclude the full set of libc6 (#1632)
  * lxd: better surfacing of errors (#1647)
  * tests: fork skip into snaps_tests (#1652)
  * sources: use arfile to extract debs (#1729)
  * tests: dotnet only works on 16.04 (#1732)
  * unit tests: make the check for output less strict (#1738)
  * New upstream release (LP: #1729417)

  [ Kyle Fazzari ]
  * project_loader: aliases are deprecated
  * catkin plugin: don't assume catkin is in underlay
  * catkin plugin: only append PYTHONPATH if set
  * plugins: extract python finder functions
  * plugins: extract sitecustomize logic from python
  * dirs: set plugin, schema, and library dir for snap
  * plugins: extract pip from python plugin
  * catkin plugin: support rosdep pip dependencies (#1581)
  * plugins: add ros2 boostrapper (#1582)
  * travis: run snapd tests only if not cron (#1592)
  * snapcraft.yaml: don't re-use build dir (#1601)
  * schema: improve invalid app, hook, and part errors (#1615)
  * plugins: build-attributes is already in the state (#1620)
  * tests: skip catkin test on non-xenial (#1621)
  * tests: don't hit internet in ros2 units (#1619)
  * states: add scriptlets to build state (#1618)
  * schema: sync patterns with snapd (#1622)
  * snap: remove leaking LD_LIBRARY_PATH (#1635)
  * store: guide to account creation upon login (#1616)
  * repo: add elementary to deb distros (#1637)
  * internal: more gracefully determine host OS (#1636)
  * integration tests: skip shared ROS test on non-xenial (#1656)
  * internal: don't reuse variable in OsRelease (#1653)
  * integration tests: remove ruby version (#1727)
  * unit tests: reset log level after test (#1735)
  * autotools: cross-compile using --host instead of env (#1654)
  * catkin plugin: check for pip packages in part only (#1717)
  * ruby plugin: be smarter about arch-specific paths (#1730)
  * demo tests: bump catkin timeout by a lot (#1731)
  * many: account for python shebang args in rewrite

  [ Leo Arias ]
  * typo: replace occured with occurred
  * node plugin: record installed node packages in manifest
  * node plugin: record the yarn.lock file
  * tests: fix the TEST_STORE environment variable
  * tests: add integration tests for build snaps
  * recording: record the machine information collected by uname
  * tests: add unit tests for the ruby plugin
  * recording: record the packages installed in the  machine
  * tests: simplify a little the data in nodejs unit tests
  * ci: use travis conditionals
  * recording: record build-snaps installed during the pull
  * tests: replace the first batch of demo tests with snapd integration tests
  * rust plugin: record the Cargo.lock file
  * rust plugin: record the versions of rustup, rustc and cargo
  * tests: move ruby demo test to snapd integration suite (#1596)
  * recording: record the snaps installed on the machine (#1567)
  * style: use dedent for multiline strings (#1584)
  * tests: refactor the fake snapd to not hardcode values (#1569)
  * code style: remove the extra quotes in the dedent example (#1594)
  * recording: do not crash when snapd is not installed (#1598)
  * tests: fix the skip of snapd integration tests in armhf (#1595)
  * tests: fix the duplicate plainbox test scenarios (#1608)
  * tests: reenable the cleanbuild integration test (#1610)
  * tests: remove the duplicate nodejs integration tests (#1609)
  * tests: add /snap/bin to PATH in autopkgtests (#1603)
  * tests: add the slow tag for ros snapd integration test (#1602)
  * lxd: fix the unit test for the user id map (#1629)
  * tests: allow to select a suite when running autopkgtests (#1630)
  * tests: use the snapcraft snap for the integration tests (#1625)
  * tests: move the plainbox test to the integration suite (#1642)
  * lxd: fix the push in container builds (#1644)
  * tests: use the common base handler on the fake snapd server (#1724)
  * tests: split the integration autopkgtests (#1716)
  * tests: in autopkgtests, use a tempdir in home, not in the tmpfs (#1657)
  * recording: record information from the image in container builds  (#1633)
  * recording: pass the build info flag to the container (#1736)
  * tests: add the home plug to the plainbox snap (#1740)

  [ Christian Dywan ]
  * lxd: mount project folder via sshfs in case of a remote (#1302)
  * lxd: Only pass target arch if specified explicitly
  * repo: friendly, helpful error for unsupported distros (#1586)
  * lxd: instructions for /etc/sub{u,g}id after failed start (#1553)
  * lxd: pass SNAPCRAFT_PARTS_URI through into container (#1585)
  * lxd: use SUDO_UID for ID mapping (#1588)
  * lxd: don't inject local snaps on a different arch (#1577)
  * lxd: don't re-inject the same snaps (#1568)
  * lxd: split container classes into different files (#1627)
  * cli: update parts cache in the container (#1546)
  * lifecycle: clean after deleting container (#1587)
  * lxd: snapcraft refresh in containers (#1412)
  * lxd: distinguish argless clean from clean -s pull (#1655)
  * lxd: refresh remote container (#1739)
  * cli: pass remote from container_config to clean method (#1737)

  [ Mark Lee ]
  * project_loader: quote more environment variable values (#1578)

  [ James Beedy ]
  * ruby plugin: new plugin

  [ Aleix Pol ]
  * repo: return a proper value in DummyRepo
  * common: do not fail over on empty or faulty lines in os-release

  [ Jeff Dickey ]
  * ci: install git in Dockerfile for '{version: git}' usage (#1575)

  [ Michael Vogt ]
  * meta: add and adapter property for apps

  [ Chris Ratliff ]
  * catkin plugin: allow ROS_MASTER_URI change (#1572)

  [ Rakesh Singh ]
  * dotnet plugin: new plugin (#1574)

  [ Martin Wimpress ]
  * nodejs plugin: update default node engine to 6.11.4 (#1589)

  [ Colin Watson ]
  * options: fix core-dynamic-linker on ppc64el/s390x (#1600)

  [ Paolo Pisati ]
  * kbuild plugin: if the parts build dir already contains a .config file, return immediately (#1606)
  * cross compilation: enable cross compilation of i386 kernel on x86-64 … (#1613)

  [ Jonathan Cave ]
  * plainbox-provider plugin: init PROVIDERPATH (#1611)

  [ Carlo Lobrano ]
  * store: fix StoreReleaseError format for BAD REQUEST error (#1599)
  * sources: get svn revision with --show-item flag (#1648)
  * Removed dependency on VERSION_ID in os-release (#1623)

  [ Alfonso Sanchez Beato ]
  * kernel plugin: use latest stable core snap (#1624)

  [ Nathan Haines ]
  * ruby plugin: new stable release 2.4.2 (#1645)

  [ Marius Gripsgard ]
  * sources: workaround for ZipFile.extractall not preserving permissions (#1723)

 -- Sergio Schvezov <email address hidden>  Wed, 01 Nov 2017 19:41:33 +0000

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 a single toolset, but instead is a collection of tools that enable the
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snapcraft-examples: examples and demos for snapcraft

 Snapcraft aims to make upstream developers' lives easier and as such is not
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