snapd 2.28.4~14.04 source package in Ubuntu


snapd (2.28.4~14.04) trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1714984
    - interfaces/opengl: don't udev tag nvidia devices and use snap-
      confine instead
    - debian: fix replaces/breaks for snap-xdg-open (thanks to apw!)

snapd (2.28.3~14.04) trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1714984
    - interfaces/lxd: lxd slot implementation can also be an app

snapd (2.28.2~14.04) trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1714984
    - interfaces: fix udev rules for tun
    - release,cmd,dirs: Redo the distro checks to take into account
      distribution families

snapd (2.28.1~14.04) trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1714984
    - snap-confine: update apparmor rules for fedora based basesnaps
    - snapstate: rename refresh hook to post-refresh for consistency

snapd (2.28~14.04) trusty; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release, LP: #1714984
    - hooks: rename refresh to after-refresh
    - snap-confine: bind mount /usr/lib/snapd relative to snap-confine
    - cmd,dirs: treat "liri" the same way as "arch"
    - snap-confine: fix base snaps on core
    - hooks: substitute env vars when executing hooks
    - interfaces: updates for default, browser-support, desktop, opengl,
      upower and stub-resolv.conf
    - cmd,dirs: treat manjaro the same as arch
    - systemd: do not run auto-import and repair services on classic
    - packaging/fedora: Ensure vendor/ is empty for builds and fix spec
      to build current master
    - many: fix TestSetConfNumber missing an Unlock and other fragility
    - osutil: adjust StreamCommand tests for golang 1.9
    - debian: improve package description
    - interfaces: add netlink kobject uevent to hardware observe
    - debian: update trusted account-keys check on 14.04 packaging
    - interfaces/network-{control,observe}: allow receiving
      kobject_uevent() messages
    - tests: fix lxd test for external backend
    - snap-confine,snap-update-ns: add -no-pie to fix FTBFS on
    - corecfg: mock "systemctl" in all corecfg tests
    - tests: fix unit tests on Ubuntu 14.04
    - debian: add missing flags when building static snap-exec
    - many: end-to-end support for the bare base snap
    - overlord/snapstate: SetRootDir from SetUpTest, not in just some
    - store: have an ad-hoc method on cfg to get its list of uris for
    - daemon: let client decide whether to allow interactive auth via
    - client,daemon,snap,store: add license field
    - overlord/snapstate: rename HasCurrent to IsInstalled, remove
      superfluous/misleading check from All
    - cmd/snap: SetRootDir from SetUpTest, not in just some individual
    - systemd: rename snap-repair.{service,timer} to snapd.snap-
    - snap-seccomp: remove use of x/net/bpf from tests
    - httputil: more naive per go version way to recreate a default
      transport for tls reconfig
    - cmd/snap-seccomp/main_test.go: add one more syscall for arm64
    - interfaces/opengl: use == to compare, not =
    - cmd/snap-seccomp/main_test.go: add syscalls for armhf and arm64
    - cmd/snap-repair: track and use a lower bound for the time for
      TLS checks
    - interfaces: expose bluez interface on classic OS
    - snap-seccomp: add in-kernel bpf tests
    - overlord: always try to get a serial, lazily on classic
    - tests: add nmcli regression test
    - tests: deal with __PNR_chown on aarch64 to fix FTBFS on arm64
    - tests: add autopilot-introspection interface test
    - vendor: fix artifact from manually editing vendor/vendor.json
    - tests: rename complexion to test-snapd-complexion
    - interfaces: add desktop and desktop-legacy
      interfaces/desktop: add new 'desktop' interface for modern DEs
      interfaces/builtin/desktop_test.go: use modern testing techniques
      interfaces/wayland: allow read on /etc/drirc for Plasma desktop
      interfaces/desktop-legacy: add new 'legacy' interface (currently
      for a11y and input)
    - tests: fix race in snap userd test
    - devices/iio: add read/write for missing sysfs entries
    - spread: don't set HTTPS?_PROXY for linode
    - cmd/snap-repair: check signatures of repairs from Next
    - env: set XDG_DATA_DIRS for wayland
    - interfaces/{default,account-control}: Use username/group instead
      of uid/gid
    - interfaces/builtin: use udev tagging more broadly
    - tests: add basic lxd test
    - wrappers: ensure bash completion snaps install on core
    - vendor: use old to build on
      powerpc again
    - docs: add
    - interfaces: fix network-manager plug
    - hooks: do not error out when hook is optional and no hook handler
      is registered
    - cmd/snap: add userd command to replace snapd-xdg-open
    - tests: new regex used to validate the core version on extra snaps
    - snap: add new `snap switch` command
    - tests: wait more and more debug info about fakestore start issues
    - apparmor,release: add better apparmor detection/mocking code
    - interfaces/i2c: adjust sysfs rule for alternate paths
    - interfaces/apparmor: add missing call to dirs.SetRootDir
    - cmd: "make hack" now also installs snap-update-ns
    - tests: copy files with less verbosity
    - cmd/snap-confine: allow using additional libraries required by
    - packaging/fedora: Merge changes from Fedora Dist-Git
    - snapstate: improve the error message when classic confinement is
      not supported
    - tests: add test to ensure amd64 can run i386 syscall binaries
    - tests: adding extra info for fakestore when fails to start
    - tests: install most important snaps
    - cmd/snap-repair: more test coverage of filtering
    - squashfs: remove runCommand/runCommandWithOutput as we do not need
    - cmd/snap-repair: ignore superseded revisions, filter on arch and
    - hooks: support for refresh hook
    - Partial revert "overlord/devicestate, store: update device auth
      endpoints URLs"
    - cmd/snap-confine: allow reading /proc/filesystems
    - cmd/snap-confine: genearlize apparmor profile for various lib
    - corecfg: fix proxy.* writing and add integration test
    - corecfg: deal with system.power-key-action="" correctly
    - vendor: update vendor.json after (presumed) manual edits
    - cmd/snap: in `snap info`, don't print a newline between tracks
    - daemon: add polkit support to /v2/login
    - snapd,snapctl: decode json using Number
    - client: fix go vet 1.7 errors
    - tests: make 17.04 shellcheck clean
    - tests: remove TestInterfacesHelp as it breaks when go-flags
    - snapstate: undo a daemon restart on classic if needed
    - cmd/snap-repair: recover brand/model from
      /var/lib/snapd/seed/assertions checking signatures and brand
    - spread: opt into unsafe IO during spread tests
    - snap-repair: update snap-repair/runner_test.go for API change in
    - cmd/snap-repair: skeleton code around actually running a repair
    - tests: wait until the port is listening after start the fake store
    - corecfg: fix typo in tests
    - cmd/snap-repair: test that redirects works during fetching
    - osutil: honor SNAPD_UNSAFE_IO for testing
    - vendor: explode and make more precise our golang.go/x/crypto deps,
      use same version as Debian unstable
    - many: sanitize NewStoreStack signature, have shared default store
      test private keys
    - systemd: disable `Nice=-5` to fix error when running inside lxd
    - spread.yaml: update delta ref to 2.27
    - cmd/snap-repair: use E-Tags when refetching a repair to retry
    - interfaces/many: updates based on chromium and mrrescue denials
    - cmd/snap-repair: implement most logic to get the next repair to
      run/retry in a brand sequence
    - asserts/assertstest: copy headers in SigningDB.Sign
    - interfaces: convert uhid to common interface and test cases
      improvement for time_control and opengl
    - many tests: move all panicing fake store methods to a common place
    - asserts: add store assertion type
    - interfaces: don't crash if content slot has no attributes
    - debian: do not build with -buildmode=pie on i386
    - wrappers: symlink completion snippets when symlinking binaries
    - tests: adding more debug information for the interfaces-cups-
      control …
    - apparmor: pass --quiet to parser on load unless SNAPD_DEBUG is set
    - many: allow and support serials signed by the 'generic' authority
      instead of the brand
    - corecfg: add proxy configuration via `snap set core
    - interfaces: a bunch of interfaces test improvement
    - tests: enable regression and completion suites for opensuse
    - tests: installing snapd for nested test suite
    - interfaces: convert lxd_support to common iface
    - interfaces: add missing test for camera interface.
    - snap: add support for parsing snap layout section
    - cmd/snap-repair: like for downloads we cannot have a timeout (at
      least for now), less aggressive retry strategies
    - overlord: rely on more conservative ensure interval
    - overlord,store: no piles of return args for methods gathering
      device session request params
    - overlord,store: send model assertion when setting up device
    - interfaces/misc: updates for unity7/x11, browser-
      support, network-control and mount-observe
      interfaces/unity7,x11: update for NETLINK_KOBJECT_UEVENT
      interfaces/browser-support: update sysfs reads for
      newer browser versions, interfaces/network-control: rw for
      ieee80211 advanced wireless interfaces/mount-observe: allow read
      on sysfs entries for block devices
    - tests: use dnf --refresh install to avert stale cache
    - osutil: ensure TestLockUnlockWorks uses supported flock
    - interfaces: convert lxd to common iface
    - tests: restart snapd to ensure re-exec settings are applied
    - tests: fix interfaces-cups-control test
    - interfaces: improve and tweak bunch of interfaces test cases.
    - tests: adding extra worker for fedora
    - asserts,overlord/devicestate: support predefined assertions that
      don't establish foundational trust
    - interfaces: convert two hardware_random interfaces to common iface
    - interfaces: convert io_ports_control to common iface
    - tests: fix for  upgrade test on fedora
    - daemon, client, cmd/snap: implement snap start/stop/restart
    - cmd/snap-confine: set _FILE_OFFSET_BITS to 64
    - interfaces: covert framebuffer to commonInterface
    - interfaces: convert joystick to common iface
    - interfaces/builtin: add the spi interface
    - wrappers, overlord/snapstate/backend: make link-snap clean up on
    - interfaces/wayland: add wayland interface
    - interfaces: convert kvm to common iface
    - tests: extend upower-observe test to cover snaps providing slots
    - tests: enable main suite for opensuse
    - interfaces: convert physical_memory_observe to common iface
    - interfaces: add missing test for optical_drive interface.
    - interfaces: convert physical_memory_control to common iface
    - interfaces: convert ppp to common iface
    - interfaces: convert time-control to common iface
    - tests: fix failover test
    - interfaces/builtin: rework for avahi interface
    - interfaces: convert broadcom-asic-control to common iface
    - snap/snapenv: document the use of CoreSnapMountDir for SNAP
    - packaging/arch: drop patches merged into master
    - cmd: fix mustUnsetenv docstring (thanks to Chipaca)
    - release: remove default from VERSION_ID
    - tests: enable regression, upgrade and completion test suites for
    - tests: restore interfaces-account-control properly
    - overlord/devicestate, store: update device auth endpoints URLs
    - tests: fix install-hook test failure
    - tests: download core and ubuntu-core at most once
    - interfaces: add common support for udev
    - overlord/devicestate: fix, don't assume that the serial is backed
      by a 1-key chain
    - cmd/snap-confine: don't share /etc/nsswitch from host
    - store: do not resume a download when we already have the whole
    - many: implement "snap logs"
    - store: don't call useDeltas() twice in quick succession
    - interfaces/builtin: add kvm interface
    - snap/snapenv: always expect /snap for $SNAP
    - cmd: mark arch as non-reexecing distro
    - cmd: fix tests that assume /snap mount
    - gitignore: ignore more build artefacts
    - packaging: add current arch packaging
    - interfaces/unity7: allow receiving media key events in (at least)
    - interfaces/many, cmd/snap-confine: miscellaneous policy updates
    - interfaces/builtin: implement broadcom-asic-control interface
    - interfaces/builtin: reduce duplication and remove cruft in
    - tests: apply underscore convention for SNAPMOUNTDIR variable
    - interfaces/greengrass-support: adjust accesses now that have
      working snap
    - daemon, client, cmd/snap: implement "snap services"
    - tests: fix refresh tests not stopping fake store for fedora
    - many: add the interface command
    - overlord/snapstate/backend: some copydata improvements
    - many: support querying and completing assertion type names
    - interfaces/builtin: discard empty Validate{Plug,Slot}
    - cmd/snap-repair:  start of Runner, implement first pass of Peek
      and Fetch
    - tests: enable main suite on fedora
    - snap: do not always quote the snap info summary
    - vendor: update go-flags to address crash in "snap debug"
    - interfaces: opengl support pci device and vendor
    - many: start implenting "base" snap type on the snapd side
    - arch,release: map armv6 correctly
    - many: expose service status in 'snap info'
    - tests: add browser-support interface test
    - tests: disable snapd-notify for the external backend
    - interfaces: Add /run/uuid/request to openvswitch
    - interfaces: add password-manager-service implicit classic
    - cmd: rework reexec detection
    - cmd: fix re-exec bug when starting from snapd 2.21
    - tests: dependency packages installed during prepare-project
    - tests: remove unneeded check for re-exec in InternalToolPath()
    - cmd,tests: fix classic confinement confusing re-execution code
    - store: configurable base api
    - tests: fix how package lists are updated for opensuse and fedora

 -- Michael Vogt <email address hidden>  Wed, 11 Oct 2017 19:40:57 +0200

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