splashy 0.3.2 source package in Ubuntu


splashy (0.3.2) unstable; urgency=low
  The 'mbiebl is our favorite beta-tester' release

  [ Tim Dijkstra ]
  * Start /etc/init.d/splashy after we have /proc. That is at S03.
    also first remove the links in postinst. We have changed the
    location. (closes: #410897, #410623, #410861)
  * Really remove splashy-init. (closes: #410898)
  * Source lsb functions before using them (closes: #410896)
  * Fix autogen.sh to also accept automake 10
  * Install the right /etc/default/splashy
  * Don't fade in the default theme
  * initramfs-tools/hooks/libsplashy: don't yell if uswsusp.conf is not there

splashy (0.3.1) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Otavio Salvador ]
  * Disable JPEG support since doesn't make sense since we already do for
    GIF and PNG:
    - debian/control: libsplashy0 doesn't need libdirectfb-extra anymore;
    - src/Makefile.am:
      . remove jpeg com directfb-config calls;
      . remove JPEG symbols from DFBHACK variable;
    - themes/default:
      . convert all jpeg files to png;
      . themes.xml changed according;
    - Makefile.am: change theme files according;
    - scripts/initramfs-tools/hooks/libsplashy.in: remove jpeg library;
  * debian/rules: create make-snapshot target to be easier to make
    development snapshots;

  [ Tim Dijkstra ]
  * Add libsplashy to the depends of libsplashy-dev (closes: #410348)
  * Fix 64bit build (Use socklen_t instead of size_t) (closes: #410395)
  * Make init script trigger on (no)splash on the kernel command line
    (closes: #410662)
  * Remove GIF support too.
  * Add a suspend.png image.

splashy (0.3.0) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Otavio Salvador ]
  * Drop all patches since they were merged in upstream repository.
  * Don't use CDBS tarball mode anymore.
  * Fix a control Depends invalid field.
  * Stop using control.in file.
  * Use debhelper compatibility level 5.
  * Simplify initramfs support installation on package.
  * Include libdirectfb-extra as dependency.
  * Make this a native package
  * Prevent kbd (a console-tools altenative) from being run when splashy
    is running.

  [ Tim Dijkstra ]
  * Build libsplahy0 and libsplashy0-dev.
  * Build only splashy statically
  * Rewrite initramfs-scripts/hook to install all necessary
    files and libraries.
  * Fix install targets (closes: 404303)
  * Use /lib/init/rw/splashy for storage of steps file (closes: 405240)
  * Reimplement steps calculation with things present in /bin
  * Prevent console-tools from being run when splashy is (closes: 405235)
  * Install /etc/directfbrc on initramfs (closes:  406110)
  * Remove splashy_pgrep, it is obsolete
  * Install manpages in correct place
  * Lots of autofoo cleanups
  * The themes have a new XML schema

 -- Adrien Cunin <email address hidden>   Wed,  07 Mar 2007 22:03:23 +0000

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