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stress-ng (0.09.28-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Makefile: bump version
  * stress-zlib: rename variable i to j to fix variable shadowing
  * stress-prctl: make function stress_prctl_child static
  * stress-fanotify: remove shadow'd declaration of ret
  * stress-access: remove redundant declaration of ret
  * stress-sysbaddaddr: fix indenting
  * stress-flock: fix indenting
  * stress-enosys: fix indenting
  * test/test-modify-ldt: return ret to stop clang warning
  * test/test-pselect: make rfds, wfds static, stop clang warnings
  * stress-clone: put statements of if block in { }
  * stress-shm-sysv: voidify return from shmctl call
  * stress-prctl: voidify return from prctl system call
  * stress-clone: voidify return from modify_ldt system call
  * stress-iomix: fix early termination due to incorrect bogo ops
  * Manual: update thread information for memthrash stressor
  * stress-memthrash: add warning and hint about sub-optimal stressor
  * stress-af-alg: fix errno = ENOENT assignment, should be == comparison
  * stress-set: add autodetect for setregid, setresgid, setresuid,
  * stress-af-alg: skip over ciphers that may not exist
  * stress-af-alg: make ENOKEY a non-critical failure
  * stress-af-alg: forgot to add in \n
  * stress-af-alg: expand error message to capture more information
  * stress-shm-sysv: add exercising for SHM_SET for linux only
  * stress-shm-sysv: add SHM_LOCK/SHM_UNLOCK commands
  * stress-mq: POSIX mq on linux allows one to read MQ status, add this
  * stress-af-alg: add crc32c
  * syscalls.txt: update swapon/swapoff info
  * stress-hsearch: fix spelling mistake in comment
  * syscalls: update statx and umount system calls
  * stress-chown: add lchown system call
  * stress-xattr: exercise the filename based xattr system calls
  * stress-pthread: use tgkill and gettid system calls
  * syscalls: mark tkill as obsolete
  * syscalls: ignore ugetrlimit
  * stress-hdd: use truncate as well as the ftruncate
  * syscalls: add update to setsid
  * stress-set: add setsid call
  * stress-efivar: fix error return in efi_get_variable
  * split mlocked region into mlocked text segment and mlocked data segment
  * stress-ng.h: add empty macro definitions for ALIGNED and SECTION
  * stress-efivar: add ioctl and fstat exercising on efivar fd's
  * test/test-setpgid: don't pass -ve args
  * stress-set: voidify returns to discard warnings
  * Add set stressor

 -- Colin King <email address hidden>  Fri, 25 May 2018 16:18:12 +0100

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Colin Ian King on 2018-05-25
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Colin Ian King
Medium Urgency

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stress-ng: tool to load and stress a computer

 stress-ng can stress various subsystems of a computer. It can stress load
 CPU, cache, disk, memory, socket and pipe I/O, scheduling and much more.
 stress-ng is a re-write of the original stress tool by Amos Waterland but
 has many additional features such as specifying the number of bogo operations
 to run, execution metrics, a stress verification on memory and compute
 operations and considerably more stress mechanisms.

stress-ng-dbgsym: debug symbols for stress-ng