stress-ng 0.09.32-1 source package in Ubuntu


stress-ng (0.09.32-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Makefile: bump version
  * Makefile: add .travis.yml to make dist rule
  * stress-dev-shm: reduce scope of variable ret
  * stress-fstat: add yield point to get lower-latency in stopping
  * stress-dev-shm: handle interrupted wait to fix utime accounting
  * stress-dev-shm: use shim_fallocate for older kernels that don't
    support it
  * stress-pthread: don't block threads from SIGALRM for DragonFly BSD
  * stress-pthread: don't block threads from SIGALRM for OS X
  * stress-fstat: don't block threads from SIGALRM for OS X
  * stress-dev: skip devices that are not standard chr or blk devices
  * Check for chr or blk device using S_ISCHR/S_ISBLK
  * Fall back to mutexes instead of spinlocks for OpenBSD
  * stress-iomix: make kill and wait into two phases
  * stress-msg: add extra yield points for prompt death of children
  * stress-msg: add yielding to boost performance and help NetBSD
  * shim: make FreeBSD use the emulated fallocate for the moment
  * stress-zlib: constify data, cleans up clobbering warning
  * stress-dev-shm: close fd on exit
  * stress-sigpipe: move declaration of sigpipe_count
  * Add /dev/shm memory stressor
  * stress-dev: remove duplicated BLKSSZGET ioctl
  * stress-cyclic: reformat table contents
  * stress-clock: add 4.17 CLOCK_MONOTONIC_ACTIVE clock
  * stress-mmapfixed: add new 4.17 MAP_FIXED_NOREPLACE flag
  * stress-matrix: only print matrix method on first stressor instance
  * stress-matrix: add more yield points for snappier exits
  * stress-socket-fd: remove debug message
  * stress-socket-fd: add more yield points on fd recv and closing
  * stress-sctp: handle failures more gracefully, retry rather than
  * stress-cpu: Add LIKELY hint on callfunc stressor, speeds up
    by ~0.8%
  * stress-cpu: optimize primes a little further
  * Add UNLIKEY hint on sqrt stressor, speeds up by ~3%
  * stress-cpu: add UNLIKELY hint on hanoi zero depth
  * stress-ng: call free_settings to fix memory leak on process exits
  * cache: fix removed assignment to cpu count and make buffer larger
  * cache: use sizeof types to fix segfault
  * helper: put PRAGMAs around function rather inside function
  * Use trusty dist in travis
  * Force disabling of warnings on older versions of gcc
  * Add travis build yaml
  * stress-ng: rename abort to do_abort to avoid shadowing of global
    function abort
  * stress-zlib: rename rand to rnd to avoid shadowing with global
    function rand
  * stress-zlib: rename index to idx to avoid shadowing with global
    function index
  * stress-utime: rename times to timevals to avoid shadowing with
    global function times
  * stress-sigpending: rename sigset to _sigset to avoid shadowing of
    global sigset
  * stress-rtc: rename alarm to wake_alarm to avoid shadowing with
    function alarm
  * stress-rawdev: rename function shift to shift_ul
  * stress-link: remove need for symlink argument
  * rename acct to account to avoid shadowing with function acct
  * stress-fanotify: rename mount to mnt to avoid shadowing with
    function mount
  * rename times to timespec to avoid shadowing with global function
  * stress-dev: rename stat to vt_stat to avoid shadowing with
    function stat
  * stress-cpu: rename gamma to _gamma to fix shadowing with
    function gamma
  * stress-context: rename link to uc_link to avoid shadowing with
    function link
  * stress-branch: rename index to _index inside macro to avoid
    global shadowing
  * Rename mount to mnt to ensure we don't shadow global function

 -- Colin King <email address hidden>  Wed, 27 jun 2018 19:12:17 +0100

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Colin Ian King on 2018-06-27
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Colin Ian King
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stress-ng: tool to load and stress a computer

 stress-ng can stress various subsystems of a computer. It can stress load
 CPU, cache, disk, memory, socket and pipe I/O, scheduling and much more.
 stress-ng is a re-write of the original stress tool by Amos Waterland but
 has many additional features such as specifying the number of bogo operations
 to run, execution metrics, a stress verification on memory and compute
 operations and considerably more stress mechanisms.

stress-ng-dbgsym: debug symbols for stress-ng