swish++ 6.1.5-6 source package in Ubuntu


swish++ (6.1.5-6) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Tobias Frost ]
  * QA upload.
  * Moved repository to salsa.debian.org.

  [ Ondřej Nový ]
  * d/changelog: Remove trailing whitespaces
  * d/rules: Remove trailing whitespaces
  * d/watch: Use https protocol

  [ Debian Janitor ]
  * Trim trailing whitespace.
  * Add missing ${misc:Depends} to Depends for swish++.
  * debian/rules: Use dh_prep rather than "dh_clean -k".
  * Set debhelper-compat version in Build-Depends.
  * Remove patches fix_splitmail_manpage that are missing from

  [ Håvard Flaget Aasen ]
  * Refresh all patches using quilt.
  * Change to dh sequencer. Closes: #838727
    - This includes target build-arch and build-indep. Closes: #998917
    - Build also respects DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS nostrip and noopt. Closes: #908047
  * d/watch: Bump to version 4.
  * Change capitalization on Vcs* fields.
  * Bump debhelper to 13.
  * Drop quilt as build dependency.
  * Convert d/email_indexing/nnir.el to utf-8
  * Document Root-Requires-Root.
  * Update Standards-Version to 4.6.0.

 -- Håvard Flaget Aasen <email address hidden>  Mon, 20 Dec 2021 18:22:13 +0100

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Debian QA Group
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Debian QA Group
Medium Urgency

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swish++_6.1.5-6.dsc 1.8 KiB 7dd720c939c1647f04a51e52c25587e4eacecccd07d74b711fc64113510b3f8b
swish++_6.1.5.orig.tar.gz 312.6 KiB 497b7d1f5dada146b74d82f787a1767a3713402e018b1e693cb7f6191db88d86
swish++_6.1.5-6.debian.tar.xz 40.9 KiB 4bfeed911d8a432f97849ea170d3106fabcb8503cbddb60d2ea13611e7b6a211

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swish++: Simple Document Indexing System for Humans: C++ version

 SWISH++ is a Unix-based file indexing and searching engine
 (typically used to index and search files on web sites). It
 was based on SWISH-E although SWISH++ is a complete rewrite.
 SWISH++ features:
   * Lightning-fast indexing
   * Indexes META elements, ALT, and other attributes
   * Selectively not index text within HTML or XHTML elements
   * Intelligently index mail and news files
   * Index Unix manual page files
   * Apply filters to files on-the-fly prior to indexing
   * Index non-text files such as Microsoft Office documents
   * Modular indexing architecture
   * Index new files incrementally
   * Index remote web sites
   * Handles large collections of files
   * Lightning-fast searching
   * Optional word stemming (suffix stripping)
   * Ability to run as a search server
   * Easy-to-parse results format

swish++-dbgsym: debug symbols for swish++