Patch attachments in sysvinit in Ubuntu

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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #224477: /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d calls /sbin/runlevel without DEPENDSing upstart Undecided Confirmed 72 weeks

From: Mark A. Hershberger
Link: tmp.diff


Bug #1000298: /etc/motd.tail is silently removed on upgrade of initscripts Medium Triaged 100 weeks

From: TAKAHASHI Shuhei
Link: save-etc-motd-tail.patch


Bug #415805: sulogin on serial Undecided New 243 weeks

From: glance
Link: sulogin.patch

patch to /etc/event.d/sulogin

Bug #357980: PS3: Handle swap on ps3vram automatically on boot Undecided New 262 weeks

From: Arnaud Jeansen
Link: fix357980.debdiff

explicit mkswap and swapon in checkroot.sh

Bug #303074: [intrepid] /etc/init.d/rc level parsing is fragile Undecided New 281 weeks

From: Stephan Trebels
Link: sysvinit_rc.patch

patch to set level to the first two chars after [SK]

Bug #145523: umountnfs should umount dependent dirs Wishlist Confirmed 342 weeks

From: SurJector
Link: umountnfs-ubuntu.diff


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