taglib 1.5-3 source package in Ubuntu


taglib (1.5-3) unstable; urgency=high

  * Add 02_export_more_public_functions.diff patch to TAGLIB_EXPORT some
    public functions of the id3v1 module (Closes: #485229). Urgency high
    because this breaks other software in testing.
  * Drop gcc4.2 symbols files, No longer needed as gcc 4.3 is now default on
    all architectures.

taglib (1.5-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Write symbol files for g++ 4.2 and g++ 4.3 architectures. Also handle
    symbol differences due to size_t mangling. Resolves numerous FTBFSes.

taglib (1.5-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release (Closes: #477507).
  * Set myself as maintainer (with maintainer's permission).
  * Bump debhelper compat level to 5.
  * Bump Standards-Version to 3.7.3. No changes needed.
  * Remove VCS fields from debian/control for now.
  * Add Homepage field.
  * Build with cmake & cdbs:
    - Adjust build depends.
    - Clean up debian/rules.
    - Remove libtool patch.
  * Remove all other patches - this upstream release contains all fixes.
  * Add myself to Uploaders and set DM-Upload-Allowed: yes.
  * Convert libtag1-doc.install to libtag1-doc.docs.
  * Add debian/rules target to install & rename bindings/README from the
    source tree. Remove libtag1c2a.docs.
  * taglib v1.5 dropped a few private tag classes which have never been
    exposed via public headers. Ignore missing symbols from them:
    - TagLib::CombinedTag
    - TagLib::FLAC::Tag
    - TagLib::MPEGTag
  * Add 01_gcc_visibility.diff patch which adds GCC visibility
    __attribute__ to TAGLIB_EXPORT and TAGLIB_C_EXPORT definitions.
  * 01 patch allows to build with -fvisibility=hidden and
    -fvisibility-inlines-hidden. Ignore symbols which where dropped due to
    these flags.
  * Add symbols files for libtag1c2a and libtagc0. Make two versions of
    libtag1c2a.symbols file for 32bit and 64bit arches (based on i386 and
    amd64 respectively). There are a few diffs in mangling.
    level to -c0 because symbol tables differ insignificantly among arches.
  * Add lintian overrides (libtagc0 package name mismatch with soname and
    taglib-config man page).

taglib (1.4-8.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Update patches/fix_gcc4.3_ftbfs.diff to fix g++-4.3 FTBFS, thanks to
    daniel schepler (Closes: 441604).

 -- Michael Vogt <email address hidden>   Sat,  21 Jun 2008 23:59:25 +0100

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Uploaded by:
Michael Vogt on 2008-06-21
Uploaded to:
Original maintainer:
Modestas Vainius
Very Urgent

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taglib_1.5-3.diff.gz 14.7 KiB 89dff19afaade4f272c1a916183f7076
taglib_1.5-3.dsc 1.2 KiB 7a52568e0ebd2503970ae47d6b6bbe10

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libtag1-dev: TagLib Audio Meta-Data Library [development]

 TagLib is a library for reading and editing the meta-data of several popular
 audio formats. Currently it supports both ID3v1 and ID3v2 for MP3 files, Ogg
 Vorbis comments and ID3 tags and Vorbis comments in FLAC files.
 This is the development package which contains headers and static libraries
 for the TagLib Audio Meta-Data Library.

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