texlive-bin 2009-5 source package in Ubuntu


texlive-bin (2009-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * include a patch (from upstream) to fmtutil so that multiple
    defined formats are accepted. That is the definitive fix for bug
    #557091, but the other one is necessary, too.
  * install synctex.5 man page
  * manage bibtex with alternatives, code by Андрей Парамонов

texlive-bin (2009-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * make texlive-binaries replace the (only in old-stable present)
    freetype1-tools (Closes: #560975)
  * take over forgotten patch from TL2007 for building on i386-hurd.
    The patches are now icu-xetex_hurd.diff and detex-hurd.diff
    (patches thanks to Samuel Thibault as already in TL2007, and 
    thanks for Hilmar for tracking that down) (Closes: #560800)
  * add "-Wl,--no-relax" to LDFLAGS on alpha to fix a FTBFS, thanks to
    Steve Langasek for the pointer (Closes: #557330) [hilmar-guest]
  * resurrect etex which was lost (Closes: #561768)
    - install etex from inst/bin/
    - add etex.1 to debian as it is shipped in src:texlive-base
  * include a fix for segfaults in mpost (Closes: #561500)

texlive-bin (2009-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * first upload to unstable
  * replace/conflict/provide dvi2tty to make upgrades smooth (Closes: #559120)

texlive-bin (2009-2) experimental; urgency=low

  * add replace texlive-extra-utils (<< 2008) for dvi* (reported in bug

texlive-bin (2009-1) experimental; urgency=low

  [ Frank Küster ]
  * New upstream (closes: #481060) version (pre-release, but not far from)
    with lots of internal changes, hence the upload to experimental. This
    upstream version fixes the following bugs:

    - many manpage typos, with warm thanks and a virtual QA bouquet to
      A. Costa <email address hidden>, closes: #450552, #450553, #450554,
      #450555, #450556, #450557, #450558, #450559, #450560, #464351 (the
      last was found by Joachim Breitner <email address hidden>

      [xdvi bugs]
    - closes: #336807, crashes with (breaklinks) hyperrefs
    - closes: #357462, shrinkFactor 0 is broken
    - closes: #361218, dies while printing
    - closes: #342529, unnecessarily noisy in expert mode
    - closes: #350292, please use cntl-wheel to zoom  
    - closes: #351672, please use shift-wheel to scroll left or right
    - closes: #478176, transition to texlive has lost xdvi 'grid' feature
    - closes: #461818, typo in oxdvi.1 and xdvi.1 man pages

      [mixed executables]
    - bibtex: Upstream added a patch that closes: #520920
    - dvipdfm is now a symlink to dvipdfmx. Among other problems, this
      closes: #485563
    - closes: #421464, pdfetex: Not embedding Base-14 fonts creates
      somewhat broken files
    - closes: #518536, fresh upstream of pdftex is needed (latest stable
      pdftex is 1.40.9 available)
    - #532074, 'man pdftex': missing .ds WB

    - closes: #446617, texlive-metapost: Omits font encoding from output
    - closes: #457711, texlive-metapost: mpost man page does not match reality
    - closes: #507652, make math support working in xe(la)tex and lmodern
    - closes: #489943, mktexpk does not work in directories containing
    - closes: #536795, 'man texconfig' typos (the fix also affects a
      Debian-specific patch)
    - closes: #420836, "texdoc -s" is too slow, should use ls-R database
    - closes: #459571, please include the TeXcount.pl script to do TeX
      word count
    - closes: #413652, a2ping: embedding all fonts
    - closes: #542463, vlna program missing from texlive-lang-czechslovak

  * The texlive-bin source package is now handled independently from the
    other TeXLive source packages, i.e. it is not configured in
    tpm2deb.cfg in our svn repository and the debian directory. Instead,
    it now looks more like a standard compiled package and should be
    easier to work on in case of security uploads or NMUs.
  * This also means that some of it's older binary packages, like
    texlive-metapost, have moved source package. By chance, this closes:
    #517600, #517601
  * Support a create-orig-source target in debian/rules.  The orig.tar.gz
    is now either wget'ed if we are working on a released version, or
    automatically created from a svn repository for development
  * There are now only three binary packages, texlive-binaries and the two
    library packages.  texlive-binaries Replaces/Conflicts/Provides
    texlive-base-bin in order to get a working (if not smooth)
  * Add Build-Depends: time, since the upstream Build script uses it
  * Don't install the format links, they will generated by dh_installtex
    in the other packages, also do not install the man pages for the 
  * do not install rungs, it is not necessary
  * do not install script links, they will be shipped together with
    the script itself
  * Add patch 60_unneeded_linking. These needs testing!

  [ أحمد المحمودي (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy) ]
  * debian/rules: use /usr/share/quilt/quilt.make provided by quilt and remove 
    patch-stamp & unpatch targets
  * Install changelog into libkpathsea packages
  * Add a README.source

  [ Norbert Preining ]
  * fix postinst update-alternatives, the xdvi-xaw does not have .bin anymore
  * add texlive-binaries.prerm to remove the alternative
  * add same version number to libkpathsea-dev deps on libkpathsea5 to make
    lintian happy
  * make texlive-binaries replace/conflict/provide dvipdfmx (in accordance
    with the maintainer of dvipdfmx we will phase out dvipdfmx itself)
  * new source package format "3.0 (quilt)" can be used (closes: #538557)
  * Install copyright file
  * add patch for libpoppler 0.12 (thanks to Ubuntu for inspiration)
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