ubuntu-dev-tools 0.129 source package in Ubuntu


ubuntu-dev-tools (0.129) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Colin Watson ]
  * syncpackage: Convert to new LP API, with --no-lp available for the old
    style of operation.
  * syncpackage: Require -f/--force option to overwrite Ubuntu changes.

  [ Jelmer Vernooij ]
  * Remove several tools not specific to Ubuntu that have been migrated to
    lptools (LP: #708886):
   - get-branches (renamed to lp-get-branches)
   - grab-attachments (renamed to lp-grab-attachments)
   - lp-project-upload
   - lp-list-bugs
   - lp-set-dup
   - lp-shell

  [ Stefano Rivera ]
  * syncpackage: Show changes to be synced when performing native syncs.
  * syncpackage: Check the sync blacklist.
  * syncpackage: Support --bug (extra bugs to be closed by the sync) with
    native syncs. (Bugs are closed one individually, via the API, post-sync)
  * dgetlp, submittodebian, 404main: Use unicode strings for literal strings
    containing non-ASCII characters (LP: #836661)
  * Recommend pbuilder | aptitude for get-build-deps, and exit with an error
    if neither are installed (LP: #799368)
  * get-build-deps: Tell aptitude not to follow Recommends (LP: #817500)
  * doc/requestsync.1: Document the -C option (LP: #833408)
  * ubuntutools.archive: Don't write .dsc files until we pull the entire
    source package, just hold it in memory. Avoids littering the current
    directory (LP: #838361)
  * Run harvest as part of sponsor-patch (LP: #833699)

  [ Julian Taylor ]
  * requestsync: omit dups when checking for duplicate requests (LP: #842217)

  [ Benjamin Drung ]
  * sponsor-patch: Default to not upload the package.
  * requestsync: Do not crash on user abort (Closes: #637168).

 -- Benjamin Drung <email address hidden>  Tue, 06 Sep 2011 14:31:31 +0200

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Ubuntu Developers on 2011-09-06
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Ubuntu Developers
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Binary packages built by this source

ubuntu-dev-tools: useful tools for Ubuntu developers

 This is a collection of useful tools that Ubuntu developers use to make their
 packaging work a lot easier.
 Such tools include:
  - 404main - used to check what components a package's deps are in, for
    doing a main inclusion report for example.
  - bitesize - add the 'bitesize' tag to a bug and comment that you are
    willing to help fix it.
  - check-mir - check support status of build/binary dependencies
  - check-symbols - will compare and give you a diff of the exported symbols of
    all .so files in a binary package.
  - dch-repeat - used to repeat a change log into an older release.
  - debian-distro-info - provides information about Debian's distributions.
  - dgetlp - download a source package from the Launchpad library.
  - distro-info - provides information about the distributions' releases.
  - grab-merge - grabs a merge from merges.ubuntu.com easily.
  - grep-merges - search for pending merges from Debian.
  - harvest - grabs information about development opportunities from
  - hugdaylist - compile HugDay lists from bug list URLs.
  - import-bug-from-debian - copy a bug from the Debian BTS to Launchpad
  - massfile - fill multiple bugs using a template.
  - merge-changelog - manually merges two Debian changelogs with the same base
  - mk-sbuild - script to create LVM snapshot chroots via schroot and
  - pbuilder-dist, cowbuilder-dist - wrapper script for managing several build
    chroots (for different Ubuntu and Debian releases) on the same system.
  - pull-debian-debdiff - attempts to find and download a specific version of
    a Debian package and its immediate parent to generate a debdiff.
  - pull-debian-source - downloads the lastest source package available in
    Debian of a package.
  - pull-lp-source - downloads lastest source package from Launchpad.
  - pull-revu-source - downloads the latest source package from REVU
  - requestsync - files a sync request with Debian changelog and ratione.
  - reverse-build-depends - find the reverse build dependencies that a package
  - setup-packaging-environment - assistant to get an Ubuntu installation
    ready for packaging work.
  - sponsor-patch - Downloads a patch from a Launchpad bug, patches the source
    package, and uploads it (to Ubuntu or a PPA)
  - submittodebian - automatically send your changes to Debian as a bug report.
  - syncpackage - helper to prepare .changes file to upload synced packages
  - ubuntu-build - give commands to the Launchpad build daemons from the
    command line.
  - ubuntu-distro-info - provides information about Ubuntu's distributions.
  - ubuntu-iso - output information of an Ubuntu ISO image.
  - update-maintainer - script to update maintainer field in ubuntu packages.