ubuntu-push 0.1+14.04.20140325.2-0ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu


ubuntu-push (0.1+14.04.20140325.2-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low

  [ Diogo Baeder de Paula Pinto ]
  * [r=pedronis] Adding authorization field to the ConnectMsg struct

  [ Robert Bruce Park ]
  * [r=chipaca] Minor cleanup, with wrap-and-sort.

  [ Nicola Larosa ]
  * [r=pedronis] Reflow comments so that subsequent changes are more
    readable. Only comment reflows, no other changes.
  * [r=pedronis] Clean up docs and comments, and make them look better
    in go doc. No behavior change at all.

  [ <email address hidden> ]
  * [r=pedronis] A thin wrapper around libwhoopsie/identifier.h.
  * [r=pedronis] A simplified (and more testable) dbus api
  * [r=pedronis] A simplified, testable, Network Manager wrapper
  * [r=pedronis] A super simple connectivity api (in the "am i
    connected?" sense)
  * [r=pedronis] Switched networkmanager to use the non-deprecated api
    for state.
  * [r=pedronis] moved the object proxy into the endpoint
  * [r=pedronis] Made the bus support multi-valued signals (preparatory
    for notifications). Also added tests for TestingBus.
  * [r=pedronis] notifications! first, a low-level api.
  * [r=pedronis] URLDispatcher (and extended endpoint.Call to return
  * [r=pedronis] moved a bunch of packages under bus/
  * [r=pedronis] change a few of the bus/* services to take a
    bus.Endpoint instead of a bus.Bus
  * [r=pedronis] reworked bus.Endpoint to have a Dial() method, added an
    AutoRedialer() and put the redialing logic in there (for use on
    sessionbus as well, later).
  * [r=pedronis] Nuked the connectivity example.
  * [r=pedronis] Renamed bus/connectivity's Config to
  * [r=pedronis] Introducing AutoRetry, a generic AutoRetry.
  * [r=pedronis] Made bus.Endpoint's WatchSignal use an (exported)
    channel for waiting between sending values, if the channel is not
  * [r=pedronis] The client session level map. Interesting as an
    interface and not much more, right now.
  * [r=pedronis] A wild client session appears!
  * [r=pedronis] get rid of a race in the bus/testing watchticker thing
  * [r=pedronis] The handling of the ping.
  * [r=pedronis,chipaca] Broadcasting your horizons.
  * [r=pedronis] The running man.
  * [r=pedronis] Starting to take shape.
  * [r=pedronis] Killed checkRunnable; renamed: Dial -> connect, run ->
  * [r=pedronis] Ladies and gentlemen, the client session.
  * [r=pedronis] first step of the v0 of the client
  * [r=pedronis] second step of the v0 of the client: getting the device
  * [r=pedronis] part 3: setting up the bus
  * [r=pedronis] Part 4: added State to client/session, to aid in
    testing some aspects of this.
  * [r=pedronis] added handleConnState
  * [r=pedronis] Several things: features:. * bus/testing/'s Endpoint
    now tracks Calls; call bus/testing.GetCallCargs(endp) to get the
    list. * Client.handleErr, Client.handleNotification and
    Client.handleClick (and tests) cleanups:. * renamed client's
    Client's connState to hasConnectivity * split out code from
    handleConnState into initSession/connectSession/disconnectSession
  * [r=pedronis] Several things: features:. * Client.doLoop, the puppet
    master. fixes and cleanups:. * added log_level to client config *
    added the mysterious sessionRetryCh, used in doLoop to avoid a
    rather common starvation scenario. * found a way not to panic out in
    initSession (not that it's much better) * unified logging in the
    client tests a bit * added logging to session's start error states.
  * [r=pedronis] Reworked or refactored util/redialer, and a bit of
    client/session, and client.
  * [r=pedronis] TestLogger
  * [r=pedronis] and this completes the client library (for now)
  * [r=pedronis] made GetSourceRelative look at the environ to help make
    the tests pass in packaging
  * [r=pedronis] Gave client a constructor, moved setting config file to
  * [r=pedronis] change the levelmap interface to return errors
  * [r=pedronis] this is sqlevelmap
  * [r=pedronis] bring sqlevelmap into session
  * [r=pedronis] and this gives the client the ability to persist its
    session's levelmap
  * [r=pedronis] The Push Client itself.
  * [r=diogobaeder] Merging the packaging branch (to get on the CI
  * [r=didrocks] Fixes to packaging, as suggested by didrocks.
  * Bring back source/format, so executable .install file works.

  [ Timo Jyrinki ]
  * [r=chipaca] Add http13client copyright information and use GPL-3.0
    (non-+) license consistently.

  [ Ubuntu daily release ]
  * New rebuild forced

  [ Samuele Pedroni (Canonical Services Ltd.) ]
  * [r=chipaca] and as a start we get some protocol support and a
    development server and infrastructure
  * [r=chipaca] couple of extra tests and changes to improve test
  * [r=chipaca] -insecure (don't check certs) -reportPings=f (don't
    report pings) flags for acceptanceclient
  * [r=chipaca] make the tracker used by the session for logging
  * [r=chipaca] introduce CONNACK message from the server after CONNECT
    to inform the client of connection params like ping interval
  * [r=chipaca] protocol diagrams using graphviz
  * [r=chipaca] introduce middleware in the http handling that recovers
    and converts panics into 500 errors, profit (remove 500 ad hoc code)
  * [r=bloodearnest] log some debug info about runtime configuration of
    the dev server; also tweak play-around config.json with some
    slightly saner values
  * [r=chipaca] teach config how to behave with anonymous fields,
    unexported fields, and to compose a config reading from many files;
    move some shared/sharable things into testing/
  * [r=chipaca] make server/dev into composable pieces, somewhat big
    mostly because of lots of shuffling around
  * [r=chipaca] populate /server with the runners code; generalize
  * [r=chipaca] exchanges don't require to be so tied to a particular
  * [r=chipaca] put simple broker in its own package, reorg most of its
    tests as a common testsuite; fix TestBroadcast to test what it says
    on the tin
  * [r=chipaca] introduce reusable TestBrokerConfig and
  * [r=chipaca] check that the data field is not missing
  * [r=pedronis] [trivial ]support supplying auxiliary configs to the
    server in acceptance tests
  * [r=chipaca] some more info reported out of session, some tweaks
  * [r=chipaca] add indirection to accessing the broadcast exchanges on
    the broadcast queue in the broker suite
  * [r=chipaca] fix corner cases like client level too ahead etc, with
    acceptance tests
  * [r=chipaca] base the simple logger only on having a log.Logger-style
    Output(); given this we can introduce a testing.TestLogger that does
    redirecting of logs to the gocheck.C object if wired in SetUpTest
    and also does its own capture
  * [r=chipaca] use TestLogger in more places
  * [r=chipaca] be explicit with the MinLogger interface, stops 1.1
    compiler from exploding
  * [r=pedronis] [trivial] reorg imports in: config logger protocol
    server testing as: stdlib -- 3rdparty -- own
  * [r=pedronis] [trivial] use Assert in place of Check to sanity check
    api http reqs in acceptance; use a longer ping in
  * [r=chipaca] add support for expiration of broadcasts with trivial
    implementation in the in-memory pending store
  * [r=chipaca] starting splitting out helpers in the acceptance tests
  * [r=chipaca] restructure acceptance tests into reusable suites
  * [r=chipaca] add acceptance test about broadcast expiration
  * [r=diogobaeder] simplify acceptance test; don't hide that
    MakeHandlersMux returns a *http.ServeMux
  * [r=verterok] add some flexibility in how the requests get the store;
    log unexpected store related errors
  * [r=teknico] expose a couple of helpers for reuse
  * [r=pedronis] further small doc cleanups
  * [r=teknico] * fix the fact that exchanges were reusing broadcast
    messages but the split state of those wasn't reset fix naming in
    tests that was reversed.
  * [r=teknico] refactor acceptance tests to expose more hooking
  * [r=pedronis] [trivial] variable spelling
  * [r=pedronis] [trivial] hook to massage requests sent to the http api
    server by the acceptance test suite
  * [r=chipaca] let the device listener setup code also take a prebuilt
  * [r=chipaca] vendor the go 1.3 development net/http bits which
    properly/better support timeouts for requests; see _using.txt and
    Makefile for the recipe in http13client
  * [r=chipaca] add timeing out to webhecker using the vendorized go 1.3
    net/http in http13client
  * [r=chipaca] introduce package gethosts implementing finding hosts to
    connect to for delivery of notifications

ubuntu-push (0.1-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=medium

  * Getting ready for CI train.

ubuntu-push (0.1-0pre4) trusty; urgency=medium

  * Pointing it to staging. Building a source package.

ubuntu-push (0.1-0pre3) trusty; urgency=medium

  * first one with a config file and upstart thingie!

ubuntu-push (0.1-0pre2) trusty; urgency=medium

  * A lot closer!

ubuntu-push (0.1-0pre1) trusty; urgency=low

  * Initial release
 -- Ubuntu daily release <email address hidden>   Tue, 25 Mar 2014 17:27:09 +0000

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