xserver-xorg-video-nouveau 1:0.0.10~git+20081028+cea05e1-1 source package in Ubuntu


xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (1:0.0.10~git+20081028+cea05e1-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * New upstream snapshot (Closes: #503541)
    - cea05e1... randr12: make colour-map setting less complex
    - 0e4b01a... randr12: convenience functions for vga crtc state access
    - fe9bfd9... Tidy EnterVT, and don't call it from ScreenInit
    - 3e1ccff... Condense crtc locking
    - 83b541e... Common function for the bios condition table
    - 36c6aa4... Allow more time in INIT_CONDITION_TIME (#18234)
    - bf810b3... More warnings for C51's magical unaligned regs
    - d481b5e... Rework bios parser error handling
    - 387f308... RivaTuner dumps call the `how much memory have I got?' reg 
    - bb20175... pedantry fix for nv11 locking, and some minor cleanups
    - 9aecc42... Add a function to lock/unlock all crtcs, use it in nv_bios
    - 48581da... Attempt to make the usage of cr44 rational instead of 
    - 1c7bee9... Robust nv11 head setting (from mmiotrace)
    - cf5162b... randr12: update scrn field on server regen, and emit an error
      if rotated
    - 13739cf... randr12: don't change virtualX/virtualY
    - 98a4dcb... Delete notifiers and grobjs in CloseScreen to avoid channel 
      member becoming stale on server regeneration
    - 12fce00... Remove all object with mmaps in CloseScreen, so that 
      drmClose actually calls the drm release method
    - 8e3f27a... No reason to call AccelCommonInit twice in ScreenInit, but 
      calling it in EnterVT helps resume...
    - f495fa9... nouveau_channel_free should remove mmaps made in 
    - 1cedb8e... Do frag prog allocation and shader upload in TCL init
    - 9e2c089... Only hackup shaders once
    - afc6668... cr26 is just another view of 0x3c0
    - 539f499... Use symbolic define values where known
    - 791666a... Convert CIO, DIO and VIO use to use defines from nvreg for 
      index and data reg offsets
    - a1b7f8d... Rename relevant functions, sizes and offsets to PRM.IO from 
      P.IO, in keeping with the nvidia scheme
    - 267c0ee... Name crtc index regs according to rules.xml
    - 9261c34... SaveGeneration isn't doing a lot
    - c29c190... Replace a few memsets with initializers
    - 3b53f6c... Eliminate separate NVRec ctor and dtor
    - 1b18db2... randr12: remove pointless debug in nv_output and nv_crtc
    - 240d51d... randr12: deBoolification and eliminate `override' arg to 
    - b95c3e2... Make all CR 57/58 access use the proper functions and defines
    - 9988ae5... Redo bios logging
    - 0e6a9cc... Improve some nv_bios messages, remove others
    - b175bfc... Bios register list is easier to read when sorted numerically
    - e51b49c... randr12: panels with edid have only a constant mode
    - 765494e... Remove unnecessary "Setting owner" message
  * Bump Build-Depends on libdrm-dev.

xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (1:0.0.10~git+20081012+3b53f6c-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * New upstream snapshot:
    - bf585ad... The fifo channel should be removed along with closing of the 
      fd, so only clear the client memory.
    - 8b7e424... git-log is no longer valid for git 1.6, switch to git log.
    - 933fd80... Some fixes that bring me closer to surviving to the 2nd X 
      server generation.
    - daee3c3... randr12: separate cursor pixmap location setting function
    - caf2e92... Move cursor show/hide funcs to nv_hw, document nv40 bug, and 
      set curctl2 before applying nv40 fix
    - f76074c... Use correct refclk for nv_get_clock, and use bool type as 
      appropriate in arbitration
    - bd5b807... Tidy arbitration prototypes and split randr12 cursor pixmap 
      setting from arbitration
    - 5dc41fd... Merge nv4, nv10 and nForce UpdateArbitrationSettings 
    - 0ffd012... Add PCI slot reading defines, and use them for nForce code
    - 520a76e... Some tidying of arbitration functions
    - 3ceb2b6... Reindent arbitration stuff
    - d7439fc... Wrap usleep when called in bios code
    - 62cf9f3... randr12: don't use in use (by another vga output) crtc for 
      load detect (avoids flicker)
    - f1d0fd0... Better behaviour on allocator fail
    - 2b67015... randr12: reorder nv_output functions
    - 9f4eef0... randr12: distinguish detected encoder from active encoder
    - 549cda1... Reduce includes, everything necessary is in nv_include.h
    - 30eaa0f... Oops.
    - 2481e56... Optimizing memory usage for unaccelerated case is not 
    - 19f0ea6... randr12: rename mon -> edid
    - 0cb0817... randr12: crtc destroy
    - 37adca1... Need to increment dcb entry index when fabricating 
      additional entries
    - e6b6d8c... Also remove man page entry.
    - cb1e9c1... NV50: remove {Prepare,Finish}Access since i realise now it's 
      not so useful
    - 3e397f5... NV50: The TMDS dual link threshold is meaningless for LVDS
    - 599d258... randr12: multiple encoders per connector (DVI-I)
    - 5e8ac84... nv50: 0xa0 family uses class 0x8397 for 3D
    - 9c36eef... randr12: avoid weirdness when tv-out happens to share 
      i2c_index with another output
    - 144b04a... randr12: fix dpms, detect, destroy, save and restore for 
      multiple encoders per connector
    - 2b30b89... randr12: re-do detection of dvi-a vs vga
    - 50bac3f... randr12: unify output funcs for analogue and tmds
    - 69e30e6... randr12: unified entry path for dpms
    - a794a0c... randr12: nouveau_output -> nouveau_connector
    - 0a5119b... randr12: separate encoder struct
    - 352b8fd... Another DCB 1.4/1.5 TV (#17471)
    - e8ba4e0... Only use OF bios image on PPC
    - 54b8a7e... nv50/exa: work around corruption issues (see detailed commit 
    - f8c0af3... Partly revert ea152819f45b6cf92f6742ed3f9f639cdbbd53f0, 
      alignment is needed.
    - ea15281... exa: align offscreenBase to something sensible
    - 95c19b9... Add 8200 detection.
    - 6dd8ad4... nv50: solid fill shouldn't use a pattern rop + minor changes
    - b2b726d... randr12: merge output detection functions
    - a223e58... randr12: remember the edid from detection for getting modes 
    - 16d9e89... randr12: detypedef private structs and use a define to get 
      to the privates
    - 3b3f3cd... Remove unused code
    - 1e2b87c... randr12: make the nouveau experience less green
    - f89af0e... nv50: micro cleanup
    - 94bf106... nv50: do ROPs properly this time
    - 6bd14e4... nv10: composite is an async operation by default, no need to 
      call exaMarkSync().
    - 9f11d13... exa: FIRE_RING at the end of composite
    - 137d099... nv50: move VERTEX_{START,END} to {Prepare,Done}Composite
    - 34dc05f... nv50: minor tweaks to composite
    - eca9977... nv50: handle ROPs better
    - e468df8... nv50: clip SIFC and add {Prepare,Finish}Access hooks.
    - 0c0c1ab... randr12: don't cache pll values (fixes newrestore removal 
    - 544fd3c... Remove some of the inaccuracies in the manpage
    - e3d9cb9... NV_ARCH_04 can have rotated output, it's just not accelerated
    - 40e920f... Delete ShadowFB rotation
    - 6352d7d... Bye bye 8 bit depth
    - 33d52e4... CrtcNumber option is long gone
    - a9393a8... Micro-tidyups to nv_driver and nouveau_xv
    - 8ed30d0... randr12: a few line length improvements
    - 666ab70... Kill some 8 bit code.
    - bee8450... Fix IFC for 16bpp. Also fix the color accuracy of 16bpp 
      solid fills.
    - 609b10f... 0x48 exception does not apply on BIT cards
    - a9e2d47... randr12: some code simplification, rearrangement and tidying
    - 5715f95... NewRestore: remove, due to lack of interest
    - d2e924e... randr12: remove another field member
    - 55f490c... randr12: fpWidth and fpHeight no more
    - 4cbbd44... randr12: improve aspect scaling code
    - 8a36468... randr12: for native scaling, a clock check isn't enough
    - 8793bb1... Apply minimum front porch only when necessary (#15949)
    - 83bb26f... NV50: disallow doublescan modes on TMDS/LVDS
    - 7d5b345... NV50: extra warning message
    - 743c696... NV50: a half decent attempt at doing something when LVDS has 
      no DDC
    - fcbaa10... Forgot something.
    - 628acdd... NV50: support extended i2c ports (4 and 5)
    - c845f5a... nv50: fix some of the rendering bugs
    - 1828820... Redo parsing for panels with EDID, and fix nv3x in the 
      process (#17138)
    - c9d4e86... Try harder to load a good vbios image
    - ae59478... Deal with mobile cards that scribble over the fp strap at 
    - 7766706... Fix a 16bpp issue, also remove old code that mostly worked 
      around core EXA issues in older xservers.
    - 6854f81... NV50: Disable messages from hide, show and load cursor, as 
      they clutter the logs.
    - 4b24be8... xv: fix thinko from when source was reformatted
    - 30f54f2... g3dvl: Temporarily disable IDCT.
  * Update maintainer email address.
  * Add dummy debian/watch file to appease lintian.
  * Rework long description to include a pointer to module-assistant; it seemed
    to be confusing some users (eg. #494755)

xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (1:0.0.10~git+20080803+30f54f2-1) experimental; urgency=low

  * New upstream snapshot:
    - 89d7864... nv50: fix mystery typo
    - c0b67f3... remove use of implicit variables from pushbuf macros
    - 80278c9... g3dvl: Basic XvMC initialization.
    - 1f8e27f... NV50: I was proven wrong quicker than i thought, reinstate a 
      slightly prettier hack.
    - 41d46f5... NV50: forgot something
    - 1b90524... NV50: my best guess at the lvds bios table, time will tell 
      if it's correct for more than a few cases
    - f3ec6e0... nouveau: fix macro as pointed out my moondrake on irc
    - 6652e9c... nv50: support YUY2 in textured video adaptor
    - 3534f40... nv50: remove 32bpp solid fill fallback
    - 87f7d1f... Revert "NV50EXA: read the notes + cleanup + enabled 32bpp 
      solid fill"
    - ba7c239... NV50EXA: serious brain fart of my part, sorry
    - 0b6249f... NV50EXA: read the notes + cleanup + enabled 32bpp solid fill
    - edbfbd0... EXA: put NOUVEAU_FALLBACK in a do { } while (0), fixed opera 
      corruption for me.
    - 36d1308... NV50_KMS: some basic scaling and dithering output property 
    - 022a9ed... nv50: no more sync in composite() :)
    - 6d8096c... nv50: sync after composite for the moment
    - c68d880... nv50: punt vertex emission macro out to header
    - 4ad74cb... exa: missed a reloc delta
    - 98a9056... nv50: remove acquire/release surface stuff
    - f0305a2... exa: rename m2mf locals to prevent some confusion
    - 140c36e... randr12: fix dithering output property endian issue (#16624)
    - b36802f... Fix for #14858 - freebsd compile. Someone still needs to fix 
      the kernel part though.
    - 6f5e90a... nv30: more header name changes...
    - 4b8427a... nv30: more bustage from header update
    - 1672a78... nv30: un-change something that somehow changed in an earlier 
      commit. oops!
    - dae5958... nv50: exa/xv share some stuff, punt it out to nv50_accel.[ch]
    - 17fbd81... nv50: Xv support
    - ec45278... nv50: de-magic things before someone accuses me of being an 
      NVIDIA employee
    - ad56c5e... nv50: exa composite
    - 33fad27... nv50: tile offscreen pixmaps
    - 5c1deac... exa: pass window coords to m2mf-based UTS/DFS
  * Update dependency on libdrm-dev. Move to ">=" relation to make package
    binNMU safe.

 -- Adam Conrad <adconrad@0c3.net>   Tue,  09 Dec 2008 17:08:55 +0000

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