Sane keyboard configuration in installer

Registered by Colin Watson on 2006-04-26

Currently, we configure the keyboard on installation by selecting a console keymap (either from a list or by asking the user to press some keys), and then having xserver-xorg automatically generating an X keymap from that later on. This sort of works, but is fragile and buggy. Furthermore, there are currently many more possibilities for X keymaps than console keymaps; and the live CD installer cannot let you test a console keymap since you're running in X, so is forced to duplicate keymap generation code from xserver-xorg.

Some work has been done by interested Debian developers to revamp keyboard configuration so that we can simply select an X keymap and then generate a console keymap from that on the fly as required, which would be a vast improvement. Investigate the current status of this work, help it along where necessary, and figure out how to tie it into our text-mode and live CD installers.

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Matt Zimmerman
Colin Watson
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Tollef Fog Heen
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Accepted for edgy
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Started by
Colin Watson on 2006-08-16
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Colin Watson on 2006-11-02

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Review OK -iwj 22.6.06

mdz: approved 2006-06-23, with trivial corrections

tfheen 2006-07-28: console-setup from Debian seems to do most of what we want, but some problems with fonts encountered as well as some missing pieces.

kamion 2006-09-07: Everything done apart from translations and sorting out the upgrade path. At least the second of those is easy.

kamion 2006-11-02: This is done in edgy, apart from translations, which we'll handle as a bug fix upstream somewhere down the line.


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