Binary package “bitz-server-doc” in ubuntu artful

ICAP server (RFC 3507) implementation in C++ (Documentation)

 The main goal of this project is to create an ICAP server (RFC 3507)
 implementation in C++ to use the power of object oriented programming.
 Starting from scratch, the server is developed with a modular architecture
 in mind. The server core (written in C++) will handle the client requests,
 manage workers (child processes) etc. and will provide basic handlers to serve
 ICAP requests.
 To extend this core functionality the idea is to have pluggable modules
 (like Apache server modules). These modules will provide features like
 content filtering, anti-virus scanning etc. and to make it easier to write
 (and faster to implement) such modules there is hope to exploit Python
 programming language.
 This package holds the documentation.