Binary package “fp-utils” in ubuntu artful

Free Pascal - utilities dependency package

 The Free Pascal Compiler is an Object Pascal compiler supporting both Delphi
 and Turbo Pascal 7.0 dialects, as well as Mac Pascal dialects. It provides a
 completely portable RunTime Library (RTL) available on many platforms and
 compatible with Turbo Pascal, along with a platform-independent class-based
 Free Component Library (FCL) adding many Delphi extensions and interfacing
 with many popular open source libraries.
 This dependency package always depends on the latest available version of
 the package containing some handy utilities for use with the Free Pascal
  * data2inc convert binary/text data to include files;
  * fpcmake create Makefile from Makefile.fpc;
  * h2pas convert .h files to Pascal units;
  * plex/pyacc Pascal Lex and Yacc implementations;
  * ppdep create a dependency file for use with Makefiles;
  * ppudump dump the information stored in a .ppu (unit) file;
  * ppufiles show needed files for units;
  * ppumove place multiple units in a shared library;
  * ptop beautify source.