Binary package “libgroove-dev-dbgsym” in ubuntu artful

debug symbols for package libgroove-dev

 This C library provides an sink-based API for decoding and encoding audio.
 It is intended to be used as a backend for music player applications, however
 it may also be used as a backend for any audio processing utility.
  * Uses libav for decoding and encoding.
  * Add and remove entries on a playlist for gapless playback.
  * Supports idempotent pause, play, and seek.
  * Per-playlist-item gain adjustment so you can implement loudness compensation
    without audio glitches.
  * Read and write metadata tags.
  * Extensible sink-based interface. A sink provides resampling and keeps its
    buffer full. This package contains the raw sink which provides
    reference-counted raw audio buffers. Other sinks are built on top of this
  * Thread-safe.
 This package contains the development files.