Binary package “python-wsgi-intercept” in ubuntu artful

installs a WSGI application in place of a real URI for testing

 Testing a WSGI application normally involves starting a server at a local host
 and port, then pointing your test code to that address. Instead, this library
 lets you intercept calls to any specific host/port combination and redirect
 them into a WSGI application importable by your test program. Thus, you can
 avoid spawning multiple processes or threads to test your Web app.
 wsgi_intercept works by replacing httplib.HTTPConnection with a subclass,
 wsgi_intercept.WSGI_HTTPConnection. This class then redirects specific
 server/port combinations into a WSGI application by emulating a socket. If no
 intercept is registered for the host and port requested, those requests are
 passed on to the standard handler.