Packages in 'Artful' but not in parent series 'Stretch'


Packages that are listed here are those that have been added to Artful but are not yet part of parent series 'Stretch'.

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Source Artful version Package-sets Last changed Latest comment
zope.size 3.5.0-0ubuntu2 zope 2017-04-20 by Bruno Ribeiro
(uploaded by Daniel Holbach)
zope.structuredtext 3.5.1-0ubuntu3 zope 2017-04-20 by Matthias Klose
zope.tal 3.5.2-0ubuntu4 zope 2017-04-20 by Matthias Klose
zope.tales 3.5.3-0ubuntu1 zope 2017-04-20 by Gediminas Paulauskas
zope.ucol 1.0.2-2ubuntu9 zope 2017-04-20 by Matthias Klose
zope.untrustedpython 4.0.0-0ubuntu3 2017-04-20 by Barry Warsaw
zope.viewlet 3.7.2-0ubuntu4 zope 2017-04-20 by Matthias Klose
zoph 0.9.4-4 2017-04-30 by John Lines
zram-config 0.5 2017-04-20 by Didier Roche
zsh-lovers 0.8.3-0ubuntu2 2017-04-20 by Ilya Barygin
ztc 2017-04-20 by Logan Rosen
zthreads 2.3.2-8 2017-04-27 by Debian QA Group
30013012 of 3012 results