libsasl2-2 binary package in Ubuntu Artful amd64

 This is the Cyrus SASL API implementation, version 2.1.
 SASL is the Simple Authentication and Security Layer, a method for
 adding authentication support to connection-based protocols. To use
 SASL, a protocol includes a command for identifying and
 authenticating a user to a server and for optionally negotiating
 protection of subsequent protocol interactions. If its use is
 negotiated, a security layer is inserted between the protocol and the
 connection. See RFC 2222 for more information.
 Kerberos 5), NTLM, OTP, PLAIN, or LOGIN can be used.

Publishing history

Date Status Target Pocket Component Section Priority Phased updates Version
  2017-08-17 15:03:46 UTC Published Ubuntu Artful amd64 release main libs Important 2.1.27~101-g0780600+dfsg-3ubuntu1
  • Published on 2017-08-17
  • Copied from ubuntu artful-proposed amd64 in Primary Archive for Ubuntu
  Deleted Ubuntu Artful amd64 proposed main libs Important 2.1.27~101-g0780600+dfsg-3ubuntu1
  • Removal requested on 2017-08-17.
  • Deleted on 2017-08-17 by Ubuntu Archive Robot

    moved to release

  • Published on 2017-08-15
  2017-08-17 15:04:11 UTC Superseded Ubuntu Artful amd64 release main libs Important 2.1.27~101-g0780600+dfsg-2ubuntu1
  • Removed from disk on 2018-06-22.
  • Removal requested on 2017-08-18.
  • Superseded on 2017-08-17 by amd64 build of cyrus-sasl2 2.1.27~101-g0780600+dfsg-3ubuntu1 in ubuntu artful PROPOSED
  • Published on 2017-04-20
  • Copied from ubuntu zesty-proposed amd64 in Primary Archive for Ubuntu