Source package differences between 'Bionic' and parent series 'Stretch'


Source packages shown here are present in both Bionic and parent series 'Stretch', but are different somehow. Changes could be in either or both series so check the versions (and the diff if necessary) before syncing the parent version (Read more about syncing from a parent series).

7677 of 77 results
Source Stretch version Bionic version Package-sets Last changed Latest comment
vino 3.22.0-1 (changelog) 3.8.1-0ubuntu12 ubuntu-desktop 2017-10-24 by Jeremy Bicha
xfce4-session 4.12.1-5 (changelog) 4.12.1-3ubuntu3 xubuntu 2017-10-24 by Unit 193
7677 of 77 results