Binary package “buffycli” in ubuntu bionic

Text mode alternative to Buffy

 buffycli displays a compact summary of your mail folders in text-mode, and
 allows you to invoke a command (usually a mail reader) on them. It is written
 with the intent of being a handy everyday tool for people handling large
 volumes of mail. For mutt users, this can be a nice front-end to supplement
 the simple built-in folder browser when one has many folders to keep track of.
 It tries hard to work out of the box: it looks for mail folders in sensible
 places and comes with reasonable defaults.
 buffycli uses the same backend as Buffy, but it outputs text to the terminal,
 rather than a GUI window. It is thus suitable to be used over SSH links, and
 fits nicely with window managers that are primarily used to organise
 Buffycli is functional but still very young, and only Maildir and Mailbox
 format are supported at the moment.