Binary package “digikam” in ubuntu bionic

digital photo management application for KDE

 Digital photo management program designed to import, organize, enhance, search
 and export your digital images to and from your computer.
 It provides a simple interface which makes importing and organizing digital
 photographs a "snap". digiKam enables you to manage large numbers of
 digital photographs in albums and to organize these photographs for easy
 retrieval using tags (keywords), captions, collections, dates, geolocation
 and searches. It has many features for viewing, organizing, processing and
 sharing your images. Thus, digiKam is a formidable digital asset management
 (DAM) software including powerful image editing functions.
 An easy-to-use camera interface is provided, that will connect to your
 digital camera and download photographs directly into digiKam albums.
 More than 1000 digital cameras are supported by the gphoto2 library.
 Of course, any media or card reader supported by your operating system
 will interface with digiKam.
 digiKam incorporates a fast Image Editor with many image editing tools.
 You can use the Image Editor to view your photographs, comment and rate
 them, correct, enhance and alter them. The editing power can be easily
 extended by a set of plugins, the KDE Image Plugins Interface (manual)
 While digiKam remains easy to use, it provides professional level features
 by the dozens. It is fully 16 bit enabled including all available plugins,
 supports RAW format conversion through libraw, DNG export and ICC color
 management work flow.
 digiKam can also make use of the KIPI image handling plugins to
 extend its capabilities even further for photo manipulations,
 import and export, etc. The kipi-plugins package contains many
 very useful extensions.