Binary package “dvb-apps” in ubuntu bionic

Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) applications

 Applications and utilities geared towards the initial setup, testing
 and operation of an DVB device supporting the DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T,
 and ATSC standards.
 Main User Applications:
  . scan - Scan for channels on your digital TV device
  . dvbscan - Another frequency scanning tool
  . czap, szap, tzap - Tuning utilities for DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T
  . azap - Tuning utility for ATSC
  . gnutv - Tune, watch and stream your TV
 General Utilities:
  . dvbdate - Set your clock from digital TV
  . dvbnet - Control digital data network interfaces
  . dvbtraffic - Monitor traffic on a digital device
  . femon - Monitor the tuning on a digital TV device
  . zap - *Just* tunes a digital device
  . atsc_epg - Display ATSC Electronic Program Guide (next programs)
  . alevt - Teletext browser
 Hardware Specific Utilities:
  . util/av7110_loadkeys - Load remote keys into an av7110 based card
  . util/dib3000-watch - Monitor DIB3000 demodulators
  . util/dst-utils - Utilities for DST based cards
  . util/ttusb_dec_reset - Reset a TechnoTrends TTUSB DEC device
  . lib/libdvbapi - Interface library to digital TV devices
  . lib/libdvbcfg - Library to parse/create digital TV channel
  . lib/libdvbsec - Library for Satellite Equipment Control operations
  . lib/libucsi - Fast MPEG2 Transport Stream SI table parsing library
  . lib/libdvben50221- Implementation of a Cenelec EN 50221 CAM stack
  . lib/libdvbmisc - Miscellaneous utilities used by the other libraries