Binary package “fenrir” in ubuntu bionic

Userland console (TTY) screen reader written in python

 Fenrir is a young but powerful, modular and flexible console screen
 reader. It has a lot of functionality:
  * spellchecker
  * advanced review functionality
  * copy/paste
  * multiple clipboards
  * not in kernel space
  * echo: word, char and deletion
  * date/ time announcement
  * script key (add functionality via bash and let fenrir read the output)
  * window mode
  * highlight tracking mode
  * easy to extent, plugin architecture
  * promoted words (hear a sound if your name is spoken in IRC)
  * periodic time announcement
  * everything configurable
  * per app scripts
  * emoji replacement :) = smile
  * user defined dictionary
  * multiple keyboard layouts
  * sound icons themes