Binary package “golang-github-tendermint-go-merkle-dev” in ubuntu bionic

Merkle-ized data structures with proofs

 This package provides two types of merkle trees:
  * IAVL+ Tree: A snapshottable (immutable) AVL+ tree for persistent
  * A simple merkle tree for static dataIAVL+ tree; the purpose of
    this data structure is to provide persistent storage for
    key-value pairs (say to store account balances) such that a
    deterministic merkle root hash can be computed. The tree is
    balanced using a variant of the AVL algortihm so that all
    operations are O(log(n)).
 This package provides a library used by Tendermint Core.
 Tendermint Core is Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) middleware
 that takes a state transition machine, written in any
 programming language, and replicates it on many machines.