Binary package “golang-github-tendermint-go-wire-dev” in ubuntu bionic

Go bindings for the Wire encoding protocol

 This software implements Go bindings for the Wire
 encoding protocol. The goal of the Wire encoding
 protocol is to be a simple language-agnostic
 encoding protocol for rapid prototyping of
 blockchain applications.
  * Supported types:
   - Primary types: uvarint, varint, byte,
     uint[8,16,32,64], int[8,16,32,64], string,
     and time types are supported
   - Arrays: Arrays can hold items of any arbitrary
     type. For example, byte-arrays and
     byte-array-arrays are supported.
   - Structs: Struct fields are encoded by value
     (without the key name) in the order that they
     are declared in the struct. In this way it is
     similar to Apache Avro.
   - Interfaces: Interfaces are like union types
     where the value can be any non-interface type.
     The actual value is preceded by a single "type
     byte" that shows which concrete is encoded.
   - Pointers: Pointers are like optional fields.
     The first byte is 0x00 to denote a null pointer
     (e.g. no value), otherwise it is 0x01.
  * Unsupported types:
   - Maps: Maps are not supported because for most
     languages, key orders are nondeterministic. If
     you need to encode/decode maps of arbitrary
     key-value pairs, encode an array of {key,value}
     structs instead.
   - Floating points: Floating point number types are
     discouraged because of reasons. If you need to
     use them, use the field tag wire:"unsafe".
   - Enums: Enum types are not supported in all
     languages, and they're simple enough to model
     as integers anyways.
 A compatible (and slower) JSON codec is included.
 This package includes the source code and development
 files to compile applications.